04 August 2014


There was a little gathering of my former co-workers right after we were all laid off.  It was planned pre-lay-off then morphed into a memorial of sorts.

The topic of grieving came up, as one would think.  One of the social workers stated that she was an emotional griever but that someone else was an industrial griever.  "A what now?" I asked, feeling a little stupid but also feeling like "This is new information!"

An industrial griever is one who mourns via action.  Someone not prone to wallowing but to being busy. I am totally that!    I'm the one that gets busy when things go sideways.  That is totally me and there's a word for it.

I clean and organized when I'm stressed. I'm the one that goes into research mode upon the receipt of bad news.  That's me and there's a name for it.  This makes me feel better.  This makes me feel (almost) normal.

The person I was talking to said that she was an emotional griever and normally I think I would tend toward wanting to be more like that.  But I'm not. I'm usually not that person.  Sure, I have a temper but it has a long fuse and I get emotional but it's usually short lived.  I think being wired as I am, I tend to live in the moment.  I don't know if it's good or bad.  

I'm just happy when I learn something new and it makes me not feel so weird.


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