23 August 2014

Radio Hell

Every once in a while we get trapped in what I refer to Radio Hell.  I'm not sure how this is even possible when one has Sirius/XM and access to nearly a hundred channels.   But it happens. 

Kevin refers to Radio Hell for when he's stuck in a truck with terrestrial radio.  He rarely loses his cool but give him standard FM radio and get out of the way because: incoming tantrum.

We went to the racetrack yesterday, without the racecar and alone.  This never happens but the planets aligned.  We so rarely get time like that alone that I don't even care if we're going to the grocery store. Anyway, our class was bumped off the schedule, Kevin was going to crew chief on our friend's car and I tagged along.

It was a challenging day from the start.  The race time was bumped, so we left a little later, traffic was bad because Friday afternoon, then we stopped for lunch a little cafe in small bordertown USA that we love. It was busy and took forever.

Then we got into the wrong lane at the border.  Not wrong as in the wrong lane but in the We Haven't Moved for Fifteen Minutes Lane.  So we swapped lanes and then, as happens every time, the lane began to move again. (few things worse than snarky border guards)

Finally, we reached the racetrack.  We hung out a little bit and then the round run time was bumped AHEAD so the boys had to hustle.  It went great in the end as our friend qualified first in a beautiful pass. 

THEN, his chutes didn't deploy correctly and he went into the marbles, which is nearly off the end of the track.  But he got it stopped safely and was fine.

We hung out a little while longer after we found everything was okay.  We had lemonade and doughnut holes (they're like crack cocaine, I swear) for dinner, like you do.  Lunch was so late that we skipped dinner, by the way.

Finally, we went up to make the final qualifying pass.  And the car wouldn't start, because of course it wouldn't.  We watched the other cars make their passes then returned to the trailer where I sat for a few hours and listened to a bunch of really smart and smart-assed racers work on the car.  While this sounds boring as all hell to most, it's actually one of my favorite things to do. 
(when he, literally, bounced to a stop it shook something loose)

At 11:00 pm, we headed home.  We weren't on the road five minutes and Radio Hell started up again.  The country station had interviews and live guests, which we both hate, the other stations were all playing songs we hated.  Finally Kevin said "Turn on the 70's channel, it's always good music."  To which I replied, as he knew I would, "No, because it's the 70's CHANNEL."  But I tried it anyway.

ROBERTA FLACK.  Singing a B-side song. For the love of sweet baby jesus.

Because I'm a brat, I left it.  Even might have hummed a little. Until finally Kevin said "Okay, okay, you can slit my throat now."  So I switched the channel again.  Yep, still songs we hated.

So, it was a particularly challenging day with the accompanying sound track. 

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