18 August 2014

The Problem of Being Jobless

There are a few problems with being unemployed, other than the stress of not having a job or a reduced/no income.  Things I wouldn't have thought about before.

I have to remember that an interview or application is not a job offer and to calm the hell down.  I don't get excited, I get anxious. This is new, and I don't know why.

Part time work is difficult to find, which is what I need so...

I forget to eat.  I know, you can call me names and/or flip me off. It's okay, I understand.

Without a schedule, I often find myself at odds.  I try to keep a schedule but the problem being is there isn't enough stuff to fill a day.  Shower, chores, watch television, play with the dog, read, sit outside, cook.  I know, I know, I know: STFU already, you're saying. 

I have to remember that there is a slim chance that I'll be called back to my job and then it's Sophie's Choice.  (the people who now run it are not people I want to work for. However, it's a good job) But I'm not holding my breath for that.  I just know that my luck, I will go back to work and they will call.  Or I'll feel anxious and return to work even though I might not want to.

I've reached the remodeling/organizing/cleaning portion of having time off.  Yesterday I decided the living room was too cluttered and now it's pretty spartan. Sidenote: I have to go to Goodwill now.

Another challenge is that I need to get my ankle looked at as there is a screw that is protruding.  It's always been that way but it bothers me that it literally snags on things and hurts if I sit on the ground.  I like to sit cross-legged so this sucks. 

The problem here is that it might require surgery again so yuck.  The original prognosis is that if something like this happened, it's two weeks off my feet again.  This is okay except if my dream job becomes available in that time period. On the other hand, what better timing?

Greys Anatomy is addicting.  Enough said.

Okay, I'm done whining now.  These definitely qualify as #firstworldproblems

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