17 September 2014

Social Media Woes

Kevin gets up at 5:00 am on workdays.  The other morning he mentions he got a facebook message overnight that he didn't understand.  He mentioned the sender and I cringed a little. Somehow a childhood friend of mine somehow managed to message Kevin.  A boy, nonetheless.  It took me a second to realize what was happening because: 5:00 am.

As one would guess, it was the drunk dial of personal messages.  Luckily and with great relief, it wasn't a "You up?" kind of message. Instead it used a horrifying childhood nickname that I loathe (based on wearing glasses) and was wanderingly about the racecar.

So, that was cozy.

Two days later, I received a call from a long-distance number I didn't recognize.  I don't answer any strange numbers so I let it go to voicemail.  It turns out it was a former employee who wanted to stage a practical joke for my old boss at the school.  Yeah, no, not happening.

Firstly, it's a girl that I went to high school with and I was friends with her brother back then.  When meeting her at the school, she totally denied knowing me.  This was a bad call as I was her boss but it turned out she was kind of a hot mess so it made sense in the end.

Secondly, I have no interest in a) playing a practical joke on anyone. I hate them and please take note of that people I know IRL.   2) clearly she didn't know that the relationship did not end well between the former boss and myself.  So I didn't call her back.  My voicemail message is generic so it wasn't obvious that I was purposefully ignoring her.

Thirty minutes later, I get a text stating that the prank is off because another employee that I also didn't enjoy couldn't make it so we would do it another time. But that we should get a drink sometime.  So, we're besties now.

This new social media world is messing with me.

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