20 October 2014

A Little Happy

In the past month or so I've heard two stories from our friends that just give you faith in humanity again.  With the news being so MUCH lately, I figured it was important to share something that makes us all warm and fuzzy inside.

Our friend is Vietnamese and returns home regularly.  Each year she takes truckloads of coats, clothing, and blankets to leper colonies.  Literal leper colonies.  Any of her extra income goes back to charity not only in Vietnam but here as well.

Her mother is in her late eighties and her health is failing.  They don't have care facilities where she lives so she is being cared for by family.  On one of her trips, our friend showed her mother photos on her tablet.  Her mom was fascinated with being able to see her successful American daughter and her life in the photographs. 

So, my friend made a plan to post photos daily on the facebook and then her cousin shows her mother the pictures and updates.  The cousin reports that this makes her mother very happy and gives her something to look forward  each day.   It makes her so happy, in fact, that she asked our friend to:
"Please write a thank you note to the company for letting her see photos of her daughter and family every day."

I know, right?  How sweet is that?

(Oh, unrelated side note: The Nephew took one of the bigs to Hooters for his birthday. (I wasn't pleased)  He posted a photo on the facebook, showing the big smiling with the waitresses.  In the perfect example of "OMG my mom is on facebook", his great grandma posted a comment saying "Happy Birthday honey. Have fun!" )

Next story.

I keep bumping into our friend and her toddler daughter on Friday mornings at the grocery store.  Julie made the joke that we would see each other next Friday too. Then she corrected herself and said that they were going on a trip.

Julie is originally from Mississippi.  She makes regular trips home but it's difficult for her family to travel this way.  Her grandmother is in her nineties and is about to begin living in an assisted living facility.  She hasn't met some of her other grandchildren or any of the great grandchildren that live on this coast.  Julie's mom had a great idea of renting a motorhome and bringing her to see everyone before she goes into the facility.  She realized that the monthly cost of a facility would be equal to the rental so why not. Julie and her little one are flying out to travel here with them.  (Julie's a CNA)

Isn't that a great idea? I mean, sure, there are plenty of opportunities for things to go wrong but seriously, what a kind thing to do.

So, there you go.  A little happy to lighten the mood.

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Swistle said...

I love it. All three of it.