30 October 2014

In 21 Days

We booked our trip to Vegas for next month.  I really had reservations (unintentional pun!) about going with the whole being unemployed thing but I figured a few days away won't hurt anything other than our savings.

It will be a working vacation for Kevin because he will be crewing on our friends racecar.  I'm pretty doggone proud of him, as he's grown into the guy that people seek him to help.  With these new responsibilities, he has gained so much more knowledge and skills.   I'm curious to see where these new talents take him in the future.

When he crews here at home I don't usually go with him unless we're racing as well.  Instead, I cyber-stalk him and watch on the track video.  In Vegas I will probably spend more time at the track than usual because otherwise I might not see him much.  Also, I need photos! I do want to watch the racing too, especially since so many of our friends are racing, just not three solid days of it.

This is going to sound a little awful, but the very best time I had in Vegas was when it was just the boys and me. The boys went to the track and I slept in as long as I wanted, I went where I went and for as long as I wanted.  I learned how to drive in Vegas proper instead of just the Strip.   It was truly a vacation for me.

Last year, you might remember, I was super frustrated because a certain family member left her cane home because she "didn't want to deal with it".  This same person needed me to go buy a cane 24 hours later because she couldn't walk.  Also, she doesn't do any of the self care that is required when you have a major injury. (braces, proper shoes, CANE, rest, ice, limited mobility, none of it!)  Copious amounts of complaining and needing accommodations, oh yes that she does.

So, i was hoping that she wouldn't go this year because she recently had another surgery for her injuries but alas, not so much.  The Nephew and Fiance are going so I'm hoping that will alleviate much of the babysitting duties.  Otherwise, I have fear of gunplay.

Next up is the other one.  The other one who is neurotic and makes Eeyore look like Tigger.  He doesn't trust anyone or anything.  The sign says turn left to get to the place with the thing and he will question the sign.  We began teasing him so much that he stopped this behavior, a little bit.  Another example was we had been on the highway to the Grand Canyon for thirty minutes when he insisted that his GPS said we were going the wrong way. He muttered about it so much Kevin got off the highway, asked for directions, then got back into the van without saying a word and returned to the highway we were traveling on.

So, fun traveling companions, they are not.  To add insult to injury, our BFF Mike isn't going this year so he won't be there to provide respite.  I've seriously and sincerely considered drinking again just for this trip.

My plan is to spend more time than usual at the racetrack, even if it is sitting out in the rental car listening to the radio and racing and reading a book.

We have been there so much that we've seen all that we really want to see.  I only have three things on my list this year: the Wheel, the Mob Museum, and taking Kevin up on the Eiffel Tower.  The fact that two of these require heights is not lost on me. My plan is to go at night so one can't quite see how far up you are.  I did the Eiffel Tower in the daytime and that was a big mistake so at night will be much better, for sure.  We're going to do these the first day in town so the remaining days will be at my disposal.

I love the Titanic exhibit and have walked through it twice but I admit I might sneak another visit.  We did all the CSI Experience exhibits so we don't need to do that again.  I want to go to the Arts District too, I've only driven through.  We need to go eat at the PepperMill.  We keep saying we're going to then never do.

So, in three weeks I will have four days in Vegas to break the monotony that is my life right now.  Essentially, I'm just relocating from the couch in our house to the couch/rental car in Vegas. Plus, maybe alcohol.  Or counseling.  Or both.

So, what's my point?  a) we're going even though it's not the most grown-up thing for me to do.  b) we're traveling with very challenging people. c)I'm hoping to spend my vacation reading books and watching mindless television.

Last year, I discovered the show Cold Justice,where they solve cold cases, but in real.  I watched that every afternoon and many episodes of Castle.  I would go upstairs and get a snack from one of the food court restaurants in the early evening so I wasn't stabby when the boys got back.  I had books to read and a view of the mountains and crazy people jumping off the Tower.  It was really nice.  But the mornings were spent sightseeing with someone I didn't necessarily enjoy.

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