25 November 2014

All About the Fashion

Example #2 of "Click Publish...GAH"

Something you might know about me was another writing prompt the other day.  I know, I know, I ranted about Don't Tell Me What to Write but still.   It occurred to me at 11:00 pm the other night (as many things do) there is something that people probably don't know.

I love Project Runway.

(pause for gasps of shock)

I don't remember when I started watching it but it is safely stated as years ago.  I do remember why: the Unconventional Challenge.  This challenge is where they send them someplace crazy like the hardware store, or my favorite the candy store. (and I actually saw the winning dress!)  They have to choose materials to make a dress or outfit.  What people do with candy, zip-ties, party favors, or garbage bags are incredible.  I'm amazed.

With my lack of eyesight, sewing will probably never be a skill I will have.  I can't thread a needle.  Can't as in Can't See, not Can't Want To.  The lack of depth perception makes sewing ones of those exercises in frustration.

So I sit in rapt attention as these people make dresses in one day like it's nothing but a thing.  Yes, they're stressed out but they still make something.  I would just be under a table eating my hair.

I am impressed with their ability to just get lost in something.  Remember that feeling? Just getting lost in something like playing with toys or coloring.  I don't get that feeling anymore.  My brain is just always going too fast; even when I'm writing.

I love watching to see what the judges like versus what I like.  I know fashion is subjective, much like art.  Sometimes they'll love something and I'm all WTF are you TALKING about!?!  Or I will love something and they're all "Meh" about it.

This, however, when I say that I wouldn't wear most of what they create as I'm still a jeans and sneakers girl.  Nor would I be interested in working in the fashion world.  It seems so stressful.

I have also begun watching the Fashion Fund, where designers of all kinds (clothing, shoes, jewelry, hats! who wears hats!?!) compete to win a prize from all the Board of All Fashion Designers, including Anna Wintour and Diane Von Furstenberg.  It seems like it's an incredibly difficult thing to do and, again, I'm impressed that people would willing sign up for this. 

And then there's a new show that's the House of DVF.  It is about Diane Von Furstenberg finding an "ambassador" for her company.  It's interesting because she is looking for someone who has lots of different talents instead of just a pretty face.  Also, I respect her for saying that she realizes that she might not be the best face for the company now.  She's matter-of-fact about aging and I like that, especially from someone in a world that is all about the fresh new face.

So, yeah.  Nerdy little me loves to watch fashion shows.  Who knew?

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Swistle said...

I love "I would just be under a table eating my hair." Ha ha!