03 June 2015

In It

Swistle mentioned that this whole ordeal sounded stressful.  This is going to sound a specific kind of stupid on my behalf, but I really didn't realize it was until she acknowledged it.

I mean, of course, I can sense stress and tension in these situations.  I'm not a robot.  I am, however, the kind of person that can get through a crisis scot free until days afterward.  Case in point: I just spent yesterday watching television and napping.  I kept thinking to myself "Why am I so tired?"
Well, duh.

Because of my childhood, I can compartmentalize like no ones business.  This is a good thing in some settings, like this situation. But there does come that Hitting A Wall moment eventually. 
I phrase it as "Well, we're IN IT right now so we'll deal later."  Example: Kevin wondered how his dad hadn't crumbled under the strain.  "He's IN IT right now. When it's done, then he will."
Kevin is more of On His Feet Feeler.  He deals as it comes and bounces quickly.  In some ways, I wish I was more like him.

I just made a call to a social worker about getting services for the parents.  He's the husband of a friend so it wasn't as dramatic of a call as I'd anticipated.  (SWEETEST guy on the planet, btw) I managed the call just fine but then felt tired afterward.

But I found myself twice thinking "Why didn't I think of that?" during our conversation.  If I were doing case management at my old job, I would have had this stuff done by now.  But because "I'm In It", it didn't occur to me at all. 

No point really.  Just that we're all In It right now.

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Swistle said...

It's like the in-home care job, except more than full-time, and with huge emotional involvement. Physically and emotionally stressful, and physically and emotionally draining.