15 June 2016

A Glimpse of Silver

I have been blonde a large portion of my life.  I am also the only blonde in my family; everyone else has dark brown/nearly black hair.  When I was in my thirties, my hair started to turn brown. I did not accept this gracefully.

I am not a vain person but I just couldn't bear having brown hair.  It just felt foreign and weird. It didn't feel like me and my skin coloring wouldn't support it.  I just looked wan and tired. So I began coloring my hair in varying shades of blonde.  Right now, it is dishwater blonde but it's been as light as what I call "stripper blonde" and even tried a reddish blonde.

In the past ten-ish years, I've said that I'd rather my hair just turn straight to white.  It doesn't feel like that big of a request from my DNA but apparently it is.  When I was really young, there was a woman in the grocery store whom we frequently saw.  She had long, to her waist, white hair and I loved it.  I distinctly remember my mom Not liking it and I didn't understand why.  Still don't, actually.

So, to my delight, I noticed the other day a few strands of white hair in my bangs. Not gray, but white! The pretty kind!  Hooray!

Wait, what?  "Hooray"? you ask.  I acknowledge that it is strange.  I'm rarely categorized as normal.

I will be fifty in three years, so it's not like this is happening early in life.  Kevin was going grey in his twenties and it's always suited him.  So I have nothing but positive vibes when it comes to grey hair.

Kind of like wrinkles, I see them as a sign of accomplishment.  Yea, You!  You've made it long enough to have wrinkles and grey hair!  Go, you!

On television now, it is not uncommon for women to be shown with snowy white hair.  I'm always wistfully jealous when I see them.  And now the youngin's are dyeing their hair silver and purple, completely erasing any generational coloring.

It's a strange accomplishment but I'm pleased.  And weird, I totally accept that.

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Swistle said...

Oh, I am WITH you, sister. There are good shades of grey (I especially admire the shiny silver kind and the kind where one person has several streaky shades), but PURE WHITE is my favorite. I just realized I feel this way mostly about WOMEN'S hair: that is, Paul is going pure white, and I think that's lucky, but I wouldn't think he was all unlucky if he went grey or silver, and actually I think those might even look NICER on him. But for ME, I'm rooting for WHITE-white!

I have been thinking of having my hair colored. It went from blonde to dark blonde, and I was okay with that, but then it went to light brown, and I was MUCH LESS OKAY with that, and now I'd say it is settling into medium brown and I am ZERO OKAY WITH THAT.