26 March 2011

Alabama Isn't Welcome Here

the band, that is. Not the state.  It's not like they'd all fit anyway, in this tiny house. The state, not the band. Surely the band would fit.

But there's the thing: Alabama (the band) is not allowed in this house.  Or any of the houses I've ever lived in since meeting Kevin.   This is Kevin's decree not mine. 

I don't mind Alabama, other than it was apparently the only band other than Hank Williams Jr that my classmates ever listened to in high school.  Me? I was a Bon Jovi girl. 

You see, Alabama was "their band" with "their songs", Kevin & his former wife's music.  Kind of like my complete and utter hatred of the song Open Arms by Journey or any Chicago songs from the late 80's.  Those songs put any and all broadcasting devices at their own peril if played within these four walls.

So it was disconcerting when one song randomly came on the channel we were listening to the other night.  I felt Kevin hesitate for just a minute.  He held his breath for a second then said "I haven't heard this song in...forever..."  Later he mentioned that it was the first time he'd heard it in twenty years. 

Thankfully, it was a happy song.  One that he described as his anthem, the song that got him through. The F*#k You song of his time.  Hearing it makes me love him more, it takes me back to that time when we were both broken yet found each other.

Yes, you can't keep a good man down.  Yes, he's a good man, no make that a great one. 


Swistle said...

This is how I feel about U2! And I, too, am starting to allow it to be on the radio without slamming random buttons to MAKE IT STOP MAKE IT STOP MAKE IT STOP.

creative kerfuffle said...

i never considered the musical aspects of being w/ another. hmmm. interesting. i could totally see how that could screw up your listening pleasure though. i really could. man, that would piss me off.