28 April 2021

We Paid Extra For This

 In my drafts folder I have a compilation of Raising Parents stories.  And then this happened.

Kevin's mom turned 81 years old yesterday.  We didn't expect her to live to her sixties so the jokes on us, I guess.  She has outlived all of her siblings as well.

If you're a long time reader, you know that Friday Night Dinners used to be a thing.  That "ugh" feeling you just felt? HOLD TIGHT.  If you're a new friend, the family - who essentially lives together - used to go to dinner Every.Friday.Night.  It ended with Covid, so #thankscovid.

Until last night.

And yes: it was Tuesday.

In what sounded like a little bit passive aggressive/manipulative request: my m-i-l wanted to go out to dinner because this might be her last chance.  While that is true, I'm not appreciating the approach. But that's not even the worse of it.

Here's why:

She has a GI tube and isn't supposed to be eating.  

She's on oxygen and refuses to wear it outside of the house most times.

She's unstable walking and refuses a cane or a walker.  Her husband just says she's fine and lets her stagger around. Literally stagger.

It's been long established that no one enjoys these dinners and yet we continue.

Super fun, is what I'm saying.

Out of the four "children" three of them were working all day. Those three got out of work a little early to make this happen.  

When it was time to leave, my f-i-l was IN THE SHOWER.  The ones who had asked for this to happen were not ready and seemed absolutely surprised that we were going.

We all took separate vehicles because no one will ride with my f-i-l anymore.  I don't spend time with the b-i-l, and the parents weren't ready so couldn't ride with the b-i-l as what usually happens. #sorryenvironment

We arrived at the restaurant and as Kevin and I are crossing the parking lot, I realize the parents weren't there.  They would be parked in the disabled parking space so it's obvious.  Kevin went into the restaurant to check with his brother.  Again: thank you covid for "allowing" me to stay outside to wait.

While he's checking, here comes the parents. They had gone to the wrong restaurant.  


I said something like "This is Super Fun, why did we stop?"  Kevin was in his feelings, having realized fully the mistake that was happening, and said "Don't start."  Too late, buddy.  

We began to walk into the restaurant, Kevin goes first to guide his mother but isn't walking beside her because he's spun out.  My f-i-l stops about ten feet short of the door to let me go; leaving his wife staggering/shuffling through the door.  I admit that I was a little snappy and said "Please go with her, I am fine."

Now we've reached the Family Dinner Bingo Portion of the evening.

We get to the table and there is confusion about who is sitting where. Every Time. EVERY TIME. Every time.  Just sit dafuq down like normal, regular human people.  Bonus: the b-and-s-i-l were Already Seated.  I am considering going back to the car and I haven't reached the table. Meanwhile, the b-i-l is super loud, drawing attention to the table from other tables, and the waitstaff are trying to maneuver around everyone as they solve this unsolvable puzzle.

The b-i-l has two personalities in restaurants: Super Charming Guy - which he is NOT or Curt Unsatisfied Guy - which is his default mode.  Spin the wheel, which one do we have tonight?  Super Charming Guy.  Because the waitress is the girlfriend of someone he works with so he is faking it.  Please take all knives and forks from the table, thank you.

The m-i-l chose Olive Garden, I don't know why.  Oh, and this is my favorite thing right now:

But it's Olive Garden: pretty straight forward and been there tens of times.  Still, she needs to read the menu. Sigh.  AND she forgot her glasses. DoubleSigh.  The f-i-l remains seated and does not go get her glasses.  Kevin, in a rare show of frustration, stands up and asks for the keys so he can go get them.  "It's not locked." the f-i-l states.

This is Kevin:

Meanwhile, my s-i-l is doing what I usually do in this situation: "At this restaurant you usually eat A, B, or C"  Nope, she wants to see the menu. Remember: she's not supposed to eating anyway so GAH.  Kevin returns, gives her the glasses, and she forgets to look at the menu.  When prompted, she wonders about getting a steak.  Yep.  A steak.  The b-i-l tells her no, which surprises me, until he says "I will make you one, you'll like that better anyway."  *internally screaming*

After this whole THING, she decides to split a meal with the f-i-l.  

Now it's my second least favorite part of Family Dinner: waiting.  Awkward conversation because there are no subjects that don't offend the b-i-l if I participate.  So I'm looking at my phone under the table until Kevin notices.  Finally my s-i-l asks "What's new with you?" 

I had three responses squelched in my head because WUT.  I mustered a "Every day is the same day" trying to make light and it landed in the middle of the table with a thud.  I'm still puzzling what to say...I mean, NOTHING IS NEW.  You know Nothing is New.  I just....and I didn't even ask a follow-up question as per polite society because WUT.

Everyone but us ordered mozzarella sticks.  We didn't because we just had them three days ago and we're trying to make somewhat smart choices with our eating.  Does this stop the b-i-l and m-i-l to continually offer Kevin them? No. Does it stop them making put-out, uncomfortable expressions when he declines? Also no.  IT'S NOT A JUDGMENT, FFS.  We just don't want them.

So, meals came and we eat.  I just keep my head down and eat.  I can't with his mother and all that. I'm just waiting for her to choke.  There's a little bit of awkward conversation and it seems to go without drama. 

Oh wait, I almost forgot this part.  It came up that this dinner was not as great of an idea as the m-i-l thought it would be.  She lands with "Well, I always think it's going to be my last."  I swear, SWEAR, the restaurant hushed when she said it.  Then she continues that she tells the f-i-l every Christmas that it's going to be her last Christmas and so far, she's still here.  ....I....I don't know how to respond to that. Even Kevin, who is usually quick thinking was all "Ummm, well then."  

But back to the bingo:  Every time, regardless of restaurant, the b-i-l complains states that the portions are too small.  Every time his wife orders a margarita and he always calls her a "slush", which is something Kevin used to say but he appropriated.  Every time the f-i-l reacts to being offered salad like they've laid radioactive waste in front of him.  OR says "Orange Pop!" like a child when asked what he wants to drink.  The one bingo square that didn't get marked is the b-i-l ordering a steak and being high maintenance guy about it.

Now, for some reason I will never understand, the m-i-l and the b-i-l always linger at the table long after it's time to go. It's so rude to the servers and to the folks at the table who don't want to be there.  

At this point, every time but specifically this time: the m-i-l is exhausted and overwhelmed, it's way past time to not be there. Yet we linger.  At one point, Kevin teased his mom and it didn't land well.  I said "Stop, look. She's overwhelmed and we need to go."  Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the b-i-l start to react and he stopped. Thank you, universe. Kevin asks for our bill  and indicates that we're paying for his dad's meal.  Okay, cool.  

The server split the check evenly.  So we paid for mozzarella sticks we didn't eat, a margarita we didn't drink, and more for our food than was necessary.  Kevin realized this on the way home and genuinely wondered "Who do we talk to about that?"  I'm all "Umm, your BROTHER, who commented "Oh, they just split the bill in half" and didn't offer to pony up extra."  And that's where the conversation ended.

So, yeah, we paid EXTRA for a miserable meal.  At least we brought home leftovers and I don't have to cook tomorrow.

And that's why we don't do Friday Night Dinners anymore. #thankscovid

15 April 2021

It Ain't Easy Being Green - What Did Surely Take Apart Now

 Because I just can't let things be, I started painting the bedroom.  Yes, finally.  And yes, "started".  And no, the photo albums aren't finished.  I am comfortable with the fact that they will remain unfinished and my heirs will have to decide their fate.

My goal was to paint  last week, during spring break, but I chose to do nothing instead.  Which is great, until I try to manage a big project and that pesky work thing at the same time.  Newsflash: work lost out.

If you remember...or if you don't click THIS...I did a painting experiment on one wall in the bedroom.  I lightened the mocha color I used in the living room and it was a FAIL.  A big fail.  It was supposed to be a sandy color but it turned out BLEH instead.  It defies photography and looks okay in photos:

It's not as sunny as it looks, I swear

This is a better angle. Right side wall is the fail wall.

At least a month ago, I chose a color and left the paint card on the fireplace so I could see it in varying light.  (at least that's what I tell myself)  Finally, Kevin casually mentions "I like that color, actually."  Kevin, who never expresses a preference, LIKES a color.

The plan was to paint the mistake wall.  Yep, that was the plan.  Is that what happened? Of course not.  Nope, I painted the three other walls instead.  Two of which were painted last year. I had left the big, tall and wide wall for last when I painted them.  I knew I'd need help so I just kept putting it off.

So I started with that wall.  Don't try to make sense, there isn't any.  I set my intention to just reach as far as I can without breaking out the big ladder.  Kevin will finish that part this weekend.  Especially since it's unfinished and he enjoys that as much as I do.

I chose this paint color:

I was a little afraid that it would be too dark for a bedroom then I realized what I said. It's a bedroom, usually a person wants those dark. Sigh.  It's the shade of color that changes tone and depth with the changing light.  

Like always, this is a Not Tell Kevin Project.  Of course, like always, he calls while I'm on a ladder.  "What are you doing?"  "Nothing, working."  "Why do you sound...winded...Is that the television?"

This is where I say that it take two and a half viewings of Bohemian Rhapsody to paint three walls of a master bedroom.

I explained what I was doing and he was all Of Course You Are.  "Don't fall and break your hip." he always says.

I finished the big wall and was nearly finished with the window wall when my phone rang.  I usually don't answer numbers I don't know.  But I did and good thing: the auto body shop phoned to let us know the truck is finished.  I texted Kevin and then he phoned. "I'm coming home early."  GREAT.

Now, I still have to finish painting, shower, unload my truck, clean it up from walkies with Lucy, oh, and give Lucy a bath.  And he's coming home early.  GREAT.  "What time are you thinking?" I ask, squinting at all the projects around me.  "3:00, I'll be home at 3:30."  Okay, I sighed, that's actually doable.

What time did he get home? Not 3:30.  2:30.  Sigh.

I cleaned up everything, including me, and we went to get the truck.  So, that has finally had a happy ending.  And I didn't have to make dinner.  Double Win.

But I had to try to sleep with an unfinished project within my sight.  I swear if I could have painted without waking Kevin and the dog, I probably would have.  But alas, no.

Yesterday, I finished the unfinished wall and completed the wall with the doors.  It looks pretty good, if I do say so myself.

The amount of frustration I feel that the fail wall looks good
in photography will never leave me

Now the debate begins with the Wall Fail.  Part of the reason that I painted the other walls was in vain hope that it would maybe look okay with the green.  My hope was dim but maybe it would work out.  To my surprise, Kevin wondered the same thing.  So we agreed to just sit with it.  

It took about an hour and we were both "Nope."

Now today, my plan was to start and perhaps finish the big wall.  It's noon and I just got out the paint.  Chances for success is not looking good.  Also, I have to go into town again for work.  Sigh.

Oh, and remember the whole giant television story?  Yeah, there's a 45" television in my way now. I had mentioned it last night to Kevin but then forgot to remind him to move it this morning.  It's okay, it's not the end of the world.

And this is why I was grounded from painting in the old house;

Why move heavy things when you can paint around them

I am to the This Needs to be DONE portion of my Project Coping Scale.  Even though the television and dressers were still in the way, I could still paint.  I took an old fitted bedsheet and draped it over everything.  It worked perfectly, except for the not painted parts.  Which you cannot see unless you're looking for them, KEVIN.

This weekend we will finish it.  It will take maybe an hour and this godforsaken project will be completed.  At least it looks nice. Or will.  Will Look Nice.

Lucy is also over this project

The parts that are finished look nice, at least

14 April 2021

You Can't Have This Puppy

 We should never have disposable income.  Well, not never.  Sometimes.  Maybe.

It all started with our bedroom television.  It ended with two giant televisions.

Our bedroom television was a hand-me-down from when Kevin's parents moved up with us.  It's probably more than ten years old. It still works just fine for a bedroom television.  However, it was developing a shutting off problem, as in it wouldn't.  I would need to unplug it, let it reset, then plug it back in.  Or randomly it would have sound and no picture.  In television speak, it's the character that coughs in the beginning of the movie.  You know it's not going to be around long.

I mentioned the television a few weeks ago to Kevin.  I made a "joke" that when we bought a new one, he would prefer to buy a new television for the living room and move the living room into our bedroom.  He laughed, kind of demurred like "that's crazy" and nothing came of it.

Then our tax refund finally arrived after a month delay, our stimulation checks came after a two-week delay, Kevin's friend sold some racecar parts for us, and we just got notification that our deductible has been reimbursed from the accident.  Right now: we're feeling like Scrooge McDuck, swimming in money.


Yes, this is 100% First World Problems and Privilege.  This also comes after having a string of bad luck and years of struggle so this is a Humblebrag.


Sunday morning I mentioned it to Kevin again.  He was in between projects so he was all shruggy and "We can go into town if you want."  I was more looking for a "Let's go".  It's also been well-established that I don't buy big ticket items for myself.  It just makes me anxious.

Finally, after Nephew came over to look at our furnace (a whole other story), Kevin said what he usually says when he's getting frustrated with the lack of a decision.  It's super inappropriate, a saying handed down from an "uncle"  "Fight, F*&k, or Hold the Light."  It makes me laugh every time.

I looked online for options and because things like this end up being Group Decisions (don't get me started)  Nephew weighed in.  An offer was made by the b-i-l to take us to the costco and I was immediately all "NOPE".  Because then it's a Thing.  It's a "Why don't you get the bigger one?"  "Why don't you get the whatever-we-don't-need?" and "Let's go look at the .... while we're here."  No. So much NO.  Not only do I not want to spend time with him, he is a Gatherer.  We are Hunters.

Okay, pause again.

A gatherer is a shopper that likes to wander the store.  Go to multiple stores. Take their time.

A Hunter is someone who knows what they want, where it is, goes in and gets it and gets out.


Finally, I decide that I've dithered about this enough.  Just because I go doesn't mean I'm buying something.  (adorable)  It's 3:30 on a Sunday.

Also, I'm already spun out because I know I'm going to paint the bedroom this week. (shush, I am.  I AM!) and if I'm going to take everything apart, I should just paint first.  Kevin says that's silly and he will help, which IS silly.  Mr. Twelve Hour Days/Six Days a Week.

We went into the big box electronic store and walk back to the televisions.  They're all GIANT now.  Before we left the house, we had made a decision to get a 65-inch television, an upgrade from our 45-inch one.  We knew this was going to be a big impact on the living room but figured it would be fine.

Kevin actually froze.  Stared at the television and kept asking "Are you sure they're only 65 inch?"

I'm laughing because I knew this would happen.  It happened last time.  It sounds good until you're standing there.  Last time we bought a television, it took THREE TRIPS to the store and his dad dropped it.  Yeah, we should not buy televisions.

We talked to the salesperson and made a decision.  He tried a few times to upsell us and was met with a NO, in varying forms.  Including when he announces - after we decided - that the television we just chose is not available.  WTAF.  Probably should have let us know beforehand but whatever.  It was available at two other stores, one twenty minutes north of our house or the other twenty minutes south of where we were.  But if we buy the one they had in stock "It's only $200 more."  Dude, seriously.  I got a little sarcastic and said "We're not paying $200 more because you guys don't have stock. It should be reduced, instead. An inconvenience fee, if you will."  He did not agree.

More out of frustration than anything, we decided to go the store in the north because delivery wasn't available until the end of the month.  My other favorite thing: delayed delivery.

I'm a little pissy, as is Kevin, but whatever.  It's time, that's all that it's costing us. However, as we walked away to pay for it, I muttered "Why does bad things always happen to us?"  Kevin understood the sarcasm but the salesperson actually kind of stopped for a millisecond like OMG, did she just say that for real.  Made me laugh.

AND THEN as I'm paying for it, Kevin's chipped debit card wouldn't work.  I'm muttering in my head because this shouldn't be a thing, like at ALL.  Finally the salesperson casually mentions "Oh, the chip reader doesn't always work.  It will fail and then you can just slide the card." WUT.  Okay, next time let's START WITH THAT instead of shaving years off of my life with each swipe while worrying about it.

Finally, we turn to leave.  Kevin hesitates, again.  "Maybe we should look at the 55 inch televisions."  I said "No, because we paid for it AND the last time we bought a television, you wished you bought the bigger one."  He agreed and said "But it's just so BIG."  To which I said, loudly, "That's what she said."  He turned around and started walking out of the store.  

We got in the truck and Kevin pulled into the starbucks drive-through without a word.  He's become addicted to the pink or violet drinks lately.  And the store is closed.  Now he's the one who is saying "Why do bad things always happen to us?"   But because starbucks, there's another one down the road.

Then he launches into a monologue about the television not being in stock. "Hey, here's this great puppy.  It's the best puppy.  Well worth the money.  Oh you love this puppy? Well, too bad. It's not available. You can't have this puppy.  You CAN have this other puppy though. It's not as great but it's still a good puppy.  I know you don't like it as much but it's here.  Will it last as long as the other puppy? Probably not but it's still a good puppy.  It needs a warrantee because we don't know who made this particular puppy but it's still a good puppy."

This is all paraphrased because he was on a roll and I was LAUGHING.  I wish I had it on video.

Finally, we get to the other store.  Check in and get the new television.  This is where the clerk asks what we are driving.  Kevin says an SUV.  The clerk then pauses and says "Well, this television really shouldn't be laid on it's side."  Again, I say: WUT.

I watched Kevin cock his head and rub his jaw and I'm looking for an exit because he's about to lose it.  Instead, he quietly says "It would be good for someone to have said this BEFORE and I would have brought MY TRUCK."  "Oh, well, we have delivery service." the clerk offers.  I think I literally whispered "Oh.No."   Again, Kevin rolls with it.  "I'm here NOW.  It's paid for NOW. I drove thirty minutes out of my way because YOU didn't have it in stock at the other store."  The clerk must have had some sense of self-preservation because he changed tack to "Let's see what we can do with your vehicle."

Another clerk wheeled out the television and helped Kevin load it.  Kevin asked him "What is "It Can't Be Laid Down?"  I mean, like at all? Or for a few minutes? or what?"  This kid says "I'm not really sure, they just tell us don't if you can."  AND WALKED AWAY.  If the television wasn't already in the truck, I think Kevin would have left in on the sidewalk.

But we got it loaded, used the fold-down back seat to keep it mostly sorta upright.  Crisis diverted.

Now this is where Kevin gets buyers anxiety.  I worry about big purchases beforehand and he worries about it afterward.  He's worried it's too big, it's too much money, what are we going to do.  I'm all "It's going to be great." and distracted him with the thought of putting the little television in his garage. 

We got home, unloaded it and got it into the house.  The box took up the space between the existing television and Kevin's chair.  You could FEEL the anxiety coming off of Kevin.  Oh, and this is where I say that I said I didn't want it wall-mounted because I've worked so hard to make the living room nice and I don't want to take down actual art and put up a television.

Kevin went outside to get some tools and maybe have a little cry while I went into the bedroom to take apart the television.  By the time I finished that, he had the television unboxed and was looking at how it would fit on the stand. Yes, we should have measured beforehand.  Where is the fun in that? 

Years ago, we spent capital M money on a media stand because it would last "forever." And it wouldn't.  The television was too wide to sit on the stand.  Now we're back to thinking about mounting it on the wall and I'm still in Camp No Way.

Luckily for us, his brother has recently had a new shop built and has scrap wood.  A few minutes later, he comes back with a plank of concrete board siding.  Ummm....  He asks if I have anything to cover it. I actually laughed because seriously.  Futilely I went and looked in the cedar chest and my dresser. The best I have is a chenille scarf that I will never wear.  "That's all you have?" he asked without thinking.  He glanced up to see a raised eyebrow.  "That's all we have Right Now."  "Okay, it will work fine." he says. Smart man.

But then, this is where I say "I thought you were bringing actual wood.  I thought I could just stain it because I know how to do that now."  I mean, I know right?  How perfect is that?  He did not say no.

After a bit of struggle, we got the television installed.  Then Kevin went into the bedroom to finish the other television that I had abandoned.  I sat on the couch and went through the set up process, including syncing it with my phone and connecting it to the internet.  At one point, it said that it could do something clever - I don't remember what - and I exclaimed "You've got to be effing kidding me right now."  Kevin, hearing me, called out "What's wrong NOW?"  I had to explain that it was actually a Happy exclamation.

So now it's 7:00 pm and we have two giant televisions.  It's almost ridiculous.  We went from a 24-inch television in the bedroom to a 45-inch television and a 65-inch one in the living room.  I think it won't be so shocking after a few days.  We'll get used to it. Also, I realized last night how much my eyesight has faltered, when I realized how well I could see the larger television.  (duh) In the living room, right now, it feels a little bit like sitting in the front row at the movie theatre.  But a few adjustments and that will pass.  It doesn't matter, we're committed now.

OMG I just realized that if you convert my height to inches, the TELEVISION is taller than I am.  I need to go lay down for a minute...in front of the television. With my actual puppy.

12 April 2021

This is Taking Too Long

 This one could be titled What Did Surely Take Apart Now? The Photo Albums.  Like the table posts, this has been an ongoing project. I knew this was going to be a massive undertaking and Like Always, I grossly underestimated how big of a project this is.

I am on Week Three? No, four?  I don't even know anymore. I know that I set the goal to be done by now and that is HILARIOUS. Adorable even.  It's like I don't even know Me.

I have bought many albums and ordered many photo prints.  I am still not finished.  If I had to quantify it, my guess is fifty percent completed. So, that's the real time update.  

Now let's travel back to last Sunday. Well, now two Sundays ago:

*time travel music*

It's pouring down rain and windy today.  March appears to be going out like a lion instead of a lamb. Because, of course, why not.  I thought the weather would make me work on the photo project some more.  I worked outside yesterday and I have nowhere to go today.  Surely I can make some progress.  

That would be negative, ghost rider.

Kevin let me sleep in, even though Lucy snuck into the bedroom and laid on me for an hour.  This is lovely but now my schedule is off and my brain won't boot up fully.

So I watched television and the tiktok, I folded towels, I paid a bill.  I'm considering a game of solitaire dominoes instead.

What HAVE I accomplished with the photo project, you wonder.  Thanks for asking. Well, some progress has been made, despite evidence to the contrary. *waving of arms around my office*

I picked up the tens of photos that I ordered and sorted them.  Then I ordered more and sorted them.  Then I ordered more.

Finished the Dog Album, now featuring all the dogs.  Well, three of the dogs.  Lucy is going to have her own album, as it should be.  Kevin sat and looked through it and as I suspected, it kind of made him sad.  Those three dogs have been gone quite awhile and they're all good dogs.

I finished Five's album to current time. It features photos from the ultrasound, gender announcement, and actual birth until last Sunday when he was here telling me knock-knock jokes.

I finished the Kevin album.  Kevin is NOTORIOUS for glaring at the camera so I have hundredity photos of him frowning.  It's become a photography game to me.  I do have some formal portraits and some candid shots also but predominately he's either frowning or Chandler Bing. 

He, of course, hates that there is an entire album dedicated to him.  I explained to him that because I am the photographer of the family, there are not so many photos of me.  Also, those that exist are going into another album with photos of both of us or my childhood album.

I had mostly finished My family's album because the amount of photos for that category is significantly lower than all the others.  I did end up ordering some photos to be printed then tried to organize the photos into the album accordingly so I could slide them right into the album.  That was meh, mostly successful. So I call that done.

I finished my childhood photo album last night. These were birth to eighteen-ish-years-old photos. Then  I finished the Me album just a little bit ago; twenty-years-old to current time, including leftover  early photos of Kevin and me. Pleased to report no bad dreams this time so that's progress.

I can finish the house album today.  I've put them all out onto the coffee table to "encourage" myself to finish it.  This didn't work last time but maybe, just maybe, it will work this time. (Update: it sorta kinda worked)

 I can probably finish our friends album today.  (Update: HAHAHAHAHAHNo.)

I cannot finish Our Family events.  Because I didn't completely sort those photos yet and it's a theme: I know that I don't have everything printed from the social media.  This is going to be last album and I suspect will take multiple albums.

Oh, and I forgot the Vegas album.  Not only do I have a scrapbook of the time we raced on the national stage in Vegas in 2008, there is also a photo album of all our Vegas trips.  Do I have all of those printed?  Of course not.  I tried and I missed, like, an entire trip.  Also: did this make me bitter that I haven't been to Vegas for the race in four years?  Yes, she nods emphatically while frowning, it did.

AND, I realized for the eleventieth time that I thought "But I HAVE that photo" that I do have that photo and it's Hanging on the Wall.  So, then do I order another print so it's in the album too?  Yes, I do overthink everything. Why do you ask?

What else?  Oh, there's an album for my very first official teaching and then administrative job.  It has photos of my first classroom, some of the kiddos who had an impact on me, and coworkers and/or parents.  I really debated keeping these but felt guilty at the notion of tossing them so they stay until I do this again. Which will be forever because I'm never doing this again.  

Along with the creation of the above album that I hadn't planned for, this project has created the need for....four, five, six more frames for the photo wall.  And I still haven't bought a wedding album for the Other Weddings.  Oh, and I printed two car collages and framed them because apparently we haven't reached saturation point for red car photos.  But they are pretty cool: 

Crap photo because I don't have patience to retake it

I rediscovered two photos of the only grandparents I've known and liked that I want to make copies of and frame.  I finally bought a multi-window frame for our friends photos. Brace yourself: I even hung it up already.  

If this project is ever completed, I know that I'm going to open Monica's Closet and find frames and/or more photos. The plan will be to just close the door, walk away. Maybe go to Vegas.

Just let me be a Cautionary Tale:  Organize your photos when you get them.  If you post them on social media, print them at the same time.  I know that date stamping is old fashioned but I would have paid GOOD SOLID MONEY for it during this project.

08 April 2021

Because of Spoons

 I'm cleaning out kitchen cupboards today.  No, the photo project isn't finished. Shush.  This is what I do: add to the chaos.

I have more candles than any one human should have.  I culled a bunch of them about a year ago and even then I over-estimated how many I should keep.  Another batch is being culled because my gawd.

We have two sets of barbecue utensils for a barbecue that Kevin gave away two summers ago.  One set is going to goodwill and the other Kevin wants to keep "because I'll have a barbecue again someday."  I barely had time to squelch the eye-roll.  Back into the back, bottom shelf of the island they go.

I had a really nice wooden box of extra silverware; extra knives, spoons, and forks that I didn't like.  It was on the bottom shelf, behind some other stuff.  Every once in a while, I would spot it and think "I should do something with that." Today was the day, I guess.

But there was a grey plastic box on top of it now.  I have ZERO MEMORY of this box.  It looks like a tool kit. But a tool kit would be in a different cupboard and remembered.   I set it on the counter and opened it with great curiosity.  I mean, seriously, no memory of this box at all.

It was a complete knife set.  Cooking knives.  Is that what they're called? No, chef knives? I don't know. Also in the box, a set of steak knives and forks.  This is why it was in the bottom of the cupboard unremembered.  It's a really nice set, just not something I would use.

Then I figured out that it was a gift from the gift exchange at Kevin's work.  We have terrible gift exchange luck, always receiving stuff we'll never use.  Thus the knife set in the back, bottom of the cupboard.

My knife set is probably thirty years old.  I can't remember when I got it but I'm pretty sure it was in the old house.  It's probably time to think about replacing it, if that was something I cared about at all.  

Then I notice that this set has a butcher knife and mine doesn't.  It has a sharpener and mine doesn't.  Mine has a bread knife and this doesn't.  I do know that multiple paring knives (yes, I know what that is) is a good thing.  Next thing I know, I'm searching to buy an inexpensive knife block.  I'll just combine the two sets.  

But that's about the new stuff.  Let me tell you about the wooden box and our silverware.

When we moved into THIS house, we ran out of spoons. Twice.  Yeah, I just saw your puzzled look.  The old house was an OLD house and didn't have a dishwasher.  The new house, of course, does.  Well, there's a learning curve of when to run the dishwasher when there's only two of you and don't use many dishes.  So we ran out of spoons, twice.

Kevin's solution to this was to buy me a complete cutlery set.  Go big or go home, Kev.  And I remember not only was I a little WUT about it, it was EXPENSIVE.  I mean, who does that? Kevin does.  He's a problem-solver.  

I combined the set we had, which was given to us for a wedding present and stored the stuff we would never use in the original wooden box.  The wooden box was really nice but too wide to fit in any drawer.  I kept it, thinking that maybe someday I would figure out a way to use it.  

I've slowly depleted the spoons because they disappear for some reason.  I had already sent the forks next door for holiday dinners.  So leftover knives, serving spoons, condiment knife and spoon, and steak knives remained.

Now I have two sets of steak knives and we don't eat red meat.  My first thought was to send this stuff home with Nephew.  But he had already left so Kevin said he would ask the sister-in-law.  I kind of wanted to wait for Nephew but I wanted this "problem" solved more.  

Of course she would like extra everything because they host all the family events.  Kevin took the wooden box and leftover utensils and left the new knife set.  I ordered a new knife block then put the grey plastic box back into the cupboard to wait it's fate.  

He returns about a half-hour later and he's in disbelief.  "You will never guess what we found"  He's right, I would never guess.  The s-i-l and b-i-l were looking at the knives, etc. and discovered something.  The wooden box had a REMOVABLE TRAY.  

AND there was complete Knife Set underneath.  This whole time, tens of years, I've had a completely new knife set and didn't know it.  I was puzzled and intrigued about that box and it had treasures hidden.

Kevin was mildly worried that I would be upset but I just saw the humor in it.  OF COURSE there was a knife set.  THAT is why it was so expensive.  That is why I liked that box so much.  It has a mystery about it.  

It's in better hands, excuse the pun, next door because it will be used and appreciated instead of languishing in the back of a cupboard here.  One knife set is probably dangerous enough for me to have in my possession, let alone three.  

07 April 2021

Sur la Table - FIN

 It's been a few days so I thought I'd wrap up this riveting saga.

We ate dinner at the table last night!  Tah Dah!

We both admitted hesitation about actually USING the table now, which is just dumb. lol.  It was Taco Tuesday and there are too many dishes for the island so we Had To use the table.  Thank you, Taco Tuesday.  It held up perfectly and as it should. (or I really would have lit it on fire)  We just have to get back into that cozy space of not worrying.

It's been days since the last coat was applied and it looks pretty good, if I do say so myself. *hair flip*

It's just impossible to get a decent photo without shadows, etc.

There is one, tiny bit of weirdness that I could go back over again.  I mentioned it to Kevin, who paused and that never happens, and said plainly: "No."  Okay, then, fair enough.

Then I absolutely humblebragged on the social media and my friends didn't disappoint with kindness and funny comments.  One said "You should hire yourself out. That sounds a little weird, huh?"  That comment made it almost worth all the work.

Another friend mentioned that she was inspired.  So I've messaged the instructions that I have, given to me by my BFF S, and the things I learned along the way.  She lives on the other coast so I can only "help" from afar.  Also, let's say I could not have done this successfully without BFF S and their talking me off a ledge multiple times.  Multiple.Times.   I'm happy to pay that forward.

I would say that if you're interested, absolutely give it a try. Watch online videos, go to the little hardware store in your town and ask for help.  Ask your friends who know these things. It's worth a shot.  Worse case, it's not great and they sell tables every day.  Best case is the above.  

Now, Would I do this again?  Yeah, probably.

Have I looked at other furniture in the house? Yep.  I have a mid-century oak desk that the top could use some work.  I have that end table I inherited and don't like, and its mate.  The china cupboard would look better a few shades darker...

Am I going to do it again? Meh. *shrugging*  The fun thing about me is We Never Know.

05 April 2021

Sur la Table - Part Deux

 I completed two years of high school French and yeah, I still had to look up that simple phrase.

This is a Continuation of What Did Surely Take Apart Now - Table Edition.

This morning had me messaging my BFF to talk me out of lighting the dining table on fire.  So, yeah, this is going well.

Yesterday I did, what I thought was, the final step for the table: clear coat.  I'm beyond ready for this project to be done. But like for real though.  The plan was to finish it on Saturday morning while Kevin was at work. Then I woke up and was all "That's a no from me, dawg."  So I took a break.

Sunday morning I woke up and was ready to be done.  Kevin took Lucy to get coffee and work outside and I got to it.  Applying clear coat is almost as soothing as sanding.  I was so vigilant in making sure I didn't miss a spot or apply more than necessary.  When I stopped, it looked good.  

My plan was to apply another coat then be all done.  One more night of eating at the island in the kitchen; which is uncomfortable, we've discovered.  We never eat dinner there, in sixteen years. We need different stools, I think.


I went into my office to work on the photo project.  I figured if I went into a complete different room, I would leave the table alone and not fuss with it.  And that plan worked.  An hour later I walked out to check it. 

 I am not a crier.  It has to be something big - either anger or laughter because my emotional responses are mixed up - to get me there.  I was so there. 

After some grown-up words, I took the photo and walked away.  Kevin walked in a few minutes later, perhaps sensing a shift in the force, to see how things were going.  He was more disappointed For me than by the table.  He just shrugged and said "Go buy a new one. And I mean a NEW one."  

I told him that I would fix it, I just needed to figure it how.  I saw as he considered talking me out of it, but spotted impending doom and went back outside.

Okay, that was yesterday. Now we're back in real time.  

My friend said to just sand it and try again, completely unphased and positive.  I felt relief that it would maybe be an easy solution and also frustration for not trying that Yesterday.  I said that I would try again and agreed not to light it on fire. YET.

Sanding is soothing but not on a table that you've worked hard to make look nice.  I had to get out of my head a little bit to start again sanding on the table.  Then I remembered how frustrated I was yesterday and suddenly my hesitation was gone.  

I sanded and sanded and wiped everything down like my life depended on it.  Then I waited about thirty minutes and worked in my office to let everything settle down.  I'm trying really, really hard not to rush or be impulsive. THIS IS AGAINST EVERYTHING I AM.

Finally, I decided it was now or never.  I applied the clear coat again and tried to appease the universe while doing so.  Thinking positive thoughts, listening to happy songs on the radio, having faith that my BFF is right and this will fix it.  Putting the positive out there in any way that I can.

Then I cleaned up the mess while not cleaning up all the way in case I need to do it again.  Plan for the worse, hope for the best.  Because let's be real here: it's me.  But this is the second coat so I *should* be finished.

Meanwhile, I was supposed to be doing errands already and Lucy is 100% over this project.  I can't imagine her super nose is appreciating these fumes and she hates that I've moved one of her FOUR beds.  And she has Kevin's resistance to things being in disarray. Clearly there's a ride in the truck waiting for her.  Just not today.

And now it's been a few hours since I began this post.  The table looked good.  It turned out.  And THEN, spots showed up AGAIN.  Less than before but STILL.  FML.What had happened was Kevin asked how it was going and I reluctantly told him it looked good. He was surprised but happy. Then I got brave and sent him a photograph.  Then...the universe laughed at me.

I sanded again, wiped it clean again, and applied the clear coat again.  Now I've walked away because I just can't even.  

Overall, it's still a win.  Overall, it's probably fixable if this coat doesn't do the trick.  It's just Classic Surely of underestimating a project and losing interest about three-quarters toward completion.

But look, it looked good here:

The white shadows are from the windows

Shiny side: it still looks better than when I started.  
Shiny side: visualizing setting it on fire is soothing
Shiny side: Even if the weirdness returns, no lives were lost in the process. YET.

And finally, I wrote those three sentences before realizing they were unintentional puns. I'm blaming it on the fumes.