25 July 2018

Musical Whiplash

I would say one of the greatest things ever invented, for me personally, is a combination of Amazon Prime Music and the Shazam app.  (this is not an endorsement, just an expression of my undying love.

I've added so much music onto my playlists because I've heard a song during a commercial or television show.  The amount of songs that I've gotten from watching Grey's Anatomy is embarrassing.

I am alone in my office for two weeks this month and it's been glorious.  I can be as loud or as messy as I want and no one cares.  Usually I will listen to music or podcasts using my earbuds.  But right now, I can have my system cranked to eleven.  *contented sigh*

So I put my Amazon music on scramble.  My music ranges from Dean Martin "That's Amore" to Eminem.  So, it can be Mood Swing Radio when I do this.  Sometimes I will have to dive for the skip button because it's not work appropriate music, no matter what. 

Also, I share this list with Kevin so some of his music is included.  Grand Funk, Waylon Jennings, Bryan Adams, Kim Mitchell.  Thanks for killing my vibe, Kev.

Now the thing about continually adding songs on my playlists is then I don't get to listen to everything.  Sure, I try to build individualized lists but that doesn't always capture everything.

Oh, what are my playlists?  Of course I have playlists!  They're kind of basic:

30 Second Dance Party
Comedy (Eddie Izzard, Christopher Titus)
Hip Hop

And just for entertainment sake, here is a small synopsis of this morning's music selection:

We Used to Be Friends - The Dandy Warhols
Truck Got Stuck - Corb Lund
Killburn High Road - Flogging Molly
In My Life -  Les Miserables Soundtrack
Keep on Trying - Poco
California Dreaming - Tupac
Seasons of Love -  Rent Soundtrack
Ring of Fire -  Johnny Cash
Take Me to the River -  Talking Heads
Rumor has it - Adele
Smile  - Uncle Kracker
You Got Another Thing Coming -  Judas Priest
Wicked Game  - Johnnyswim
You Can’t Control It  - Jack Johnson
Storybook Love  - Mark Knopfler
Alive & Kicking  - Simple Minds
Fairytale of New York  - The Pogues
Palace  - Sam Smith
Life in a Northern Town - Little Big Town
The More You Give  - Michael Buble
Somewhere On A Beach -  Dierks Bentley
Why God Made a River - High Valley
Stay  - Rhianna
Don’t Wanna Know - Maroon 5
Next to Me  -  Emile Sande
Shatter Me - Lindsey Stirling featuring Lizzy Hale

Goodbye’s All We Got Left  - Steve Earle
Run, Run Away - Slade 

You see?  It's like Musical Whiplash.  Funny that I specifically mentioned Eminem and Dean Martin, but neither has played this morning.  Evidence that even with best organization, there are still songs that I don't hear.  

And sometimes, the logarithm will decide that all we want to hear is Jack Johnson, Dean Brody, or Blake Shelton.  Or, maybe more likely, I'll have accidentally clicked "add album" when adding songs.

So, maybe this will help you add to your list.  Or inspire you to create one.  In the meanwhile, an example of a song I snagged from a Grey's Anatomy episode:

18 July 2018

Perspective from the Silver Side

In May Kevin and I celebrated our Silver Anniversary  We lived in sin for three years so come October, we'll have been together for a total of 28 years.  This feels like a foregone conclusion to us but we both realize that this is a thing, an accomplishment that many don't achieve.

My mom asked if it felt like the time went really quick or if it felt like 25 years have truly passed.  I had to think about it a little.  It seems like a mixture of both.  In some ways, it feels like a minute.

When I look at the obvious timelines: Kevin's parents retirement, passing of family members and friends, the fact that "the kids" have kids, it really seems overwhelming.

Here's advice and/or perspectives that I would give, the first being is advice doesn't work for everyone because everyone's situation is different.

One crazy person at a time.  If someone is spinning out or having trauma or whatever, the other has to remain sane.  Someone has to be the grown-up.

Nothing is forever. I'm not talking about jobs, houses, and things but yes, those also.  I'm saying  parents, siblings, children.  They will eventually be gone and it's just going to be just the two of you. Everyone else will sort themselves out. In the end: It's going to be just the two of you. 

You are going to become different people throughout your relationship.  The trick is to remember the core of who you are and who you married.  Just because someone has changed doesn't mean everything is over and you can never find your way together again.  This one has a disclaimer however: As Long As The Changes Are Healthy Ones.

Choose your battles.  Decide how important it is that they don't do it the way you would. While annoying, the dishwasher and laundry basket issues aren't important in the big scheme of things, just annoying. Lives are not going to be lost as a result.

You Chose Them.  Remember that they probably had that quality/quirk/whatever that makes you squint when you chose them so now here you are.  Remember that you do things that probably make them annoyed as well.  If you thought it would change as time progressed, well, the joke is on you.

Use your manners.  You still have to say please, thank you, excuse me, bless you, love you.

And finally, this is spoken as a wizened middle-aged lady:  Your life probably isn't going to look like anything you ever pictured and that's okay.