23 February 2018

Offset the Horribleness

I, as others, are in a Everything Is Terrible headspace right now so I'm making a list of only things I love to offset said horribleness...

Things I love right now:

Johnnyswim  I listen to them at work and they're perfect.  I found them by following Joanna Gaines on Instagram.  They sing the opening song of Fixer Upper. Very chill music, not jazz and not country but a funky mix.

Main Cabin Masters...HGTV and DYI channels are soothing when you're home sick.  I enjoy watching this one because they remind me of our friends and I now really, really, really want a cabin in Maine.

Starbucks App...my obsession continues.

Flower seeds...I have flower seeds waiting for me to plant when it stops snowing.  I love the anticipation of planting them and hoping that a few of them actually grow.

The Pop Rocks channel on SIRIUS/XM.  Rock from 1990's - 2000's.  A little timewarp whiplash but I know all the words to the songs.

Socks from Goodwill...Now that isn't as gross as it sounds. The Goodwill near my work sells new socks and I bought a few pairs that are super cozy.  I don't know the brand name though and now they're not in the store anymore.

Ross Mathews Podcast and now Ross Mathews on Celebrity Big Brother

Semiahmoo Resort...Kevin and I were supposed to go on a roadtrip and we ended up here instead.  It is so unbelievably lovely.  It's not inexpensive so it was really a treat for us.  If you follow me on the Insta, then you've seen the photos.

The Parkland Teens (and all the protesting teens nationwide)...they are an inspiration and give me faith that the future is bright and not apocalyptic.

So, now go make your list. Focus on the happy, if you can.

14 February 2018

Happy Valentines Day

It's not a made-up holiday.  Love is love is love.  Celebrate those you love today.