30 September 2010


There is a young man missing in Bellingham right now. He went missing last weekend after leaving a party. Where he went missing from is mere blocks from my work, near the university.

Crime like this is unusual in this town. It has everyone, regardless if they know the guy, a little upset.

Today as I walked to the truck to get my lunch, a young woman was walking along the sidewalk talking on her cell phone. I could clearly hear her conversation "Yeah, it's a little weird on campus right now but I don't know. It's okay..."

Then I find a Missing poster on my windshield with his picture and information. Even though I don't know the guy, my stomach just aches looking at his smiling face. He's only eighteen and looks like every eighteen year old you know.

Upon my return to work, there were two women talking to a roofer working on a neighbor's house. They were asking for directions that the roofer didn't know so I answered. They identified themselves as searchers and friends of the guys mother.

I wished them well and continued to walk. A sound behind me caught my attention. They were searching the dumpsters and garbage bins as they went along. I felt my stomach just drop to my shoes upon hearing that.

On the way home, the neighborhood was busier with many more people on the sidewalks. A police car rushed by, heading toward the university and all I could think that perhaps they had found him. But no such luck.

So dear friends, send a thought out for the guy and his family.

Dwight Clark - Bellingham Herald Article...Click Here, Facebook page Click Here

28 September 2010

The Love of a Brother

One of The Nephews new stepsons had a birthday party last night. Because I've been sick, we skipped the party. I am So Disappointed that we did.

The Family all chipped in to buy him (6 yrs old) a new bike. As Kevin says "Every boy needs a bike."

After the party & presents were finished, the waiter brought out the birthday cake and also wheeled out the bike. My brother-in-law said that the older brother (the 8 yr old) told the birthday boy that "You got a bike! Look! You got a bike!"

The 6 yr. old was disbelieving. "No, it's someone else's bike. It's not my bike."

His brother was persistent until the bike was parked in front of him. He looked at the bike and said "I got a bike" then looked at his older brother and said "We got a BIKE!!"

The love and power of brothers is remarkable. "We got a bike!"

After that, we are So buying the 8 yr. old a bike too.

27 September 2010

Flip A Coin

A long time ago a friend and I had a theory that a coin flip actually had merit in decision-making.

A coin flip is usually a way to make an unbiased choice. It's how it is decided who goes first, who gets the ball, etc.

It is not usually applied to huge life decisions...do you get married, do you have a baby, do you move away...but it could be a good tool to help you make that decision because lord knows you wouldn't make these decisions with a simple coin toss. That's just silly talk.

Are you still with me?

If you were to use a coin toss to help you make a decision it could help you clarify your thoughts. If you are unsure whether or not to marry Prince Charming, toss a coin.

Heads = yes, Tails = no. If you are uncomfortable or disappointed with the result of the coin toss then viola! Bobs your uncle. (Sorry, just talked to my Australian friend & we were comparing slang)

The point is that sometimes we get so caught up in our own b.s. that we confuse ourselves with too many facts, too many thoughts, too many emotions. Often, we just need to follow our instincts.

A simple coin can help us do just that.

25 September 2010

Nice Things

I meant to sit and write today. I really did. I was going to catch up on comments and blogs and posts and generally be a good writer today.

The weather, however, would have none of that. It was a gorgeous day out today. In the 70's and just perfect. The winds were blowing a bit and if it were November/December, I would say they were the Santa Ana winds, which would explain a lot of unusual behavior.

I put away our patio set today. It's time. I cleaned the dog's outside bowls and Grrrr-ossss. I should have had a free pass for the rest of the day after that. Oh, that reminds me. Here is a typical conversation at our house:

Me: in the dog's yard, rinsing out her bowls with the garden hose.
Kevin: on the other side of the fence at his parents: "*firegirl* is that you?"
"No, it's Missy."
"Oh, thought so."

Yeah, we're a witty pair.

Two nice things happened today. Well, more than that but these are the two that stayed with me until this late hour.

We were at Home Depot today and we were loading drywall and 2x4's into the truck. I heard a guy say "They took my helmet?"
I glanced over and there was this big biker guy...not the scary kind...and he's looking bewildered at his bike. He looks up at Kevin and I and says "They took my helmet. That's never happened before. I suppose it's always possible, but they took my helmet."

Here was the big dude and he was crestfallen. He was the very vision of crestfallen. I began to walk over to talk to him when something caught my eye. In the aisle next to the cars behind him laid his helmet. It was tucked against the tire where he couldn't quite see it. I pointed it out to him: "Is that it there, by the car?"
Much to his relief, it was. His faith in humanity had been restored.

Second thing and this nearly makes me tear up:
The boys are next door watching UFC fights. It's a monthly thing. No girls allowed but I can come down for dinner only. We were eating burrito's and Kevin dropped his. It fell against his shirt, making a mess. We teased him, as we should, and continued to eat. Well, Kevin reached for something and nearly dipped his shirt into his plate. Without a word, The Nephew reached over, moved his plate back, and spun it around so the messy part was away from his shirt.

I looked at him, astounded. "Now, that right there" I told him "Shows me you are a Dad."

It was one the sweetest moments of my adult life, seeing my grown nephew automatically do something that is pure instinct of a dad.

So, it was a good day today. I hope it was for you as well.

24 September 2010

News & Notes

So, another week has whooshed on by. Actually, this seemed to be longest week ever. But it's over now so that's all good.

Anyone have weekend plans? I don't. I am planning yet another bonding session with the couch and Ally McBeal. All glamor, all the time over here.

I'm getting over a cold and so is Kevin. Tis the season, I suppose.

Someone took a verbal, public, swipe at The Nephew today. For the first time in my life, I feel the proverbial mother bear come out in me. It was so surprising and irrational. What's funny is that it is a comment of someone who is no longer in the picture, who has no freaking idea of what they are talking about but arrogant enough to comment.

The Nephew has become Mr Mom, with five step-children. Five. All under the age of eight. (three year old twins) He is as content and as happy as I have ever seen him. I wish I could post the picture of them but I don't have their permission to post it, much to my disappointment.

Is Seth McFarland not the smartest, most sexy guy on television?

Did everyone see Dan Savage on the YouTube? It Gets Better Here is hoping he saves some lives with this. Even if you're not gay, the lesson is important for everyone: It gets better.

And while I am talking about the YouTube, what is everyone's opinion of Katy Perry on Sesame Street? Do you feel like Sesame Street was correct in not airing the segment?

Here's what I think: I think she should have made a different clothing choice. She was on SESAME STREET for eff's sake. Was it really necessary to have the boobs on display? Yes, I see that they probably tried to make it more modest by adding the sheer neckline but she's Running. And there is a scene that shows her from the shins to her pelvis. WTH is that about? I think it should have never been filmed while she was dressed like that. I think it was poor taste on both behalfs. (is that a word? it is now.)

I found out today that my parents still had stuff in the attic of their house. I have a sinking feeling it is going to be a treasure hunt when it's time to close that house. My mom has her baby dolls from the late 30's. I know, right?

We are going to the Spaghetti Feed at my brother's fire department next weekend. It is one of those community events that is the very definition of Small Town. I love going and it's always fun to see my brother in that mode.

And now you're up-to-date. Have a great weekend y'all!!!

23 September 2010

A Day in the Life

My new friend Queen of the Fall posted an interesting idea the other day: A Typical Day.

As tonight the Big Bang Theory and The Office has returned to our living room, I am going to borrow her idea.

A typical weekday in the life and time of *Firegirl*

5:30 am...Kevin's alarm goes on the first time
5:45...alarm sounds second time. This would be effective if Kevin didn't roll over & lay against me.
5:50...Kevin gets up, turns on the closet light so I don't kill him. When I hear the television go on, it's my final chance before the lights get turned on and the blankets are pulled on the floor.

6:00...packing Kevin's lunch. Yes, I am that good. I pack mine next while he eats.
6:05...Force feeding myself Cheerios after Kevin leaves. Convince dog that it's not time to go outside and bark.
6:10-7:45...SLEEP. In the middle of the bed.

7:56...get ready for work, in a rush, and dress in partial darkness because I loathe overhead lighting.
8:25...mocha for me and coffee for my mother-in-law. Try to convince dog not to hate me for not taking her to the mocha stand.

9:00...work. With copious amounts of time spent on the internet so as Kevin says: "Work".

11:30...Go to Starbucks, which isn't as cool as it seems. They give day-old pastries to the YWCA and after awhile, you get sick of them.

4:59...Work over, I am but a vapor trail leaving the building.

5:20...Home. Bust out a few chores and watch Craig Ferguson or whatever shows Kevin doesn't enjoy while he's not home/outside.

6:00-6:30-7:00...consider dinner, wait to hear what Kevin's mom is making, reluctantly make dinner

7:30 - 8:00...cozy in our chairs, watching television and reading, the internet, and quite often the soundtrack of Kevin's on the phone.

9:30...Kevin is asleep so it depends on whether or not I've posted on the blog yet or if there is something on television to determine if I go to bed. ((He's sick so we're an hour ahead of schedule tonight))

11:00-ish...Sleep, maybe. Maybe not. Sometimes laundry.

How does your typical day go?

22 September 2010

A Breakthrough in Technology

I am getting used to my new cell phone. It took some pushing the wrong button, and profuse amount of cursing and quelching of tear-rendering frustration but I think I have it conquered.

I have Kindle installed now and "Persuasion" loaded.
I have Grooveshark installed & can listen to music without downloading MP3's etc.
Best of all, I have The Magic Eight Ball app.

Remember the Magic Eight Ball?
"Is Tommy going to ask me out?" *shake* shake *shake*
"The answer is Yes"

Clearly the best use of new technology.

Today though. Today the droid saved the day.

My brother-in-law texted me asking how to "hide" people on Facebook, instead of unfriending them. I text him back explaining how.

Few minutes pass, *bing* "It doesn't work"

I text another set of instructions, with clarifications.

Few minutes pass, *bing* "It doesn't work"

Thinking, thinking, thinking.

Oh I know!

Go to my Facebook Page...find his daughter...Hover over the "X" to show "hide person"


Click on "Hide Person"


Open photo gallery, email pictures, and wait.

"Ok. It works. Thank you."

The wonders of modern technology.


The title is capitalized because commenting on blogs have become an exercise in frustration. I apologize for the yelling.

But Jeez.

So, Grey Ghost and my new found friend Queen of the Fall, I want to comment but I can't get it to work. You know I have stuff to say!!!!

I did a search and this is what I've found:


Woohoo - Great news everyone!!! For those of you who are having inexplicable problems posting on Blogger.com (like I have for the last month) Change the settings to a popup window for posting comments. It works, I just posted to my own blog, something I haven't been able to do since day one.

Give this a try and hopefully I can come play on your blogs again.

21 September 2010

Cash, Check, or Credit

I hate paying bills. I know, I know, everyone hates it. But it definitely in my Top Ten Things that Suck.

I've tried a variety of ways & systems and haven't really found any one thing that works for us. I tried Microsoft Money, I tried Excel spreadsheets, I tried the credit union bill pay system, I tried journaling. At times I've even tried the ill-advised Ignoring Method.

We fell into the credit card trap when we were first married and bought the house. It has taken us years to repair the damage. Years. Y.E.A.R.S. Now we don't have credit cards of any kind. We so learned our lesson there.

The only times we miss not having credit cards is when:
We go to Vegas. We get a reloadable Visa card when we travel.
The racecar is broken...Reason #1 we don't have credit cards.
Money is tight...Reason #2 we don't have credit cards.

I use cash for day-to-day expenses and online checks for bill payments. I write checks for groceries and get cash back. I believe I am the only 40-something that still writes checks.

Oh, bills. I was talking about bills. When I stopped working, I budgeted most of our bills to be due at the end of the month. I found that having a mass due date helped with the bill paying ADD. There are other bills that are auto-paid throughout the month like our Sirius, NetFlix, and my book obsession. Bills that don't junk punch the bank account if/when I forget to budget accordingly.

I frequently read about budgeting and like most everything in my life I cherry pick stuff from everything and mash it together to work.

How do you pay your bills?

20 September 2010

You Didn't Have to Do That

When Kevin's parents moved up here three years ago, it was the end of a very stressful time for them. Their sister & b-i-l had died, the father-in-law's retirement was in jeopardy, and it was the culmination of an entire lifetime. This is the last house they will live in.

With the sale of the house, etc. the parents were suddenly flush with cash. Kevin's dad has worked hard all of his life, starting when he was 14 years old. While they got by just fine, they were typical Americans living on a budget.

Suddenly most of their bills are gone. They had few worries. And a pocketful of money.

Kevin's parents believe in "You can't take it with you" and they say that they'd rather watch everyone else enjoy the fruits of their lifetime then to die with money in the bank. So we have to be careful about saying that we want anything.

"The washer is making a funny noise" = coming home to a new washer.
"I want to try to take the car to Vegas" = Parents becoming the sponsor of the car.
"I really want to add plants to the rock garden" = nearly brand new rock garden

Not to mention all the dinners they bought and presents they gave. The coffees that they buy when we're not paying attention.

This is where the title comes in. We found ourselves saying, often, "You didn't have to do that." Enough so that they had made a sign that hangs next to their house saying just that.

Today was not my best day. It was a Monday and I am getting over a cold and bladda bladda bladda. So it was with a stunned "Wha?" that I reacted with when Kevin brought over a new-to-us flat screen television for the bedroom.

Kevin's parents bought a new television for their living room. So they gave us the old one:

I've named it "Insomnia" It's a 40" flat screen and suddenly we have a theatre in the bedroom.

So, a lovely end to a total crap day.

How did your Monday go?

19 September 2010

Random Item of the Day - Alternative Uses Edition

Welcome to Random Item of the Day - Alternative Uses Edition!

I am not a big fan of clutter. I'm less of a fan of cords, labels, and commercial items. When you look at interior design magazines, you never see toothpaste on the bathroom counter or soap dispensers, or anything that shows signs of real live people living there. However, real live people do live in my house. With that, this is how I've worked around hiding things.

These are my kitchen canisters...duh...but as we know I don't cook, they now hold all the chargers for our cell phones and bluetoothes, blueteeths?

This one is a little obvious but I am including it because I love this cup so. And this is the same scrubby I've had since we lived on 21st Street twenty years ago. No, I am not sentimental about scrubbies, just lazy about buying a new one.

This one also isn't so special but there is one thing to know: it holds approximately $38 in change. This is our spare change bowl and is dedicated to our annual Vegas trip and Kevin's New Years Eve poker kitty.

This is a little flower pot that I got in an organic store because I was given a white peasant shirt for Christmas. I use it to hide Kevin's medicine on our dining room table.

Last but not least, a decanter. It holds Listerine on the bathroom counter. It's a little heavy but to me it's worth not having an ugly plastic bottle on the counter.

I am sure there are other items that I am forgetting but these are my favorites so there you go.

What alternative uses do you have in your house?

18 September 2010

Oh Hello

So I was walking into the grocery store this afternoon and there was someone blocking the door. Always a good start to the trip.

It was someone I graduated with and all I could think was "You were annoying in high school, glad to see nothing's changed."

I skirted around her to get a cart & had to wait for someone with a child. I noticed her hair (dyed blue/black) and when she turned around, I nearly just blurted out "Really?"

It was the girl I went to school with that Michael slept with while we were still married.


To her credit, she looked as if she turned inside out when she realized it was me. I just smiled a bit and nodded then glanced away.

I tried to head the opposite direction once in the store but we did the whole awkward meeting in the aisles thing until I just made a concentrated effort to go to the opposite side of the store.

But not before I had to stop at the deli and she was further on down, within hearing range. Kevin called to tell me something that made me laugh. I was able to be cheery and end the call with "I love you" so that was serendipitous.

Too boot, I have a cold so I really didn't pay attention to appearances when I left the house. Luckily, I am vain so it wasn't that bad. Jeans that fit, fitted black t-shirt that shows a hint of boobs, my black Dansko's. So, worse case, my hair could have used a brushing.

Gah. Sometimes shopping in your hometown blows.

17 September 2010


This is my third grade picture. Anyone who knows me will pick me out instantly by two features: glasses & the head-tilt.

I am friends on the facebook with about half of the people in this picture. To me, that's the best part of facebook. There were positive comments all around when I posted it and tagged people. It was really fun to read. I chose this picture because we're all still pretty small, cute, and hadn't broken into cliques yet.

At this school, BFF C was in another class but we'd see each other occasionally. I still drive by this school on the way to the parents house. It hasn't changed much, actually. I also think about stopping by to walk around but just never have. I've been to my other grade school, which has been extensively remodeled so it doesn't quite feel the same.

I've also been back to high school. The first time it was still the same and was fun to reminisce. The second time it had been remodeled and felt a little strange. I could tell where I was but everything was different. On some level, I am a little disappointed that it is so different.

The high school made a video for school pride months ago and I posted it here. Someone asked me about a room in the video and I commented "Oh, that's the principals office. Erm, well, not that I had ever been in there." Twenty three years later and it was still mildly embarrassing that I had been in the principal's office.

My mom always said "Write down your friends names" on the pictures because time will pass and I wouldn't remember. I couldn't imagine not remembering my friends names. Luckily, I have a Rainman kind of brain when it comes to names so I have, at least, the first names of all the kids.

I miss not having class pictures, yearbooks, or portraits. Life goes by so quickly and changes so often and we just don't have the same memories we did as children. If we had some sort of system, it would be nice to be able to look back. Even the people you didn't like because then you'd be able to say "Gah, remember her? we hated her!" Or in many households, it is always the same person taking the pictures. I have plenty pictures of Kevin but there are few of me.

My overall point being: I guess that's what Facebook has become. A giant, ever changing, yearbook.

(P.S. I am the second from the left, bottom row.)

16 September 2010

News & Notes

Is it the weekend yet? how about now? now? You know it's been a week when Diane Sawyer announces that only two more alarm clocks are left in this week.

I work with at-risk women and there are times that I think the women that live there are more sane than the women I work with. (Not You, J. SO not you!) So yeah, there's that.

We're supposed to race this weekend and it's going to rain. I'm not totally disappointed. Don't tell Kevin.

The creature that was living in the woods next to our house has seemed to have moved on. I'm thinking it equated living next to a barking Missy dog to living next to the airport. Good job, Missy.

The in-laws are considering a new dog because their dog, Sassy, is growing old quickly. She's a little Shizuh teacup something or other. I've been checking out the Humane Society website and OMG I want every single dog there.

We are watching Couples Retreat and Kevin claims that places such as that resort don't exist. I guess I'm going to be researching more than just a Vegas trip this weekend. Oh, Vegas is six weeks away now. *gulp*

Did we talk about glasses? I can't remember. My insurance only pays for every-other year and this is my out of pocket year. So of course the glasses I fell in love with are FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS. So I need to figure that out somehow. I can never justify spending that much onsomething that I will most definitely fall asleep in.

The flowers are all dying in the rock garden so I have a plan. I'm hoping to do it this weekend and can't wait to show you. That's all I have to say about that.

Pringles Ranch. If I ever end up in rehab, it will be because of those. I'll be on TMZ with a can stuck on each hand & chips in my hair.

The feeling of wanting to pound my DROID phone with a hammer has passed. It helped when the Nephew said "Think of it as a computer that makes calls". Also, I have to use the actual keyboard instead of the touch screen while texting. This cuts down on the murderous rage significantly.

My favorite season is starting. No, not Fall. The television season. Parenthood is back on, Brothers & Sisters will be on Sunday. We're going to try watching Boardwalk Empire on HBO because Kevin is missing The Sopranos. With the television season, so begins the magazine reading season.

Oh, Food Fail. Huge Food Fail. My brother & girlfriend loves something called Batter Blaster. It is pancake batter In A Can. I realize that this is obvious but they Love it so I tried it. You can thank me later.

That's what's going on in my life. What's going on in yours?

15 September 2010

Only Prettier

This is my new favorite song, this week.

If you're curious which camp I was in...well, let's just say I never went to prom. Although I didn't smoke. (looking & laughing at you, C!!! Hope you're feeling better)

Apologies for the lame posts this week, been so tired and it's been kuh-razee at work lately thus zapping all of my superpowers.

14 September 2010

City of Subdued Excitement

I was sent a link from a friend earlier today that I have to share. Riffing off "Empire State of Mind" it's a song about my adopted hometown Bellingham.

Hope you enjoy!

13 September 2010

A Family is a Family is a Family

Firstly, if you haven't seen the documentary with the title name, please go watch it. It's very sweet and makes you cry a little.

This weekend was Kevin's family reunion. We were a little hesitant because this was one of the few family gatherings we've had since Uncle Don & Aunt Susie died. Nothing makes a death so much more obvious than a family gathering.

To add to that, a large portion of the cousins have moved away. My mother-in-law's sister died of brain cancer not long after Kevin & I began dating. She had four daughters, the youngest (twins) were seventeen-ish. Long story short, the twins married Air Force pilots and moved away. They now live in Missouri & Kansas, quite near each other. In time, both of the older sisters moved down there to recreate their own family. So that takes away four cousins and no, I am not kidding, thirteen children.

The m-i-l's two surviving siblings arrived with their adult and nearly adult children. The cousins that are Don & Susie's children also made the trip north with both of their sons, one of which has a serious girlfriend/fiancee.

It's odd for me to sit back and see these "kids" as grown adults. It feels very time-warpish. As if you are suddenly trapped in a television melodrama and scrolling through the montage with Cats in the Cradle playing in the background.

Kevin's parents also invited m-i-l's best friend and her son, who works for Kevin now. (yeah, that's not awkward at all) We have become their family as everyone in theirs has moved away or passed on. She was so excited to hear that us "kids" were on The Facebook and that we would friend her. (that night)

We realized also that we've become the adults of the family, whereas we're used to being the kids. The younger cousins now see us as the grown-ups, the family matriarch/patriarchs. Soon young Kevin (named for his uncle) will be graduating high school. His eldest sister is going to the university near my work & works at one of my favorite mocha stands. It is my hope that serendipitous forces like that continue to keep the family in contact.

Oh, and I nearly forgot: my nephew. My nephew who is becoming a step-daddy to five kids. The neighborhoods volume increased exponentially upon their arrival.

There's a line in Peggy Sue Got Married when Peggy tells her grandmother, "We never see the cousins since you died". It's my fear that, while probably inevitable, that doesn't happen.

Especially when one of Kevin's cousins who is this big tough guy always makes a point of kissing me on the cheek, hugging me, and saying "We'll see you again soon."

A Family is a Family is a Family. Even if the young cousins move away, we will still be a family. We can add or subtract numbers as time goes by but it doesn't change the definition.

12 September 2010

They're Not Just for Golfing Anymore

I've had plenty of experiences with golf carts over the past few years.

Golf carts are a normal sight at the racetrack. They're used as tow vehicles mostly. And yes, we have one. Actually, the family owns one. The original intention was for traveling between the three properties here but it's become a fixture in the pits as well.

At first I was morally opposed to having one. We didn't need one for a tow rig so it was just for our own personal use, which I equated to being lazy. Then we started traveling to other tracks, which aren't as localized as our home track. Suddenly, my morals lowered.

It used to be the Big Boys, as I referred to the more high-dollar racers, had the carts and it is with dumbfounded amazement that I now find us in that category.

Back in the day when I was Somebody at the racetrack and made thousands of trips from the pits to the tower, I walked. I would actually break down a pair of sneakers in about a month. I was walking along one day, minding my own business when someone screeeeeeeched to a halt beside me. It was one of the track officials. It was another one of those moments when I thought "This is my life now: cruising the pits with a track official."

We also use our friend's cart when Kevin crews for him. I have a picture of all us piled onto it after Dale won a race that was taken by the track photographer. I've mentioned before how amazing it is to travel down the return road, past the spectators, after a win. A great feeling brought to us by a simple golf cart.

11 September 2010

In Remembrance

It is time to combat the ignorance that inspires hatred and fear. We have seen the harm religious chauvinism can do; now let us bear witness to the power of compassion.

~ Karen Armstrong, Huffington Post quoted from 9/11 and Compassion

10 September 2010

The Song Game

Happy Friday everyone! Welcome to this week's edition of Phoning It In. Let's play a game!!

As I can't find the original game anywhere...i.e. my desk drawer...I'm just going to recreate it. Leave your answers in the comments or post it on your blog. Pass it along to all your bloggity friends.

Name the song that(insert your answer here)

that you have to turn off the moment you hear it
Open Arms - Journey. Thanks Michael

that will wake you out of a deep sleep
Unbelievable - EMF

that makes you cry
What Might Have Been - Diamond Rio
The Greatest - Kenny Rogers (incredibly sad story behind this one)

that makes you laugh
Paradise by the Dashboard Lights - Meatloaf. Another Brad story.

that reminds you of your first love
Ugh...I can't think of the name of it! Choose any song from the 80's that was in a john hughes movie.

that was your wedding song (or your first dance, if you are unmarried)
We had three but "Two of a Kind, Working on a Full House" Garth Brooks is Kevin's favorite.

that will make you spontaneously dance
Groove is in the Heart - dunno who sung it CC& the Music Factory?

that you chill out to
Anything by Jack Johnson

that energizes you
Bawitdaba (Cowboy) - Kid Rock

that is your theme song
"I'm Still Standing" - Elton John

Okay, your turn! If I ever find the original game (which has many more questions)I will repost. Or you can add your own songs!

Have fun!!!

09 September 2010


Remember awhile ago I mentioned trying to find my childhood friend Laura?

I did and I wrote her a note and She Answered!!

I know, right? you have to love the internet.

I sent a note that said essentially "hi, remember me? how have you been? Here's all my contact info" yadda yadda yadda.

One Saturday I turned my email on to find an email from her saying "I didn't know I was lost!" Funny how things don't change really. She's the same funny, sarcastic person I remember.

So, that's really good. It makes me happy. Very happy.

((if there is sudden lapses in grammar or text that looks like this: shdfasodfih;lwaerjlkwa. It's because I'm having an allergic reaction and am sneezing my fool head off. I'm hoping by acknowledging it to the universe, it will stop.))

Thank you for the bless yous.


She has different last name and just like me: she has a common, plain last name. It's a wonder we ever found each other. Because as glamorous *firegirl* sounds, I have a very plain, common name in real life.

Can I just say she is badass? I told y'all about how it was growing up for her and that I hoped she found a way out. Chick hitchhiked from her house in rural Missouri to a recruiting center, signed up, and left. Just left. Just like that. Peaced out on the whole family situation and made her own life.


Now she's married, has children, and is back in the States. It seems like her life is going well.

I friended her on the facebook and got to see some pictures, which was really nice and kind of trippy. It's odd to see her siblings grown up. They were all kids when I saw them last.

In fact, I have to admit that I was scrolling through pictures, paused at one, and thought "Who is that? he's hawt" thinking that perhaps it was her husband.

It was her baby brother. I felt like I had to gouge my own eyes out! Dude was in diapers the last time I saw him.

So, yeah, that's awkward.

I feel like I need to send the internet a bouquet of flowers to say thank you for the reconnection.

Have you found someone you've lost through the internet? Who?

08 September 2010

Get Out of My Head

For some reason the universe has been tossing Michael, the former husband, into conversations randomly. Trust me, it is not welcome.

My in-laws knew one of Michael’s uncles….one of the cousins used to work for Michael’s dad (that made for an interesting moment at a family function)…Michael’s parents (and reportedly Michael himself) lives near a dear friend’s business. So whether or not I want to hear about him, sometimes I do.

I haven’t laid eyes on him in years. I can’t remember the last time I actually saw him. It has been long enough now that I am not sure that I would recognize him right away. Kevin sees him in traffic sometimes. Michael WAVES at him. I know, right?

Kevin mentioned something that his ex-wife said when they spoke a while ago. His ex-wife threw me under the bus by saying “I don’t understand how you can look past what *firegirl* did but not forgive me for cheating on you.”

Wait. What. The. HELL.

It was one of those pause moments, fork actually in midair during a meal, eyes wide, moments.

She told Kevin that Michael told her that I had cheated on him. Apparently, the Cheaters Club had one last meeting…


Michael lies. If he is speaking, he is lying. He also told everyone that I had emptied the bank account. (Yes, Michael, I really had to have that $37 for eff sake.) He said I was a coke whore. Hello, alcoholic that left rehab against the wishes of the counselors.

What. EVER.

I was surprised how much this still pissed me off.

Then I spotted a gray Citation o the way to work and there he was again, in my head. M’er F’er. When we split up, he insisted that we go out to dinner to hash things out, etc. I refused dinner but said I would meet him at a park just to talk. He brought this car, offering it to me for free, so that he could have the brand new car we had just purchased.

Yeah. Not So Much.

Then my father-in-law mentioned that my ex-father-in-law had cancer and wasn’t doing well. I paused for a moment to allow the lightning to strike for thinking not nice thoughts then reminded myself that most of what I knew about him was probably lies that Michael told me. Then I thought “That will be another funeral I will have to consider going to.” Then I remembered I Don’t Care. (that and a permanent restraining order)

As I believe that things come in threes, I am going to assume that this is the end of any further thoughts of Michael. God, I hope so.

07 September 2010

Lloyd Dobbler was Right

Any American girl who was alive in the late 80's can most likely quote from the movie "Say Anything."

Do you remember the scene where Lloyd is talking to his friends about having sex? He says something along the line of "It doesn't matter what happens, one day, years later, you will look at that person and think "We had sex."

Kevin and I have been together twenty years next month. Twenty. Years. I know I've tossed that number out there a few times but it is still staggering to me. And yes, sometimes I do find myself thinking just like Lloyd said.

We were cracking up the other day after having three uninterrupted mornings to ourselves. Kevin said something that reminded me of a story:

About three years ago, I came home late from work on a Friday night. Friday nights we usually go out to dinner as a family. For whatever reason, I had had it Up To Here with the Fam. I looked at Kevin and said:

"I will sleep with you every single night this week if we don't have to go to dinner with the family."

We so didn't go to dinner that night.

Kevin giggled at that like a teenaged boy when I mentioned it. Because no matter how old we get or how long we've been together, every once in a while we will notice the other and think "We've had sex."

06 September 2010


I have been in movie watching mode lately. I've watched everything from Lifetime movies to online movies to newer movies. I am currently immersed into hour four of Ally McBeal marathon on my dvr.

I emphasize my continual complaint about movie reviewers. I've watched two movies, that while not tremendous works of art, weren't as horrible as the reviewers said.

Anyone with a dysfunctional family will understand the point of Four Christmases.
What About the Morgans was totally predictable but I still liked it. Sam Elliott FTW.
New in Town was the movie I mentioned the other day. I don't remember it even being in the theatres at all. Again, predictable rom-com but I liked it. I will watch it again.
Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, however, should have never been made. Overcooked is how I would describe it.

I watched Clive Barker not being an assassin today in The Boys are Back. It's set in Australia and is not a thriller. Beautifully shot and not melodramatic at all.

We watched the mini-series Pillars of the Earth on STARZ. Holy WOW I loved it. I want to own it. I've watched the finale three times now. I didn't even realize that it was an Oprah Book Club choice until it was all over and done. I won't read the book because I loved the series so much.

Which leads me to The Time Travelers Wife, which is to my right in a stack of books that I haven't read yet. I enjoyed the movie but now I'm curious about the book.

What books have you seen made into movies & thought they got it right?

05 September 2010

Random Item of the Day

Firstly, be impressed. The above picture was taken with my droid. I not only managed to take a photo (it makes a camera clicking noise...love it!) but I also managed to email it to myself with a minimal amount of tears.

Yeah, the droid is still killing me.

So, Random Item of the Day. You're looking at the picture & wondering, aren't you? The lamp? no. The bear? no. Yes, that's a bear.

The Door.

We were very specific about how we wanted this house. The door was a dealbreaker for me. It was on the model house and I had to have it. They tried to tell me that it was an $1000 option but I called bullshit. I told him that we weren't going any further if I couldn't have that door.

I'm so glad I held out. I love the door. It is pretty, it casts colors, light, and shadows across the room all day long.

04 September 2010


I am longing for the days of rotary phones. I know some of you think those weren't ever actually in use but they were. My parents had one of those heavy, black ones and I loved it. If we had a landline, I would totally buy one of those retro phones. The click-whir sound they made was awesome.

I miss landline telephones actually. I used to have a white one that was so cozy to talk on, you could spend an hour and not feel all achy and sore.

Everything is cellular based now though. Kevin needed a new cell phone so that was the first thing that we did today. Well, not the first thing. hahahaha. Sorry. I had to say it.

The intention was for Kevin to get a new phone. I was still happy with mine even though it is looking a little banged up and the battery was losing it's steam. I get attached to my phones. I still have on in my desk drawer that I can't bear to part with.

I do miss the sound and feel of hanging up a phone, either landline or flip phone. There are few things more satisfying than a good slam of a phone.

Again, I am off topic. Big shock.

I hate the advertised prices vs. actual prices and the Buy One, Get One Free deals, and rebates. One of Kevin's coworkers had just gotten a new phone and proclaimed it the Best Deal Ever.

Of course, the salepeople don't offer this up right away. Have I mentioned how much I dislike salespeople? I have a low tolerance for pushy people. However, if you are a good salesperson, I will be your best friend.

After the second try, we got a good salesman. We bought two phones today, which after the rebates are paid will mean we paid $50 for two phones. The phones are a little more than I bargained for: DROIDS.

I fear that these phones are smarter than me. I fear that they are going to reprogram the DVR while we're sleeping to record only the Jetsons. Or that the microwave and the ice machine are going to decide that they need to swap duties.

Figuring out these phones has been so frustrating. Kevin mentioned no less than four times putting them under the truck tires to "test their endurance". Lucky for us, the Nephew will be visiting tomorrow and his sole purpose will be to "pimp our phones."

The salesman only made one fatal mistake: he brought out the covers for the phones. A black one for Kevin and a PINK one for me. He didn't even set it on the counter before I said "Don't think for one second that I want a pink cover."

I have one that matches the racecar instead. A very sporty red one. So even if I can't work my doggone phone, it looks cool.

Welcome to the Future.

((PS...then my internet froze upon trying to post this so I've clearly pissed off the Electrical Gods...sorry about the late post))

02 September 2010

News & Notes

This was a weird week for me. Last week was a short week because I took a mini-vacation and the same with this week. It's difficult to get invested into work when you know there's a long weekend ahead.

This being said, I watched a movie on NetFlix today with Renee Zellwiger. Can I just mention that she's not aging well? Seriously. I can't remember what the name of the movie was but it had Harry Connick Jr so really? what else do we need?

My good friend moved into a new place & I went to see it today. It's triggering my inner interior decorator. I think if I had the money to flip houses, I would love that part of it.

And she's moved to a town that is very similar to my hometown; one main street, lots of churches, and surrounded by dairy farms. It made me nostalgic a little while driving there, remembering my first apartment in my old hometown.

I've converted to liquid laundry detergent. I know, I know, I said that I wouldn't but once I got used to it I became a convert. But I still hate those Gain commercials.

We think that there is a creature living in the woods between our houses. There was a bobcat/cougar sighting down on the main road so now Kevin's mom is convinced that it's living next door to our house. Let's just say Missy Jo is not impressed. She's not intimidated by any other dog but strange creatures in the dark make her unhappy.

I am craving pizza. That's all I have to say about that.

BFF K sent her twins off to Kindergarten this week and I found myself teary. I've only known these little ones via pictures & stories but it's just such a milestone. I can't believe how fast they've grown up.

I've been purposefully avoiding the Back to School aisle at the store. I caught a glimpse of crayons the other day and nearly bought a pack. I think Kevin would have me committed if he came home to see me coloring.

I'm starting to plan our Vegas trip. I've decided that I am going to send the boys to the racetrack and go spend hours at the Titanic exhibit. I've been there three times & have yet to see it.

We're also considering whether or not we are going to do the New York New York roller coaster again. One of Kevin's co-workers just went on it and proclaimed us crazy. Kevin asked him if after all was said and done "It was worth it, right?" He said "HELL NO". hahahaha. But Kevin & I have the tendency to go all youngest child "I dare you" in situations like this so I'm pretty sure we're going on it again.

Ally McBeal is on one of the channels during the day so I now have twenty episodes waiting on the DVR. Need me this weekend? I'll be fused to the couch.

What are y'all doing this weekend?