30 November 2008


Here I sit, plunking away at the keyboard, feeling as if everything is right with the world. My f-i-l and nephew have returned. The nephew is feeling much better now. Everything is unpacked and put away. All the laundry is finished. The house is cleaned and all of my chores are done. Right now, my attention has been captured by one of the true loves of my life: Cary Grant. The Bishop's Wife is on TCM.

We had Thanksgiving yesterday, kind of a quiet affair. A nice change, I must admit. My brother-in-law rocked the barbecue and made the best turkey ever. I know, it sounds redneck, but trust me it's not. He is a chef when it comes to cooking. And my s-i-l is no slouch either. The stuffing didn't have raisins in it, thank God.

They sent pie home with us last night and we made it an early night. While I'm thankful that my nephew is healthy, it was nice having to postpone Thanksgiving a few days. He touched us all with a heartfelt "Thank you for waiting for me" as we began to have dinner.

Tomorrow we return to our normal schedule and as always, it will be with a little relief. Vacations are nice but Kevin & I are both wired to be on schedules. But then, I work for just three weeks then have two weeks off again. It will be lovely to have Christmas off and to just relax through a normally busy season.

This year, because of our trip, Christmas will be low-key. This also takes the pressure off. I am looking forward to leisurely shopping and watching every Christmas movie ever made. I have already had a good headway this weekend. This morning, I loaded the stereo with Christmas CD's and took out the Christmas movies we own.

I've dragged my feet with the decorations this year as it feels nice to wallow in "normal" for a little while. And as I've joked many times before: normal and me don't often collide in the same sentence so it's a comforting feeling.

28 November 2008

Under the Arch

First off, let me say that I was Ridiculously Proud of Kevin all doggone weekend. The first time he pulled under The Arch, I was tearing up. I took this picture later that night:

They say you can tell a person's character when they're dealing with waitresses, lost luggage or tangled Christmas lights. Well, Kevin's character was clear all weekend. He was so self-deprecating and funny about the whole experience.

He went out first round on Sunday, as we expected. We were the slowest qualifier in the class but we didn't care. We were racing in Vegas Baby! We lost to the #1 qualifier and the guy who ended up winning so that's all good. His name is Mike Demaio and is a really, really nice guy.

Kevin introduced himself to Mike Demaio on Sunday morning before eliminations with a cheery handshake and "Hi, I'm the guy who's ass you're going to beat in about an hour."

As we were waiting to run, we were chatting with Mike's crew chief. Waiting was the word of the day at this point. The crew chief mutters "Gosh, it's going to be a long day..." I just smiled at him and said "Not for us!!!"

Someone mentioned that a cameraman was all over the car during one of the qualifying rounds. (turns out it was a friend of ours) Kevin casually mentions in response: "I didn't know I was so cool!" The guy literally said "Wait, what? Did you just say that?"

He just makes me laugh. He was a winner after all.

27 November 2008

Drama Drama Drama

My life sometimes has more drama than a Mexican Soap Opera. We're home safe & sound, well, kind of. Sort of. Not all of us.

I spent our first night home partying with food poisoning. We got that party started about two hours after we got home. Once again, it's good I don't believe in guns because I would have gladly used one at about 2:30 AM. Not the welcome home I was looking for. But Thank God, it happened once I was home.

My m-i-l also got to enjoy the food poisoning, poor old girl. She's in bed today, still feeling the hangover of it.

But that's not the fun part. There's more, you ask? Why, of course! Have you met me? There's always more.

My nephew was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease just a few weeks prior to our trip. Fun!! he's on meds and seems to be stabilized. He is driving/riding with my f-i-l towing the racecar back from Vegas. On the first night while I was hanging with Food Poisoning, we got a 3:00 am telephone call telling us that the nephew was taken to the hospital in an ambulance. Turns out, he has a perferated intestine. Not good.

Now, it's only Tuesday morning. We've postponed, much to my relief, Thanksgiving to the weekend as it was uncertain when the Nephew would get discharged from the hospital.
I get to play the "Where are you at?" game and try to research flights home for him on a grouchy computer. Red Bluff, CA. I still don't know where it is. Horizon Airlines, $100, not bad actually. And the agent was an angel.

I spent Wednesday trying to catch up. Cleaning the house, doing what small laundry we have (because our suitcases are still in the trailer, in California with our souveniers) and trying to catch up on the email situation which has reached ginormous proportions.

And my computer begins acting up. Of course it does. It doesn't want to stay logged onto the Internets. It stops recognizing the modem. (yes, as I live in the sticks, I have dial-up still) This is at the same time that Kevin is trying to look online for pictures of the racecar. (there are a bunch, so far) So, that's not frustrating at all.

Finally, I went to the grocery store to pick up a few needed things. As my nephew & f-i-l are now stuck in parts unknown California, my m-i-l is without a cell phone charger. a) I'm not sure how this happened exactly as my f-i-l doesn't have the same phone and b) this is her only means of communication. So I buy her a cell phone charger while I'm down there. Good girl.

Meanwhile, I still haven't eaten much and still feel like I've been hit by a truck. My original plan was to get all my chores done and then consider Christmas decorations and the such. Yeah, not so much.

Kevin comes in about 5:45 and says that the cell phone charger doesn't work. *insert bad words here* At this point, we are still unsure when the nephew will be discharged and even if they discharged him quickly, he is still a day away. Back into the truck I go to exchange the stupid charger.

I must admit, it was kind of nice to be alone in the truck as we've all been joined at the hip for a week. I did, however, break all landspeed records getting there, just to discover that it DOES TOO WORK. I called Kevin while still standing in the store to tell him he sucks. This is what I get for not double-checking before I leave. It was entertaining for the Verizon Wireless workers, I am sure.

That night I gave up on the computer, it was working intermittenly and I didn't have the energy for it. I was Scarlett: tomorrow was another day.

I detest Thanksgiving. I've ranted on this previously so I won't go into detail. Two dinners within two hours of one another and little compromise between the two families = FUN. Enough said. I was relieved that we only had to eat one dinner the next day. Especially considering that I still hadn't eaten much of anything.

We went to bed and I fell asleep right after realizing that my brother's birthday is on Thanksgiving. AND
I haven't gotten him a gift. I get to go to town AGAIN and this time, on Thanksgiving. Good on me. Why I didn't buy a $3 t-shirt while I was in Vegas, we'll never know.

I slept in on Thanksgiving, lazily got up and ignored the Macy's Day parade on television. My nephew called at 11 am and they released him from the hospital. They would be home around midnight. Hooray.

Finally, I drag myself into town AGAIN to get the birthday present. Luckily, he's easy to shop for and it didn't take long. I came home and got out the paper to wrap his presents. Where is the tape? Oh yeah, it's in the racecar trailer. Conveniently located somewhere in California.

Luckily (!?!) I keep extra tape buried in the tote that has gift boxes, bags, bows, etc. Unfortunately, this requires me getting into the one messy closet that I allow myself to have. Fun!!! But it's Thanksgiving so I'm grateful I have tape, right? Sure. Oh, and I unearthed our Christmas cards at the same time. A Thanksgiving Miracle.

Finally, we make it out to my parents for Thanksgiving. My nieces are there so that's a joy. My brother, whose birthday it is, is late as always. We weren't there for thirty minutes when my mother won the "Who is going to take the Lord's Name in Vain on a holiday" game. We eat...my mother's stuffing is the WORST...Worst, I'm saying. To quote Kevin: "Raisins? What the hell is that about?"...then because we're a highly communicative family, we watch Jeff Dunham's Christmas Special.

Meanwhile, my nephew is texting Randy with regular updates. They were due home at 10:30 now instead of midnight. At 8:30, my mother decides we have to have cake and presents now. 8:30!!!! Oh, and have I mentioned that the birthday boy has slept for the past hour? Sadly, this is not unusual.

We ooh and aah over presents, we sing happy birthday...which make Kevin twitch: having to sing happy birthday to a 45 year old man...and finally, with a sigh of relief we are out of the door. I wish I could say that I enjoy my family but frankly, it's just not the case. I love them, of course, but oh. my. God.

We get home with twenty minutes to spare before my nephew & f-i-l arrive. We fidget and wait until finally they're home! Hoooray!!!! Everyone is home!!!! All is right with the world.

But wait, where are the nephew's parents? ASLEEP. For the love of God, Jesus, Joseph and Mary, they're SLEEPING. Poor Nephew. We hugged him extra. And I'm sure Kevin won't let it pass without a comment.

So now it's Friday after Christmas. I'm swimming in laundry, happily. I have our souveniers unpacked and our suitcases put away. Kevin is working in the shop with the nephew. I am feeling better. The exorcism on the computer is momentarily taking hold and we're all home.

God Bless Us Everyone. ( I know, that's Dickens A Christmas Carol...work with me)

24 November 2008

Leaving Las Vegas

We're back safe & sound, albeit a little depressed. But only because we returned to 40 degree weather and showers. And I get a little melancholy returning from vacation. Not that I'm not happy to be home and not surrounded by family.

The trip went well, exactly how we expected it to go. We can't ask for more than that. It was an awesome experience!!!
Kevin is asleep in his chair, the dog is asleep in her bed and I am writing. All is right with my world.
Stay tuned over the next few days for a complete travelogue!!!

23 November 2008

Hey Ya!!

Fun little time-waster to make everyone smile.


Loving Peanuts!!!

22 November 2008

Random Item

The very first present Kevin ever gave me was for my birthday, two months after we met.

It is a Mickey Mouse key chain that I noticed while we were Christmas shopping. I don't remember how now but he managed to buy it without my knowledge.

The key chain is now 18 years old.

I carry them with me nearly every day. It's kind of become my talisman. It's chipped, beaten and tarnished, just like me. It's a constant reminder of Kevin and his boyish thoughtfulness.

And it makes me smile when I look at it.

21 November 2008

If I could write a letter to Me

Brad Paisley has a song titled the above. It's about a letter he wrote to his seventeen year old self.

I thought about that a little. If I could write a letter to seventeen year old me, I would say:

Take Spanish, not French.
Listen to your friends: don't get in the car with Mike.
Let some friendships die, pay better attention to others.
Finish Senior Year instead of going to work. (I did Work Release instead of classes)
Go to College in the Fall.
Don't kidnap your sister and make her fail Spanish.
Tell Dennis you're sorry & he was right.
Just take the damn Literature class already.
Date more.
Try out for Show Choir...stop being so shy.
Slow down. Literally and figuratively

20 November 2008

Happy 40th Birthday C!!!!!!

I know you're in the Galapagos Islands but I'm sending you this anyway.

Don't fret, I'm following right behind you.

We've been friends since grade school so...holy sh*t, 30 years. Here's to another 30 years! *clink*

Hope you have a great day!!! In sun, with E, and a drink(s) in your hand.

18 November 2008

Tuesdays with Morrie

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning, I have my own personal “Tuesdays with Morrie”. Here at work is a volunteer whom I believe has been here since God himself was a boy. He is 81 years-old and you would never guess it. I had known him for months before I learned his age and I was astonished.

On those mornings, I manage to get my sleepy & grouchy self out of bed a few minutes earlier than normal so that I can have a visit with Vern before beginning my day.

It is not as if our conversations are earth shattering or solving the world’s problems but it is intriguing to hear his perspective on everything from politics to sports to relationships.

As my grandfathers died when I was younger, I didn’t really experience being a granddaughter. I think that might be most what I enjoy about our visits.

He makes sure we have treats in the morning and he worries if we are late or ill. He also has that unavoidable father/grandfather thing. “Did you remember to..” “What happened with...”

I will never forget his grin when he told me…hinted, rather, that he had been married multiple times. And none of them were due to his wife passing, they were all divorces! And he lived in SIN! (He really laughed when I said that to him)

I asked him about what it was like when Kennedy was assassinated. You hear people refer to that time as solemnly as if their own parent had passed. He just shrugged. “We were busy raising five kids, we were aware of it but it wasn’t like the end of the world or anything.”

We talked about what it is like to have a black President and he smiles. “I didn’t think I would see it in my lifetime.” He is excited and hopeful.

He is Norwegian and sometimes I get to tease him about that. A few months ago, he had an episode with his heart. He called me later in the day and told me about it. When I asked him when he went to the hospital, he told me “After I went to the hardware store and then dropped something else off, I drove myself there.” Stubborn. Old. Norwegian.

(and I told him that. He laughed at me) but that is why he is 81 and still as active as ever.

He works at the regular pancake breakfasts at the Sons of Norway Hall. He makes sure we know when they are and has bought each of us a breakfast there. If anything could help define small town America, it is a breakfast fundraiser at the Sons of Norway Hall.

I believe that everyone should have their own personal Morrie. If not a grandparent then a friend or a teacher or coworker; just someone you meet along the way. I am so grateful for the time that I have spent with him, even if I do have to get up a little early to do it.

17 November 2008


We are all packed! Two large suitcases and one backpack full of shoes and we are all set. My f-i-l and nephew are leaving Monday morning to meet us in Vegas on Wednesday.
Now all we have to due is drum our fingers anxiously/excitedly until we fly out Wednesday.

Having to pack early has actually become a good thing. It took planning & execution but now there's no stress on the actual travel day...well, other than the whole traveling with family thing.

It has become quite the trip. It seems that one could say "The last one to leave the Northwest, please turn out the lights." This will alleviate some of the stress of racing with the big boys as lots of our friends are racing too.

And, to our surprise, it turns out that Kevin won't be the last qualifier, all going well. At this point, we've already won! (:-D

I have a huge list of things to do & see while we're there. Roller Coasters is the word(s) of this trip. Last year we didn't do any of the roller coasters. Not this trip!

I'm also curious as my nephew is a very good looking and charming 24 year old and he's single. We're betting he hooks up the first night. (:-D We told him to just find a bachelorette party and he's good to go. We are going to live vicariously through him on this trip.

So, I've scheduled a bunch of posts. You won't even notice I'm gone. If I can borrow a laptop, I'll post during the trip. It may be a plea for bail money so start rolling your coins now.

Viva Las Vegas!

16 November 2008

Sunday Morning Fiction

The statement rocked him, metaphorically and literally. He physically rocked back on his heels. She cringed, regretting the delivery as much as the words. She continued as quickly as she could. “We got into a fight, we were splitting up. He got angry, left in his truck in a tantrum. He hit a power pole a few miles from the house, died instantly.”

“I’m sorry I was so abrupt. You didn’t deserve that.” She continued. “I’m still a little angry about it. And you, appearing out of the mist like a ghost…”

“I’m sorry” He interrupted her stream of explanation and apology. “I am sorry for a million things: big and little.”

She just couldn’t take the caring tone in his voice. She’d made it through his disappearing, she made it through Steve, she made it through the past six months. She didn’t think, however, that she could make it through the concerned tone of his voice and the compassionate expression on his face.

Kelleigh stepped around him, determined to make it the last twenty feet to the door. The library held her salvation. It always had. It will again.

Andrew wasn’t to be stopped or avoided that easily. He touched her again, his hand on her shoulder and this time she didn’t resist. He gently turned her around, his hand sliding up to her chin. He tipped her head up. “Stop it. Just stop. Answer me.”

The tears welling in her eyes undid him. It undid her. She hadn’t cried in six months. Before that, she hadn’t cried in nearly twenty years.

One single tear rolled down her cheek before she turned her head away and swiped at it impatiently with her hand. “Answer you what? You didn’t ask a question.”

Andrew paled for a minute and she watched the muscle in his jaw move. She watched his internal fight for control and knew exactly how he was feeling. “Look, I have to go to work. People are expecting me. How about we get together later today?”

15 November 2008

Cell Phone Candids

We've had our normal Fall weather the past few weeks, which entails lots of heavy rain. The days have been gray and tense. So when the sun comes out again, it is truly a joy.

While returning home from Saturday errands, I took the back way home. I caught this picture with my cell phone while driving in the truck. I had two pictures and I wavered over which one to keep. Wavered to the point of leaving it on my phone for a week. Finally, I deleted one picture because I managed to capture my antenna directly in the middle of the frame. 50 mph, cell phone camera...what are the odds?

I downloaded this picture finally tonight. Imagine my amazement when I put it into photo editing. Look in the right hand corner, the edge of a rainbow.

Simply beautiful. There are no accidents.

13 November 2008


Today's chapter of Pretending to be an Officer goes like this:

A Sheriff's detective called to schedule an interview and a viewing a montage of photographs. Wouldn't you know it, he wanted to do it TODAY. He even came to my office...in the next county.

There was a form to sign, of course, and he had a little spiel that he had to repeat to me. It turns out that if you view mugshots to identify someone, they are NOT allowed to reveal if you are correct or not. What. A. Bummer.

He showed me a sheet of six photographs and it was NONE OF THEM.
*insert appropriate curse word here*
He showed me another photograph and it wasn't him as well.
I never take the Lord's name in vain but G*& D&*#$t!

He continued to interview me, asking questions about details, details, details. He gave a little information about the other instance of someone getting pulled over and while it sounds similar, I am not sure that it is the same guy. In which case, How Creepy is THAT!?!

They are going to investigate further and get back to me. To quote the detective "You have me stumped."

It is my impression that I identified a Parks Dept. truck but not any of the assigned drivers. However, the identification on the truck & the insignia on his coat suggests that it's fire protection or wildlife & fisheries. Hmmm.

Essentially, I know nothing more than I did when I was pulled over. But I feel consoled that the Sheriff's department is doing their best to figure this out. Both the deputy & the detective were very compassionate. What more could I ask for, really?

It's wait and see at this point. My only regret, at this point, is that I didn't pursue this further with the Sheriff's department at the time. But, there's a reason for everything so I am letting it go.

So, stay tuned boys & girls to the next installment of "Pretending to be an Officer."

12 November 2008


Nope, not casino chips...I'm excited about Vegas but I don't gamble. In fact, I am what you would call a "cooler." Have you seen that AWFUL movie with William H Macy? Oh, it's terrible.
W.H.M. = full frontal nudity. *shudder* While he's so homely that he's cute, that is an image that is unfortunately burned into my brain.

Kind of like my permanent emotional scarring of the scene in Melrose Place where Marcia Cross's character pulled off her wig in the mirror and revealed the Frankenstein-like scars. Holy Mother of God that freaked me out.

Welcome to my brain, folks. I'm not over-caffeinated, it's just the ADD. (:-D

What I intended to say is that Ruffles Barbecue Chips make me ridiculously happy. I don't know why, they just do.

The second place for Chips Preference are tortilla chips but only with salsa or guacamole.
Alone, they fall into 4th place, if I were to make a Top 10 list of Chips.

While my Canadian friends actually like the Vinegar & Ketchup flavor chips...all together now:

As D says, who is quoting Mike Meyers: Discuss amongst yourselves...

11 November 2008

Support Your Local Sheriff

If you're just joining our program in progess, here are the first two posts:


So, the latest chapter in the whole Pretending to be an Officer adventure is this:

The County called me last week and said that the Sheriff's department would be contacting me sometime this week and they would need a report. Okay. Well, not what I want to do necessarily but whatever.

And then, I am reading the paper online on Saturday night when a headline catches my eye:
"Sheriff Seeks Information on Cop Impersonator"
Wait, what?

I clicked on it with dread and read the article. It happened a few miles from the house. The guy had a different car but the general description sounds the same.

What Kevin noticed is that he told this girl "You can go now" which Kevin remembers me saying. Eeew, so very Lifetime Movie Network!!!

First thing Monday morning I called the Sheriff's department and reported what happened to me. They took my information and said an officer will call me back. So, I drove to work. I was just getting into town when the officer called.

I re-explained everything and answered a few questions. He thinks for a minute and asks:

"Where are you right now?"

"I'm on my way to work."

Long pause that one takes when speaking with a slow child..."I mean, where are you located?"

I laughed and told him then offered to turn around and go to the office. He declined saying he didn't want to sit at his desk this morning. Already I like this guy! He'll just meet me at my house.

Then he said "In the meanwhile, can you give me the license plate?"

I told him I could but he would have to wait as I was driving.

Again, a long pause..."You wouldn't be talking on a cell phone while driving, would you?"
(soooo illegal in WA. State)

I did an over-dramatic intake of breath "Oh! I would NEVER!" and laughed.

He laughed too and said "I had to ask. I'm not going to do anything about it but I had to ask."
Again, loving this deputy.

I went back home...oh darn, I had to be late for work, what a burden.

He showed up a few minutes later. The dogs were very excited to have company. He pets them and says cheerfully "You have REAL dogs!!"
Wait, what?
Turns out he has an elderly Weiner dog and can't wait for it to pass so he can get a real dog.
I mentioned that a new puppy would probably precipitate his passing quick quite nicely.
He looked at me strangely and then laughed out loud. "I don't want a new dog That Bad"

So, being a writer/blogger/OCD person I had everything printed out for him. He was very pleased. All I had to do was sign it and I was good to go.

Then he launches into questions about the HOUSE! Square footage? hollow core doors? 2x6 construction? I'm answering his questions with a tinge of WTH and then he explains he's trying to convince his wife to buy some property, etc. So I invited him to bring her by!
Again, he looked nonplussed. I'm sure that's not an offer he gets regularly.

I walked him out to the car, he asked a few more questions, he told me NOT to stop next time but to call 911. He expressed frustration because this damages their image and good will, which I thought was kind of sweet.

Then he called me "Kiddo". I laughed out loud. He's the same age as Kevin and his birthday is three days before mine. "Kiddo" Too funny.

Now, I wait. They'll call me. I may have to go the office and be interviewed; which will just give me something else to write about so no worries.

10 November 2008


I have a Facebook page. I did it on a whim to keep connected to some of our Canadian friends. Now I find that I enjoy having it. I obsess about different features randomly. Save the Planet, send flowers. Have a Facebook pet. Take endless quizzes. Compare yourself with your friends! Snoop at other's pictures. Look up exes. Lots of fun to be had on the Facebook!

But my all time favorite has been Pieces of Flair. This is fulfilling a need I didn't know I had. Remember in the 80's when everyone had jean jackets and they had button pinned all over them? This is the internet version. I just love it! My poor friends get peppered with Flair all the time. I don't care if they keep it, I just think it's fun to send.

It's an interesting way to express yourself. A one-liner, a picture, a symbol. It says a lot.

So, if you haven't do so, go try it out. I think you'll be surprised at how fun it is.

09 November 2008

Sunday Fiction

Kelleigh shrugged, at a loss for words. Her mind was reeling at the sight of him, the nearness of him after such a long absence. She felt as if twenty years had never passed. She was seventeen again.

He tipped his head down to look at her again. She looked opposite of him and swallowed her heart back down into her chest. As if that were possible.

“Hmm, twenty years. What isn’t new is a better question, isn’t it?” She finally managed to get out.

“Okay. Let’s try it your way.” He looked down the cobble-stoned alley. “Your job is still the same.”

“Let’s just say it’s the same place. Not the same. And if I want it to be, it can be different.”

He raised his eyebrows at her and didn’t comment. “And you drive the same truck. It looks exactly the same.”

“Wrong again, same truck. New paint. Rolling it over will require that.”

His easy-going gait came to a halt. “What?” He held out a hand, touched her arm and stopped her. “What happened?”

Ignoring the tingle where his hand touched her arm and desperately ignoring the expression of concern on his face, she shrugged. “I didn’t have it in four-wheel drive. I hit a ridge of snow and it tossed me over.”

“Are you okay? Were you hurt? When was this?” He peppered her with questions so quickly she began to laugh. It was that or burst into tears. ‘Yes. Kind of. February.”

He stepped in front of her, predicting correctly that she was going to begin walking again.
He blocked her path. She looked past him again at the rear entrance to the library, thinking “if I could just get to the door…” He was relentless “Were you hurt?”

Kelleigh jutted out her chin, gritted her teeth and looked up. “Not permanently. A bump on the head, a dislocated shoulder and hip. No stitches, no broken bones. Just a broken truck.”

His expression changed to relief and then curiosity. “What did Steve have to say?”

“Nothing” she said without thinking then caught herself. Andrew saw her hesitation and jumped. “Nothing? That’s not possible. He always has something to say.”

Feeling a little mean but relishing a little in the meanness. She looked directly in the eye and said “Steve’s dead. He died in a car accident six months before that.”


Comfort is ...

Calling your BFF at 9:15 pm and hearing concern in her voice.

Making stupid jokes about a parakeet named Leona and a diabetic/dialysis med bracelet that makes no sense but is funny anyway because you need to laugh at something.

Leaning on a husband when you don't have the strength to stand.

A bowl of macaroni & cheese and fresh baked brownies. Not together though, that would be gross.

Family that worries about you, even when they make you crazy.

A book to get lost in.

Your favorite movie on television at 2 AM

Listening to John Mayer & Jack Johnson & Michael Buble

Knowing that you have someone out there that loves you, even though they're not around.

Comfort is knowing these things and being able to appreciate them.

06 November 2008

Flying the Prop 8 Bird

If you are against the passing of Prop 8 in California, denying Gays the right to marry, then this is a fun little coping mechanism and a way to spread your outrage or disgust. If you are married or engaged, switch your ring to your middle finger and photograph your hand flipping the bird. Post it on your blog, your website, your MySpace or Facebook. As evidenced below...

I can't imagine that anyone would have the balls to deny someone, anyone, a basic right. That someone would designate someone a lesser person. It is a matter of Discrimination but unfortunately many people see it as a matter of Christianity.

Well, Christians, you know what? "Thou Shalt Not Judge" is a Commandment. It's a Big Rule. It's an important one. It's one of Jesus's things. So, if you really follow the letter of the law of the Bible, you wouldn't DARE judge someone or deny them compassion. It goes against everything that the Bible and that Jesus guy you love so much stands for.

Prop 8 is wrong.

psst..Swistle prompted this post as seen here:
. http://swistle.blogspot.com/2008/11/middle-finger-warning.html
I want to give her full props!!! I just got interrupted by a cute boy and proceeded to hit "Publish" instead of "Save Changes"

03 November 2008


Quote of the Day

I have accepted fear as part of life--specifically the fear of change. I have gone ahead despite the pounding in the heart that says turn back.

-Erica Jong

02 November 2008

And now for something completely different...

A little fiction for your Sunday....

She walked toward him, not knowing quite else to do. She’d known all along that he would reappear someday. Someday loosely defined as twenty years from then, or twenty months, or twenty days. She didn’t know in which increment, just that he would eventually reappear.

It had been over twenty years, not months, not weeks, since she’d last seen him.

His posture was the same as she remembered: rocked back on his heels and his hands in his pockets. His gaze was direct, not letting her look away, as much as she wished to. For years she’d waited to see him and now that he was actually standing in front of her, she wasn’t sure she was wise in that want.

“Your hair is turning gray” was the first thing she found herself saying.

His smile was quick, “Yes, it is. Does that surprise you? We’re forty now.” His eyebrows raised in humor.

“Yes, it does surprise me and thanks for the reminder about our birthday”

He cocked his head toward her, allowing him to look at her through his eyelashes. He did this when trying to be endearing. Damn it, if it didn’t still work. “Why does it surprise you?”

Steeling her spine, she looked directly into his eyes “I would have never imagined you would allow it. With your Peter Pan personality.”

His eyes darkened for a minute and then he smiled in response. She blew out a breath she didn't realize she was holding.

Changing tact, he swung on his heel and began walking with her. “So, what’s new with you?”

01 November 2008

It's not every day

...that you get to teach a Vietnamese woman to curse.

Kevin and I have have our haircut by a tiny little Vietnamese woman appropriately named Ha.
She's been cutting our hair, and now the entire families hair, for over 10 years.

Ha is a little bit older than me and she's been married to her husband as long as Kevin & I.
If it weren't for the whole Vietnamese thing, we've led parallel lives. Ha's been in the States for about fifteen years now. She is an American dream success story: came over with nothing, put herself through school and now owns her own business.

She is also the sweetest person you will ever meet. She never speaks ill of anyone, ever. She goes to church every Sunday, she takes excellent care of her family. As if that's not enough, she makes regular trips to Vietnam, bringing blankets, clothing, glasses, and money to the large homeless population and the disabled. She is, frankly, a saint.

I tell you all of this so you understand what a wonderful person she is.

Kevin got his hair cut today. Kevin is called "Brother" by Ha. She adores him and the feeling is mutual. They bicker and tease like siblings. It's like watching a sitcom waiting for him while he's getting a haircut.

Today, Ha was teasing him about his gray hair. (he has salt & pepper hair, now getting mostly salty) She also teased him about our sister-in-law being younger than he. (by seven months)
He told her that he was born in 1966. This stalled her momentarily, as she tried to do the math. She knew it couldn't be right so she asked me when he was born. I said "He's full of sh*t, Ha. He was born in 1962"

She laughed right out loud. "Brother" she giggles "Did you hear that? You're full of sh*t!"
She was pleased as a six-year-old who had just cursed to her friend for the first time. Kevin & I burst out laughing, she was just so happy.

"I'm going to remember that!" she tells us. "You're full of *stage whisper* shit!" Then she giggles and literally jumps up and down like a child.

It was the cutest damn thing you've ever seen.