28 February 2010

Another Book to Read

I can't believe I forgot to tell you this!

So, I've been carrying around a $2.25 KMart giftcard for almost a year now. Why the odd amount? Because my mother-in-law gave me bathroom carpets that were the wrong color. When I exchanged them, of course it left a balance.

On a whim, I decided to stop by KMart and burn the gift card on something. A book, the GLEE CD (OMG, so good) or a pair of socks or a picture frame. Something small that would still feel like a treat.

I followed a tweaker into the story, lucky me. (tweaker = meth addict) He grabbed a shopping cart & I wondered why he needed one. Unfortunately, he went the same direction I was heading: the electronics department. When he parked the cart outside of the department, I was a little puzzled.

I was a little distracted by the book aisle, silly considering I just went to Barnes & Noble. But that's what happens with books. I looked at one then moved on. I had GLEE on the brain.

I wandered down the clearance movie aisle next, just in case there was a $5 movie that I couldn't live without. There wasn't so I swung around the end of the aisle Just In Time to see Tweaker tuck a movie into his coat.

My first instinct was to very loudly exclaim "YOU DID NOT JUST PUT THAT MOVIE IN YOUR COAT!?!?!" but thought better of it. I pretended that I didn't see him and he took off. I followed him & watched where he was going, all the while going toward the checkout stand.

The guy cashier was actually pretty cute, not someone you would imagine working at KMart. He was all cheery demeanor until I said "That guy just stole a movie" and pointed the direction of him. Then he became all super hero and dashed after him.

It was at this point that I saw tweaker glance over his shoulder toward us. It was at this point that I realized that I had to walk back to the truck alone, which could be problematic if Cute KMart cashier didn't catch him.

Seeing this as a sign, I started to walk toward the entrance, pouting a little that my shopping spree was ruined. Winking from the shelf was the book that I had considered earlier. I grabbed it and walked toward the checkouts.

In the jewelry counter was cute Kmart cashier. "Did you find him?" I asked.

He nodded and smiled. "Yeah, he's just right down there" and he gestured opposite of where I was headed. I just laughed, shook my head and continued on.

While paying for the book, the cute cashier asked the cashier helping me where someone was. She asked why and he said he caught a shoplifter. Then he stopped, laughed, and gestured toward me. "Actually, She did!"

Knowing that the tweaker was somewhere other than outside, I hurried back out to the truck and drove away. Not only did I have a story now, I had another good book to read.

27 February 2010

Robot Skeleton Army

I am on Twitter, y'all knew that. I don't follow a bunch of people but I do have a little group that makes me happy.

That's the key with Twitter & me. The tweets have to be a few things: clever, thought provoking, or positive. If it becomes self-promoting, mundane, or mean-spirited, then I'm out. I followed two celebrities because they were in the top 20 celebrity twitterers but I found that they were mostly self-serving.

One of my favorite people I follow is actually my BFF K. She tweets about her life that makes me feel like she lives next door instead of across the states. Reading her makes me happy. It's as if she just picked up the phone & said "You'll never guess what the kids just said/did/broke!" or "Guess what I found at Target!"

Who else do I follow? John Mayer & Ashton Kutcher are two of my celebrity favorites. Now to my eternal happiness, Craig Ferguson is now on Twitter, as is Conan O'Brien. Oh! and Neil Patrick Harris, can't forget him. I follow other celebrities: Brad Paisley, Taylor Swift, Dana White (UFC, for Kevin) Jimmy Fallon, Max Lucado, Russell Brand. (never thought you'd see those last two names in the same sentence, did ya?)

Bloggers that I follow are Swistle, Jamie, Dooce, Dynamita, Quinn Cummings, Jess, The Bloggess, Avery Edison, and AYNTK. The Twitter sensation "Sh*t My Dad Says" is also a favorite.

My mother-in-law was asking me about Twitter at dinner last night. I am going to take the laptop over and show her tomorrow. She is fascinated with the concept of it. She even expressed that she wished she was younger & could figure out a computer so she could do it. So I am going to be her vicarious Twitter/Blogger/FB profile for her.

Who do you follow on Twitter?

25 February 2010


The Vancouver Olympics have put me in awkward position. While I'm proud that the Americans are leading in the medal race, there is a tiny bit of me that thinks "Must we win everything?" But if I remember correctly, we suck at the Summer Olympics so perhaps it evens out.

Having spent so much time in British Columbia, I feel just as proud when the Canadians win as I do when the Americans win. I have similar pride when I hear "Oh Canada" played.

I haven't been watching avidly but I have watched figure skating/dancing regularly. Believe it or not, I know how to ice skate and I am always mesmerized watching the skaters. It is, by far, my favorite winter sport to watch. It is also one of my earliest childhood memories, watching The Wide World of Sports on Saturdays.

I wish we cold get up there to see the goings-on but our friends say it's a hassle, especially if you don't know your way around. Also, tickets for events are bloody expensive. But as Kevin has reminded me that sometimes the best seat in the house is in front of the television.

USA! USA! USA! Canada! Canada! Canada!

What Olympic Events are you watching? Are there other countries that you root for?

Tipping One Out for My Dad

24 February 2010

Justin Bieber Makes Me Cry Too

Or titled: Calling It In

Creative Kerfuffle and Bea have kind of, sort of, tagged us (yes, you too) with a meme. And as it is Wednesday and I'm not in the mood, I'm calling it in. But don't skip this post because I've posted a video at the end which will hopefully redeem this post.

two names you go by:
1. *real name* which is actually quite boring & plain
2. Wench, woman, bud...whatever pops into Kev's head at the time.

two things you are wearing right now:
1. Supery Dupery extra comfortable Danskos
2. Cross around my neck that is again tangled with hair.

two things you did last night:
1. Watched American Idol & talked smack about all the girls via text.
2. Read one more chapter of Craig Ferguson's book "American on Purpose"

two pets that you have or have had:
1. Missy Jo the food whore
2. Aussie the smartest dog ever.
(the only pets I've owned really)

two of your favorite things to do:
1. Read
2. hang out with Kevin at the racetrack

two things you want to do very badly at the moment:
1. get in my jammies and sleep
2. Go somewhere, anywhere. Road trip anyone?

last two things you ate:
1. what was for dinner last night? Oh Taco Time. Oh wait, never mind. Rereading the question.
2. Salad & Pizza

two people you last talked to:
1. Kevin
2. My friend S

two things you're doing tomorrow:
1. Working
2. Writing a better post than this one.

two of the longest trips taken:
1. Hawaii with Satan
2. Missouri when I was 18 to see my bff with whom I've now completely lost touch

two favorite beverages:
1. Iced Mocha
2. I can't focus on any other drinks now that I have mocha in my head.

And now, to redeem this total crap post: a video from the Bonnie Hunt Show. Enjoy!

23 February 2010

They're Stupid

We just watched Everyone Loves Raymond and once again, it started a conversation. I swear that show is like therapy for me. How could it not be when it's essentially my life.

Raymond & Debra were arguing over the bathroom, an argument that has always befuddled me. She wanted the bathroom all to herself and he gave in. Because that's what you do in relationships.

Kevin & I don't argue over the stupid stuff. The only time we argue, actually, is usually about family. I know, *shocking*.

Luckily, neither of us see the point in arguing over toothpaste squeezing, toilet paper position, or room temperature.

It's not to say that we don't drive each other a little nutty. If you spent five minutes with that boy, you would be twitching because he never stops freaking moving. If you spent five minutes with me, you would think "OMG, did she just say that?"

We've just learned to deal. We ignore a lot of stuff.

One of the biggest things that Kevin ignores are pillows. They drive him crazy. He hates them.
If you walked up to him and asked him "What's one thing that bothers you about the house?", he would say " the effing pillows".

I have decorative pillows on the bed. I just like how they look. He doesn't like them. They are in his way and to quote him: "Stupid."

He doesn't have to worry about them mostly. Knowing that he doesn't enjoy them, I try to make sure that they're moved when it's time for bed. If he goes to bed before me, I will often found them shoved over onto my side of the bed.

It's silly but it's one of those things that we just work around versus argue over them.

What little things do you ignore/overlook for your relationship?

22 February 2010


Also titled "Why I Don't Drink."

As I've shared, I was raised by alcoholics. I never knew my Dad not drinking. My grandparents (on all sides) drank. I've been surrounded by alcohol my entire life. I married a drinker, the first time. It was normal to me.

I understand that I am genetically predisposed to become an alcoholic or addict. I know that it could happen very easily. I've never had an issue but it's always been a quiet whisper in my head.

Beyond all that, nothing kicks the door open wide for Sneaky Little Bastard like alcohol. He loves to get his drink on. It takes me a full 48 hours to shake the after-effects and to push him back out the door.

It's simply not worth it.

Do I miss it? Certainly.

Like it kicks the door open for SNB, alcohol also momentarily quiets him. I can understand why my parents drank because I know what it's like to have him constantly riding on your shoulder. A drink or two can knock him off for a little while.

What I've found is that I miss the social setting more than the actual drinking. The hanging out with friends, the relaxed atmosphere, just having the drink in your hand. Having a soda just doesn't compare. I joke about drinking, but in truth I would never.

So, I don't drink. It's not worth the risk. It's not worth the aftermath. I drank for the first time one year ago after a nearly three year stint and it was one of the dumbest things I have ever done. It's not something I'm proud of, in fact, quite the opposite.

I am sober. Not because I have a problem but because it can be a problem.

21 February 2010

Miss Havisham

Kevin has often made the joke about dying before I do. "You'll be fine" he always says, "Sure, you'll be sad for a minute but you'll be fine." He's joking, of course. Usually I respond in kind.

One of the funniest moments of our relationship was discussing where we wanted to be buried/scattered. Kevin said he didn't know and shrugged off any suggestions I made. When I finally said "What? You want me to just carry you around on the dash of the truck for the rest of my life?"

He exclaimed "What? What makes you think I'M going first, you heartless wench!?!"

We've planned ahead, we have life insurance policies, and we know what the others wishes are regarding final preparations. We've discussed it beyond joking. Kevin knows I will be fine and he wants me to continue my life if he passes. I think he views me as strong and independent and not necessarily needing him.

He couldn't be more wrong. He is my lifeline. He is my anchor. To quote BFF C, he is my people. (I still have that text, BFF C. Thank you) I cannot, nor want to, imagine my life without him.

Because without him, I could very well become Miss Havisham, wandering through this house alone and wondering what happened to my life.

So, baby, know that while I am strong, I am independent, and as much as I can do on my own: I can't do it without you.

20 February 2010

A Separate Peace

Today I went up to Barnes & Noble to spend my handy-dandy, ever so special gift card from the lovely & generous Jamie.

It's been a mild winter here and today was beautiful. Sunny, in the sixties and one of those days that remind you why you live in the Pacific Northwest. I had my trusty mocha, Kev was at work all day, so I made the 30 minute trip to B&N with Lady GaGa up loud and all day to waste if I chose.

I love all bookstores. I loved "You've Got Mail" simply because it revolved around bookstores. As soon as I entered the first set of doors, I felt myself begin to decompress. I know when I enter this store that I am here for me and only me. How often does that happen in our lives anymore?

I always look at the new releases, local authors and featured novels first. There were a few titles that caught my eye but nothing that I couldn't live without. Next: the bargain shelves. Usually I can find one keeper from this section. Not today, oddly. But that's okay. It's a BOOKSTORE, I am certain that I can find something.

I wandered down the center aisle where more books are featured. I lingered over the "Book Club Selections" table but there is just something about the Book Club designation that makes me want to Not Read the Book. (this is also the reason I skipped Senior Lit class in high school: I hated the idea of being told what to read. And, I had already read some of the books)

At this point, I realized that I should have gotten my wishlist from Amazon. Then I just as quickly decided that I was going to try some new authors instead of falling back on favorites. As if to prove that idea, I picked up a book that was on my list and decided I wasn't interested so I'll need to take it off.

(this is also where I happened upon Glenn Beck's "books" and stuck my tongue out at him. Local boy, my ass.)

I bumped into a section of my teenage years, which made me think of Jamie again. (read here)
VC Andrews. Oh how I loved her books. SO Not Appropriate for a young teen but whatever. I loved those books.

I am also a Book by it's Cover Judger. I like Fiction most. Not Sci-Fi, or bodice rippers, or violence. No vampires, ever. I enjoy some Chick Lit but it has to be about something other than Sex & The City topics. And WTF with Zombie Jane Austen books? I had read about the one book but there were a FEW of them. Seems a little sacrilege to me.

Finally, I chose three books:

This, of course, exceeds the gift card but I planned accordingly. To me, that's half the fun. I can justify the "extra" book because I have saved money with the gift card.

Just in case I've missed something wonderous, I continued to wander the store. The magazine rack held no treasure as I think I get every magazine printed. This B&N has added a stationery section. OMG. I stared at the Hello Kitty section for a few minutes for someone I know who loves HK. I longingly browsed the journal section even though I haven't used the ones I have now.

And then, then! The office/desk accessories area. OMG. OMG. OMG. If I ever sell that doggoned book, I am so going on a shopping spree. (after we go on our Target spree, BFF K)

I have an irrational love of these book ends:

Finally, I went to the checkout. There was one really pushy B&N club cashier and I luckily avoided her. In front of me was a little girl with her grandpa. She was about eight, glasses, and impeccably dressed. When her grandpa was looking for something in his wallet, she opened her little purse and gave him her money clip stuffed with dollar bills. "Here, Grandpa, this will help."
Hi, here's me: puddle on the ground. How sweet is that?

The little girl made my whole day. It was the perfect moment to finish an hour of perfection spent.

Thank you Jamie.

19 February 2010

There are Two Kinds of People

There are two people in the world, those who like Neil Diamond and those who don’t.

(If you don’t know the movie that line is from, I’m sorry but we might not be able to be friends anymore)

(It's “What About Bob?”)

No, really. There are two kinds of people in this world:

Actors and Reactors. Not Brad Pitt actors but actors as in Doers.

I am an Actor. There is something to be done & usually, I’m on it. Need a hand? Okay! It’s broken? Let’s get it fixed. In my world, there is a solution for most things.

Other people in my life are Reactors. Other people that are doing their taxes on my laptop (again) because they might have lost last years tax forms somehow.

Reactors seem to wait until it’s an issue. Car is making noise? Ignore it until you’re broken down on the side of the freeway, in the dark, and it’s raining. They wait until it’s a crisis. Just ignore that lump until it’s a mass. Don’t pay that bill until you get served with collection papers. Let the tree fall on the neighbors house.


I can see, in some instances, not being an Actor. Sometimes I’ve jumped (*ahem* first marriage *cough*) and really shouldn’t have. I’ve been impulsive before so I could see where patience & prudence would have been wiser. But I just don’t understand ignoring an issue until it’s a problem. As I am sure, reactors can’t imagine just jumping in and getting it done or making a split decision.

I guess there's a sub-category: ditherers. I see ditherers in the middle. Usually, they make wise, well thought decisions. Sometimes they'll wait too long and become Reactors but I see them as actors with intentions.

No judging, everyone has their own way of dealing with things. Reacting just isn't my way.

Which category, if anything, do you fit into?

18 February 2010

Unfortunate Glasses

Remember I said that I would post pictures of me when I had glasses? Well, with the sparkly new scanner, here we are. Sit down for a minute because you're going to giggle. Make sure that you don't have any beverages nearby because they will be spilled.

Without further ado, *firegirl*:

I'm about two in this picture and am wearing a tank top because I either spilled on or refused to wear the shirt that went with it. I think it's both, actually. These are the first pair of glasses I had. I got them when I was 18 months old. Not terrible but certainly not as cool as the ones in the next picture.

I am four years old in this picture. I chose these glasses myself. They were referred to as "cat eye" glasses and I loved them. Of course, not realizing that it made me look like a mini-grandma. Speaking of grandmas, mine made the outfit I'm wearing. It included pink pants. This is the last known picture of me in pink.

I am five in this picture, in Kindergarten. Why do I look so disgruntled? Because the photographer had the nerve to call me "Peaches." Apparently, nobody calls me Peaches. Let me tell you, my mom was Not Pleased with this picture. And check out the sporty Garanimals clothing! the pants were brown corduroy.

Ah, first grade and new glasses. I had these frames for YEARS. It's sad but true. I didn't like or hate them, they just were there. Again with the Garanimal clothing but I would so wear that shirt if they had it now. I LOVED that shirt. I think there were plaid matching (?) pants.

And there you go. Unfortunate glasses. My dear brothers STILL laugh when they see these pictures and they were THERE.

On the Interwebs

Oh, hi. Totally forgot to post last night. Yikes.

So, here are a few cobbled together items I've found recently:

It's an online MTV, when they actually played videos. Triple love it. My faves? Pink's Grammy Performance & Lady GaGa's Bad Romance.

For those of you following along, Anissa is going home! So do the happy dance for her! (and click on the PayPal link if you can)

Not a big K.D. fan but this was incredible: Winter Olympics Performance

and one last thing. This is schmaltzy but may help you have the will to live if you're in the throes of Winter: Dance in the Rain

Enjoy! We'll talk soon.

16 February 2010


I showed Kevin the pictures of the spec house. He looked around like I did but unlike me, professed that he liked our house better. The only thing he mentioned was he thought a lighter color carpet would look much nicer.

We can't agree whether or not to put the faux panes on the windows. We did agree that it will be nice when we can get rid of the entertainment center. I'm back to wanting Pergo flooring in the kitchen.

This weekend I spent on little decluttering projects when I wasn't being frustrated with Best Buy & my b-i-l's present. I finished cleaning the kitchen counters of junk that was there just for the sake of being there. I took the cover off the strange little quarter wall that is next to the door.

I moved the dining room table but didn't like it so I moved it back. I finally took one of the chairs & put it into the closet then shoved the table closer to the wall. The space it created is small but noticeable. I also traded the table runner with a brighter colored one, still trying to incorporate some red into the interior.

Then I went over to the entertainment center and took away a lot of the knickknacks. I need to reorganize the books on the bookshelf. Story of my life.

I am getting happy with the house. Happier, I should say. I'm liking the lack of clutter. It's funny how, with houses, one project leads to another. I did giggle at one point as I heard Tim Gunn in my head. "Look at it with a critical eye. Less is more." I never, ever, ever, thought I would quote Tim Gunn in my life. (:-D

Homes are a work in progress though. Luckily, it's a lifetime project.

15 February 2010

No Good Deed

....shall go unpunished.

My brother-in-law's fiftieth birthday is Tuesday. I couldn't think of an appropriate gift for him at all. His surprise party was Saturday night and at 1:00 pm Saturday I thought of a gift.

So, what's the problem? I needed a scanner & printer. This problem seems to be ongoing in my life. I jumped into the truck and went to Best Buy. I bought the cheapest HP printer/scanner they had & headed home.

Excited, I turned on the computer and began setting everything up. Like all computers, there was a tangle of cords but I persevered. Upon start-up, the computer began to tell me how to install the printer. I looked for a cord that was required and I believed was in the box. Yeah, not so much. "Not Included" are never happy words.

Luckily (?) Kevin had taken his brother to town so that we could set up his party. I called and asked him to pick up the USB cord. I'll just postpone the gift for now. Look at the shiny side.

Turns out the USB cord was $30!!! That is half the price of the doggone printer. GAH.

Sunday comes around and I plug in the USB that is apparently made from baby hair and proceed. Except no.

The installation CD? BROKEN. BROKEN.

Once I finished cursing, I called down to Best Buy to get a replacement CD. The 14 year old gum chewing girl that answered the phone said they couldn't do it but I could bring the entire unit down to the store. I explained that it was hooked up, I lived 25 minutes away, and downloading the drivers would not only take up all my data useage, it would take FOUR HOURS.

No help from the gum chewer.

I waited a little bit then vented to Kevin. He told me to "Get My Bitch On" and call them back. I called again and got the same gum chewer. This time I asked for a salesperson or manager. She put me on hold for about three minutes. She finally returned and said no one was available and they'd call me back.

Never. Happened.

Today, I went into town with the receipt and broken CD. I was ready to make someone cry. It turns out that the manager was on the telephone with another unhappy customer. The guy who helped me was more than willing to go get a replacement CD so I didn't have to kill him.

Once the manager got off the phone, I caught her attention. I apologized for eavesdropping and explained that I also had an unhappy experience with a girl who answered the phone. I told her I didn't know if it was the same girl but if it were, there was another match for her fire. The manager was actually pretty good about it. I made a point of telling her that I was happy with the kid that was helping me so I didn't come across as a bitch.

I zipped home, installed the program and was in business.

The original idea was to make a photo collage of Kevin & his brother over the years. Kevin wasn't very keen on the idea. "He already has most of those pictures."

Kevin comes up the with the idea of the metamorphosis of his brother's car. I begin digging through pictures; one large box, one large album, and a bunch of small ones. Kevin says "You know his wife never does stuff like this for him..."

*light bulb*

I grabbed my jump drive and moved some pictures from one computer to another. Printing, printing, cutting and printing.

Except the collage frame I bought was orientated for portraits instead of landscapes. Ah f*ck.

Hey! Unfinished project in the closet...the great picture reorganization. I trade one collage mat for another and we're good to go.

Viola! A collage of the b-i-l's car in Vegas.

(Whew! He loved it AND I managed to finish it before his actual birthday!)

14 February 2010

Waking up to Laughter

This morning when I came out of the bedroom I heard a noise that sounded like a little kid laughing. As we don't have kids and the dog isn't verbal, I couldn't figure it out what it was. I thought perhaps one of Kev's friends had sent him a funny audio text.

But when I got to the kitchen, Kevin was looking sheepish. "I couldn't get it to stop."

Remember the toaster story? (click here) I

It was along that line. He was trying to get my Valentines Day present ready and it kept making noise. To add insult to injury, he messed up on my card and instead of writing "I love you", he wrote "I love your". He couldn't figure out how to fix it so now my card reads "I love your boobies." Now that's funny, I don't care who you are. It, of course, says other lovely things but that's the best part.

We spent a day hanging out. The Fam was actually gone today so it was just he & I, a gift unto it's self. We went to Home Depot then to Taco Bell. All the best places for us!!! Then tonight we drove down to nearly Seattle to meet a friend for racecar parts. So I had dinner with three cute boys. (Our friend Scott and his little boy Garrett)

I'm a lucky girl. It was a very nice day.

Oh, what was the giggling noise? Click below:

13 February 2010


My father-in-law has been redoing our entire road. It's about a quarter-mile long and for the past month he has been filling potholes, fixing ditches and re-graveling it. Plus doing each of our driveways, four all said and done.

They're finishing up today, including right in front of our house. Kevin moved our big truck to make room and is now zooming back and forth in it, packing the gravel down. In the construction world this is called "rolling".

I asked him if he wanted lunch as he was zooming back & forth. He said yes then said "But I'm rolling right now." Wait for it...

Then he started singing at the top of his lungs "Rolling, rolling, rolling. Keep those doggies rolling..."

Welcome to a typical Saturday in *Firegirl*'s life.

12 February 2010

Things I Don't Get

There are some things that I just don't get. I don't understand WHY. Things that I often will refer to as the Emperor's New Clothes - people like them but don't understand why. Lady GaGa used to be on my list but now I'm a convert for sure. The list is fluid.

Here's my list:

30 Rock


Microfiber Cloths

Hairless Cats




Gourmet Cat Food

What's on your list of thing you just don't get?

11 February 2010

Heart Haters

For some reason, the entire universe seems to be haters of Valentines Day. My friend Stacie the Barista had a mini-rant about it yesterday morning. "I want him to give me flowers because he wants to, not because he has to."

While I understand her sentiment, I don't agree.

I guess I still view the holiday through preschool eyes. In preschool, everyone gets Valentines. In preschool, everyone shares treats. In preschool, it's a party to say "Hey, I like you. You're cool. Be my friend"

I am trying to avoid the bitter "It's a Made Up Holiday by the Jewelry & Candy Industries" much like I ignore the commercialism of Christmas argument. I'm trying to focus on the positive: it's a day to remind us to tell the people we love that we care about them. It's not just about contrived romance.

Valentines Day is an opportunity to tell our loved ones that we love them, to give silly or sappy cards, and to eat candy. It's a reason to watch chick flicks. It's a reason to go out for a nice dinner or bring home takeout. It's a reason to wear red or pink or dress up. What is wrong with any of those things? You don't even have to be in a relationship to do them.

How are you celebrating Valentines Day?

09 February 2010

Four Eyes

Kevin got his first pair of glasses this weekend. He's needed them for a while now, only for reading. He is kind of like a little kid right now, excited about the glasses yet not quite wanting to wear them out in public.

Of course he is self-conscious about them, they're the first outward sign of aging for him. Well, sort of. He's had salt & pepper hair since I've known him. He is not a vain guy so I'm sure his hesitance is going to be temporary.

I have to be patient with him because I've never not worn glasses. They're normal for me. I've never been self conscious about my glasses. Well, hmm, that's not quite true. I had two pairs of unfortunate glasses that I regret upon hindsight. (I'll try to post pictures tomorrow)

It is a little strange to see my husband in glasses. It is also a little heart-warming. It's one more milestone that we've reached. One more sign of the years that we've spent together.

That, and he's cute in them.

08 February 2010

Don't Stand So Close to Me

This is grainy because it was shot with my cell phone. Turn up the sound because the audio is poor too. I hope you can hear/see it because it was one of those moments I couldn't believe I actually caught on video.

Kevin is playing with Sassy on his mother's chair. "Fritz" is their old dog, a Fox Terrier who had an ATTITUDE.

07 February 2010

Less is More?

I was looking at pictures of the spec house from four years ago...nearly five now, actually...and something was bothering me. I couldn't figure it out.

I even went as far as to take pictures from our house from similar angles. I sat down and compared, one by one. Finally, it occurred to me: the spec house looks airy and ours looks cluttered. Not Hoarders cluttered, but cluttered.

I concentrated first on the kitchen.
The window is uncurtained. I think I like that better. Once Spring comes, I will take the curtain down & see. The tops of the cupboards are empty. I don't like that. Mine has plants, etc. Our stools are larger and while more functional, the smaller stools don't look so cluttered. Finally, I like the flooring, I wonder why I didn't choose it.

Today i cleared the counters of some stuff. A decorative canister of kitchen tools that I don't use. A plant went onto the windowsill instead of the counter. A wine bottle went into the cupboard (first bottle of wine drunk in this house)

I want to get a wall or under cupboard mount paper towel rack for one less thing on the countertop. Otherwise, I'm somewhat satisfied with the small changes I made. (not represented in this picture so much) Also, I want to get those faux window panes for this window. You know, the stick-on kind that you get at Home Depot.

Then I looked at the living room. The layout of the furniture is vastly different between the spec house & ours. We have the ginormous entertainment center and the spec house doesn't have a television. So they are two vastly different rooms. By the way, the "name" of the spec house is "The Cottage".

I like the openness better in this room but it's unrealistic given the ownership of a television and our furniture. We had the option to purchase this furniture and we seriously considered it. The windows are uncurtained and ours are during the summer. The windows have the faux panes but I wouldn't want them on our windows. This picture, to me, looks showroomy while ours looks like home.

(excuse the crap on the counter, Saturday busyness)

When our television finally dies, we will get a wallmounted flat screen. Then the entertainment center will go away. This is something to look forward to and dread as the bookshelf is part of the unit.

Finally, the "dining room"
I would like a smaller table like the spec house as we rarely have dinner parties but not just to make room for the trees. There's room to turn the table vertically versus horizontally and I may try that. Also, the lack of curtains make it look more open.

I am still planning on painting the main wall a mocha color, especially now that Kevin has his "new" chair that matches but not quite matches. I'm going to go through the living room with a critical & suspicious eye, casting away stuff that is there simply because it is. The kitchen will get a coat of soft butter yellow.

So, the moral of this story? Spec houses don't have histories and this one does.

06 February 2010

Drum Roll Please..........

Good Morning Everyone!

I was distracted by a furniture swap between next door & us this morning. When things finally settled back down, I had that creeping feeling of "Hmmm, I'm forgetting something..." Fifteen minutes later it was "Oh, Sh*t"

Enough rambling now...

The winner of the $20 Barnes & Noble Gift Card is:

HEATHER D!!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations Heather!

And let's just ignore that I'm feeling tremendous guilt about only one winner. I'll make it up to the rest of you somehow.

Email me Heather at kellwynn at hotmail dot com for your address & I will get the happiness headed your way.

In the meanwhile, have a great day everyone! I'll post later about furniture.

Oh, and I was amazed at some of the bling y'all chose! I love the key pendants.

05 February 2010

Mr Pickles Returns

Mr Pickles had a craving for a Happy Meal...

and found himself a date, whom resembles Dash. The relationship has progressed faster than he anticipated though. Yikes!

03 February 2010

The Requirements of Marriage

You can tell that Valentines Day is coming up. Suddenly the talk shows are full of relationship advice. Bonnie Hunt spent Monday's episode discussing relationships and featured the author of Eat Pray Love, Elizabeth Gilbert. I didn't agree with everything they said but the thing about romantic relationships is that each person must define what a marriage means to them, or non-marriage, whatever.

She posted the video below from the 1950's. CLASSIC. I'll just leave you with it. I have more to say but my head is full. Okay, it's because I just watched three hours of LOST and can't think.


02 February 2010

Puff Puff Pass

Today I was the lucky winner of a blogger give-away courtesy of my new friend Jamie at Daydream Believer

I am the oh so grateful recipient of a Barnes & Nobel gift card. As I told Jamie, books are my crack so this is FANTASTIC.

Like any addict worth their salt (meant in irony, folks) I am passing my habit along. Oh no, I am NOT passing along the gift card. I am SO using that doggone card. However, I am paying Jamie's kindness forward.

You may enter to win a $20 Barnes & Noble gift card by leaving a comment either here or on Twitter by Saturday morning. (9:00 am, PST)

What shall you comment, you ask?

Hmmm, how about what would you buy from Tiffanys if money wasn't an issue? Be specific! (:-D

01 February 2010

Hit the Road, Jack

One of Kevin's cousins is going through an ugly divorce. Really, ugly, nasty divorce. It's been frustrating to sit on the sidelines of this and watch it unfold.

Her husband half-assed tried to commit suicide and landed in the hospital for the regular 72-hour hold. One week later he tried again and was nearly successful. Unfortunately. The family was a little disappointed that he wasn't successful. (step back from the monitor to avoid forthcoming lightning strikes) The only good thing is he woke up stating that he would do it again so they're keeping him indefinitely.

The frustrating part is that the cousin keeps going back. Visiting in the hospital, taking sh*t from his family, etc. then calling the family in tears. The family has stated their opinions quite clearly: you have a PROTECTION ORDER, stop going to the hospital, call the lawyer then get yourself out of town before he kills you & your daughter." But it all pings off of her as if she's wearing Wonder Woman's deflection bracelets.

Finally Kevin, myself, and the b-i-l said "She's not going to listen. She's not going to do what she should so we give. We'll just wait to hear how it turns out. And hopefully it won't be a headline about a murder/suicide."

I just don't get it. I don't get the whole "But I love him, Oprah" thing. He threatened you & your child's life, he trashed your house multiple times, he left shovels in the driveway in a grave-digging scenario. Tell me again: what is it that you're gaining from this? Because I don't understand.

One of her sisters (who doesn't live here) called it the Drama Train. She just can't get off it.

My divorce was fairly ugly so I think I have some perspective. Hello, permanent restraining order and advice to get out of town. I was stupidly stubborn and didn't leave. I was also incredibly lucky. The restraining order was enough, sort of, to get him to go away. But not before he stole my car, put himself in rehab to get my attention (that nearly landed him in the psych ward) and harassed all my friends and anyone he perceived as a threat.

However, if he hadn't of disappeared, you can bet I would have packed my stuff and left. I had an escape plan a la "Sleeping with the Enemy". I know that if Kev ever lost his mind like that, I would be all "Peace out" and living near my BFF in New England under an assumed name.

So, the moral of this story is this: Get off the Drama Train & Hit the Road, Jack. Abuse will never get better, it is never your fault and it's not your job to fix him. Enough said.