29 October 2021

Sing Along Songs

 While I'm still fighting a headache, here's a lazy post.

I'm wearing headphones so I can concentrate on my work.  It's ridiculous that I'm alone in my own house, in an office with little distraction, and still require headphones so the alphabet brain will stfu.  But here we are.

My playlist is all over the place.  Like "Have you thought of medication?" all over the place.  This list is  my favorites and mostly upbeat.  This is my go-to list most times but specifically when I need motivation/concentration.  Yes, of course I have a "quiet" playlist and a "loud" playlist too.    

Maybe you'll find a song you forgotten about or didn't know and add it to your playlist.  Maybe you'll back slowly away from the computer with a "That chick has lost it..."  A few/many of these songs  I've gotten from Grey's Anatomy and the ticktock app, using the shazam app. (just a handy little tip for you)

The Cars - Moving in Stereo

Dean Martin - That's Amore

OMD - If you Leave

Fall Out Boy - My Songs Know...

Saint Motel - My Type

Barenaked Ladies - Pinch Me and The Old Apartment

The Cure - Lovesong

Frank Sinatra - Ain't That a Kick in the Head

All I Want - We Were Giants

One Republic - Counting Stars

Gomez - How We Operate

Walker Hayes - Fancy Like and You Broke Up With Me

High Dive Heart - Vintage

Boston - More Than A Feeling

Russell Dickerson - It's About Time

Randy Travis _ King of the Road

Michael Jackson - Beat It

Alabama Shakes - Always Alright

Morgan Wallen - Whiskey Glasses

Robert Randolph & The Family Band - Ain't Nothing Wrong With That

AC/DC - Thunderstruck

Nappy Roots - Good Day

Jimmy Eat World- The Middle

The Git Up - Blanco Brown

Sublime - What I Got

Could Have Been Me - The Struts

MKTO - Classic 

Tom Petty - You Got Lucky

Love & Rockets - So Alive

Rolling Stones - Waiting on a Friend

Crosby Stills & Nash - Southern Cross

Pete Townsend  - Let My Love Open the Door

Stereo MC's - Connected

Imagine Dragon - Believer

Barenaked Ladies & Sarah McLachlan - God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman

28 October 2021

Dumb Injury Olympics

 Okay so you would think that dislocating my pinky finger because I accidentally punched Kevin while getting into bed was a dumb injury.  That would be a fair think.

Or that Lucy somehow heard the command "Okay" to jump down out of the truck when I didn't say it; thusly slamming my hand in the truck door.  That's not necessarily dumb but one that people who knows me in real think "Yeah, that plays."

And that these have happened within a week of each other.  There's that part.  But things come in threes for me.

I present Dumb INjury #3

Remember when Lucy head-butted me a few months ago?  Like, the original dumb injury; getting your nose broken by your dog.

Well, I reset it and thought everything was fine, except for a bruise that wouldn't quite go away along my nose.  

Sunday I had a headache. I attributed it to my eyes being tired, too much screen time, dehydration. Whatever.

Then Monday it ramped up to a migraine.  A vision migraine so no screens and dark rooms.  Again, chalked it up to being tired, too much screen time.  I can only think of one other times I've had a migraine and it was years ago.  

Tuesday it continued, which feels like it shouldn't be.  Nothing had put a dent in it.  Not anti-histimine, no pain reliever, not hot shower and compress, naps. Nothing.  I even wore glasses with an old prescription to try to relieve any eye strain.  It sort of worked, until it didn't.  

I know it's not one of the two possible scary type headaches. I had just been to the chiropractor so it wasn't that.  I am due for an eye exam and a surgery because I have cataracts.  So, I thought "Oh, you so funny universe, getting me to make the appointment by debilitating me."  So I made the appointment but it's not until next week.

Now I'm laying in bed and getting angry because I don't do sickness well.  As I've mentioned multiple times before I get my appropriate emotional responses often wrong.  

Poutingly, I consulted the interwebs.  Now, I'm not Suzy Hypochondria, quite the opposite. I am Suzy Walk It Off.   Also, from all the health issues this family has had, I know to only use the Mayo Clinic website.  This is what I found:

What, pray tell, is a sex headache?
I did not click it.

And then there was this.  This is where I had my A Ha moment.

Sinusitis. Huh. It is exactly like that.  But...I'm not sick. I don't have a temp.  No runny nose, no color in my snot.  So then I consulted the doctor online and she asks "Have you had any recent trauma?"

Umm, you mean, like, maybe getting headbutted by your dog and breaking your nose?  Like, that kind of trauma?  Well, then yes.

I have a sinus blockage from when Lucy broke my nose. Because OF COURSE I DO.

Out came the saline rinse and I spent the next twenty minutes hosing out my sinuses.  The relief was almost instant.  I had to do the same thing yesterday and I was better.  I fully expected to be all better today and I wasn't.  So, I still think that my eyes are a thing... 

In addition to getting head butted by a dog.

25 October 2021

Playing Goldilocks - A What Did Surely Take Apart Now Story

 You know when is a good time to take your bedroom apart?  Not right after a conference that required travel and during a work deadline. 

As always, learn from me. Welcome to today's edition of What Did Surely Take Apart Now?

We have needed a new mattress for a few years.  I would mention this periodically and until recently, Kevin would say that he felt like it was fine.  Neither of us can remember how old the mattress is so that's a good indicator of need right there.  

We distinctly remember that our old mattress broke on the day of a family reunion so we had to leave early and hardy har har har Surely and Kevin broke their bed.  I know it was in the old house so it was pre-2005, which still falls into the it's way past time to replace the mattress timeframe.   But it's one of those things that keeps getting put off by other things.  

But then I spent a week sleeping on an air mattress during quarantine/Covid so our old mattress felt like heaven when I finally was able to return to it.  I forgot that the mattress needed replacing for a little while.

Then I went to Vegas.  And had this wonderful huge bed:

I got home on Thursday then Friday night we went to "just look"; of which we know better.  We don't "just look" at cars or puppies.  It seems mattresses are now added to the list.  We didn't get anything particularly fancy and it was still expensive. Sheesh.  Well, we did pay a little extra so the head and feet raises a bit.  I think Kevin was trying to plan ahead with that decision. He even said "Imagine if someone broke their ankle" with a side-eye.  Well, then someone would have forty-five days of bedrest with using every pillow in the neighborhood.

The kid - because I'm at the age where all the salespeople are children - remarkably didn't try to upsell us.  I have an innate dislike for salespeople and often cannot fix my face.  Also, Kevin has become more direct in the last few years so the kid read the room appropriately.  We tested three mattresses, which is so awkward when someone is looming nearby, and agreed pretty easily which one we wanted.

We left there and went to eat dinner.  We talked about what to do and how to do it.  Kevin wanted to take advantage of the "free" financing and I wanted to not or at least do half and half.  Kevin won out in the way that we financed it but I'm paying it off in large chunks.  

Now, in order to do the financing, it had to be completed online. No worries, I'm a geek and this will be easy.  It was.  Right up until - and I swear this is true - we had to provide proof of life.  Proof of life being a five second selfie video where you turn your head both ways to prove it's indeed you and that you're alive.  Shudder.  

Then, because we plan our lives so well, there had to be an actual phone call to complete the process.  By the time we completed Kevin's part and did mine, the offices were closed.  So I had to set an alarm to wake me so I could phone first thing in the morning to complete the process.  Sigh.  

But it went fine and after going back to sleep for a little bit, I went back to the store and ordered the mattress.  I was ready for "it will take at least a month because Covid" but nope, Monday.  Okay, no pressure.  Needing all new bedding in 24 hours? no worries.  Because why not start a week with your bedroom torn up while working a deadline.

It was delivered and set-up as promised.  They texted my phone the night before with the delivery window, which was surprisingly small.  Then the next day they gave me a thirty-minute warning that they were about to arrive.

I had worked most of the day because frequently mentioned deadline PLUS still tired from the travel. Then afterward, I took apart the bedroom.  I moved the bed stands out of the way.  I propped the mattress and bedspring against the wall.  I attempted to take the frame apart but Kevin must have been annoyed when he put it together because I couldn't loosen the bolts.  

Oh, and both the salesperson and the scheduler mentioned having a clear pathway for the delivery guys.  INCLUDING any pictures on the wall.  OMGNO.  So not happening.  I told both of them "There are tens of photos on the wall, I will have to risk it."  They were careful and not one photo was lost in the process.

All said and done, they were here maybe forty-five minutes.  They took away the old and installed the new and demonstrated how it works.

It actually fits in the room nicely with our furniture so that's good.  I remember when we walked through the model house, the room seemed gigantic and it was because it was set up with only a full-sized bed in a little bit of trickery.  So there was a little panic when we moved in with our queen size and the room shrank.  Now it's shrank a little bit again.  

Remember we bought a bed frame with head and foot board two years ago, just prior to the pandemic.  I liked it so much and I didn't want to replace it.  However, Kevin wasn't a big fan of the footboard because he's tall.  He feels like Ned in the Too Short Bed.

But the frame is queen sized and now we have a king size.  So, to the installers amusement, the headboard is just propped up behind the bed.  The headboard is a little too small but I still like it.  Kevin said it looks fine but it can't just stay propped so he's going to just bolt it to the wall. I mean, no one else is going to live here so might as well.

Shortly after we bought the headboard, I replaced the quilt so it's fairly new.  I tried to make the quilt work because I love it so and I didn't want to spend MORE money.  Unfortunately, it would only work turned horizontally but it's still just a little bit too short and yet, too wide.  Also, the ocd doesn't enjoy that the stripes are vertical. I tried it for a few days and it just made me squint every time I walked into the room. I gave up and ordered a larger one.  

I bought flannel sheets at Kroger the day I ordered the bed and am a little disappointed. The last set I bought there were really nice.   But these are just not great quality and the color is a bland oatmeal. The other options were snowflakes or hunting themes because apparently that's the law if you have flannel sheets.  But I bought another set online and they're heavy and gorgeous.  I tried to screenshot a photo but they look army green instead of deep dark green that they are. 

I have slept well since and will admit that I have gone back to bed for a little nap a few mornings.  I really like having the space in bed, even though I think it unintentionally hurt Kevin's feelings.  I kept explaining that one of the recommendations for people who don't sleep well is a larger bed. (hello, privilege)   AND THEN there's Lucy who can be a bed hog.  ALSO, he had it installed significantly lower so it's not such a big jump for her to jump up or down.  

You would think I was done but I wasn't.  You can't see them well in the photo below but we had antique lamps that were Kevin's grandmothers.  They had a white ceramic base, like a candy dish.  The original shades were frilly and ruffley.  I replaced the shades then used them because they looked fine.  But now with the new paint and now new bed, they stood out in their grandma appearance. Then I brought home my lamps from my office that I haven't fully moved out of yet. But they were too small, so I ended up buying cheap lamps from the amazon. They're mid-century modern and I ended up really liking them.

So, new mattress, bedding and now lamps.  The paint is less than a year old.  I think I'm done now.  
We started with this in 2005:

Yes, that is an old waterbed headboard and frame
I'm a recycler

To this, a truly grownup bed/bedroom:

20 October 2021

Game Changer in a Box

 I talk to my mom about once a month.  With everything going on here, more time lapsed than is normal or acceptable so I phoned her today.

We waded through the whole half my family remains anti-vaxxers and that we would not be participating in family gatherings until that changes.  She understands and sympathizes so that's good.

At one point, I expressed frustration with my family coming around her "Because you are 85 Years Old."

She paused for a beat.  "Actually.  I'm Eighty Six and A HALF." she states.  OMG, She made me laugh.  It was like talking to the littles when they were young enough that the "And a half" matters.

But that's not even the best part.  Now, positive calls with my mom are rare and it started rocky because of the family.

She mentioned plans for Thanksgiving.  She is making my anti-vax family do Covid testing before they're allowed in the house.  *mic drop*    Good job keeping yourself alive, mom.

Still not the best part.

She was telling me that she had just bought the turkey because the news is saying that everything is getting more difficult to come by and more expensive.  I encouraged her that it was a good idea.


"Do you know what I found?  I was in the boxed goods aisle and they have stuffing that COMES IN A BOX."




She didn't know that boxed stuffing was a thing.  It was a GAME CHANGER for her.  I mentioned "You can have stuffing in JULY, mom."  She LIT UP.  "You know what I do?  I get baked chicken from the deli and then I make stuffing and have myself a good little dinner."

She was so pleased. SO PLEASED.

But how does one live on this earth for Eighty Six and A HALF years and not know about boxed stuffing?

17 October 2021

There's No Such Thing As Easy Dinners

This is how dinner usually goes...

Kevin hasn’t wanted anything specific to eat for months now.  He still can’t smell due to Covid and thusly, his taste is off as well.  His appetite is almost non-existent.

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been feeding him like one would a six-year-old

With that, if he mentions that something sounds good I get it because I just want him to eat at this point. AND, even though I’m doing this he still doesn’t eat very much. #thankscovid  He eats maybe only about half of what he would normally eat.

Tonight he decided sloppy joes sounded good.  Did I have the ingredients for sloppy joes?  Of course not. Is the end of the day and pouring down rain? YES

No matter, I will go to the gas station and spend twice what it should cost for the mix and most likely stale hamburger buns.  I was fairly confident that I had ground turkey or maybe even hamburger in the freezer.  Spoiler Alert: I did not.

The nearest grocery store is at least fifteen minutes away so that is not an option.  The gas station is my only choice, other than “Choose something else” to which isn’t an option for anyone whose ever had a spouse with a serious illness. Codependent, maybe but until you’re in it, you don’t know.

The gas station is usually always busy but it has a little bit of a creep factor in the evening or night. I’m certain a percentage of this is my imagination.   I found the sloppy joe mix easily and wasn’t surprised that they had it. There are campgrounds nearby so picnic items – albeit overpriced – are a safe bet.  I circled and circled for hamburger buns but didn’t see them. I finally asked the cashier who did the “umm, they’re Right There” thing.  I had walked past them twice, they were at eye level, and on the end cap.  Thanks, alphabet brain, appreciate that.

The cashier got animated when I set my things down.  “I JUST made these! They are so good and perfect for a night like tonight.”  So, that was a nice little bonding moment after the awkwardness.

I returned home and pulled apart the freezer.  I would have bet money that I had hamburger and an extra ground turkey.  I would have lost that money.  And in walks Kevin, home from work.  Muddy from head to toe and I suspect damp.  Now I really can’t say no.

I told him that we didn’t have hamburger or turkey and he says “Mom will have it.”  I replied, “Yes I know and will you call her?”  The logic in my head being I was trying to make dinner and could do other things while he called.  “Well, it would mean more to her if you called and asked.”



I know I’m not normal. I know I’m raised by wolves but why is that a thing?  Why does sentiment get attached to asking to borrow hamburger?  Why is that a thing.  This is right on par for how this is going and  should have seen it coming. I picked up my phone while muttering nonspecific displeasure.

Of course she had hamburger and she was happy that she had something we needed. I will admit that it’s usually the reverse.  “But it’s frozen” she says, concerned.  “Pretty sure I can figure that part out” I told her.

I walked over there while Kevin climbed in the shower and they already had the hamburger sitting on the table, waiting.  That IS one of the nice things – as in convenient and in sentiment – of living with your family.  We exchanged pleasantries and I’m heading back to the house with a “I have to figure out how to use this now” joke.

As I’m walking back to the house, I glanced at the package.  There was hand writing on it and for one panicked second, I thought I read Lamb.  Because that would 100% happen.  But no, it was:





 Written just like that.  It’s just one of those things that you know there’s a reason but it’s just best not to ask. 

 It was wrapped in a produce bag and covered in tin foil.  So, being thrifty, they had bought a big pack and broken it down.  The issue was the tin foil had become embedded while freezing.  Because WHY NOT.

 My impulsive brain thought “Just put in the microwave” while my logic brain is shouting NO.  I ran it under hot water for a minute or two then peeled/picked the tin foil out.  Because no good deed goes unpunished.

 After squinting at the microwave as it defrost the rest of the hamburger and waiting for disaster, I started to brown the hamburger.  Oh, wait: Remember when I bought a new microwave like two years ago?  Yeah, the button to open it is broken now.  When I bought it, there wasn’t one with a handle, just the push button to open.  I bought it reluctantly and yeah, now it takes two hands to open the microwave.  Perfect.

Then I remembered how much that I absolutely hate cooking hamburger now.  Hate it.  I’m not a vegetarian but I’m pretty close and I’m definitely vegetarian when it comes to cooking hamburger.  It’s just…no.  I mentioned it to Kevin, who specifically ASKED for hamburger and he shrugged and said “Then don’t cook it.”  Okay, Mr. Mixed Messages.

 Despite all of that *waving of my hands* it was a good dinner for a rainy and cold night.  Was it worth all of THAT? No but at least Kevin ate and that was the point. 

 It’s just a lot of work for a “simple and easy” dinner.  But there really seems to be no such thing as simple and easy when it comes to me cooking.

16 October 2021

Barefoot in the Rain

 Ah, the Autumn Ennui.  I thought I'd skipped that this year but nope.  It's just running late. How apropos. 

Today is one of those days in the beautiful PNW where it seems like the sun forgets to rise.  Summer did an Irish Goodbye and left without a word.  

I'm about three-quarters through Start Up and I'm at the This Is Never Going To End phase. Then, because the universe thinks it's funny: I have back-to-back zoom meetings today and insult-to-injury, they're at the end of my day.

So, while trying not to lean into this ennui because I have sh*t to do, I thought about Vegas. You know, like you do.

When I stay in Vegas and have a decent view from the room, I never close the curtains. With that mindset, I went around the house just now and opened all the curtains and blinds to let in the meager light.

I had the big shower and tub in the hotel room and while I have a big garden tub, I don't have the time to fill it and soak.  So instead, I did a shower/bath in which I plug the tub and let it fill while I shower then just lingered.  A soak, few yoga poses later and I feel a little more human.  And squishy.

I'm wearing my favorite t-shirt (ACLU, recommended by Swistle, who is never wrong about these things) and shorts because I have the wood heat going and it's about 100 billion degrees in here. Also: bare feet.  One of my favorite things is to have the doors or windows open when it's like this.  Fresh air without freezing myself out.  Yes, Kevin is somewhere right now wondering why his head hurts.

Usually I have Alexa playing Sirius/XM while I work. I turned her off then put the television(s) on the channel that plays Friends all day.  I never turn on the television during the day because my alphabet brain will just sit there and watch Friends all day.  But the sound of it, right now, is soothing.

I already had coffee, which wasn't very good but I'm not patient enough to remake it.  Instead I'm having probiotic that tastes like Tequila Sunrise without the alcohol and the required *eyerolling* banana.

Lucy is laying behind me, having transferred herself from the middle of the people bed.  It's like she knows a human would appreciate her company right now.  Also: she's waiting for a walkies opportunity. Yesterday we went to the bay and it was cold but wonderful.  I'm kind of thinking about doing that again today, even though it's a bit of a drive.  But I have meetings late in the day so I have time.

I've half-heartedly started my chores and that's how I ended up here, writing at my desk. I came in to get Rosie/Geoff Peterson and here we are.  Whining about how warm it is in here and that I have two bathrooms to choose from, and a job that keeps me busy, and the ability to go look at the ocean with a silly dog.

04 October 2021

Nerding Out In Vegas

Home safe now, just tired.  This was started on Thursday...

 Right now I'm sitting in my hotel room watching Friends.  It's the last day of the conference in Vegas and I'm ready to be home.  What I'm not ready for is the process of getting there.  Going home always seems like it takes twice as long as getting there.

Mostly the classes were a bust.  They were beginner level so that was disappointing.  I spent Tuesday during classes working my actual job and that was actually fantastic.  Instead of losing a week of work, I felt like I made steady progress.  

Coffee, earbuds so I sit still, and mask because
 no one was near me and the aforementioned coffee.

Then yesterday I left halfway through the first class because it was similar -almost the same- as the class I took the previous day.  The second class was for not my job, at all.  My job partner had taken it online earlier and was all just leave.   

The funny part was that I was in the middle front row because there weren't any seats available anywhere else upon my arrival.  I told job partner that I would have to slide out of the chair to the floor and army crawl out.  After daring me and requesting video, she kept texting me. On one of the texts, I pretended she phoned and whispered "Just a second" then scurried out.  I am such a responsible grownup. #IWouldLikeToThankTheAcademy

Once successfully out, I walked to the Bellagio to see the Conservatory. It's always so beautiful.  I wish I could see the other seasons, I've only seen Fall and it's different every time.  It's like walking into a fairy tale.  Usually I go first thing in the morning before people are moving around yet so it was busier than I'm used to.  I still took eleventy photos.

Then I paid Way Too Much for a salad and soda at Giada's cafe that I ate in the room while watching Friends.  It appears that Friends is never not on the television.  I'm not mad about that.
The final class of the day was actually a good one, even though it's not a tool/app that I will use.  It's one of those Maybe I'll Use It In The Future things.  I was just relieved that I learned something. #nerd

Now it's Thursday morning.  I only have one class this morning, of which I've already checked into and peaced out.  It was another beginners class, as indicated on the opening powerpoint slide.  Sidenote so you don't think I'm a complete slacker:  I've been using this database for four school years and my scope of work is narrow AND I didn't schedule my own classes.

I'm already checked in with the airline and I'm already checked out of the hotel, even though I'm still here.  I have to leave at noon so I'm just going to cozy it up in here.  For the next two hours, everyone thinks I'm in class.  *Stretch*Yawn*

I do enjoy this whole pandemic, no contact checking in and out.  It worked for the airline, the car rental, and the hotel.  I honestly can't think of any other thing I could have done to lessen my risk while here.  I wore a different mask and clothing each day and social distanced as much as one can in this situation.

Now, what's funny about the hotel is that I accidentally upgraded my room. 

While doing the online check-in on my phone, while also waiting at the airport, there was an option to "See about Upgrading Your Room".  I looked at it then backed out.  Welp, while doing so I must have clicked something because when I walked into my room, I walked into a suite. I just began laughing.  I wasn't going to change it, even if it did cost me hundreds of dollars. (spoiler alert: it didn't.  $136)

The bathroom was bigger than my bedroom at home; with a toilet closet, big walk-in shower with a rain shower head, and a giant jacuzzi tub. In the main room, a giant cozy king bed,  a big L shaped couch in BLUE VELVET. A desk, an entertainment center with a snack/drink bar that I didn't even make eye contact with. Two big closets.  It was on the eleventh floor and looked over the pools with floor to ceiling windows.  The only disappointment was the windows were really dirty.  Still though: Totally worth it.  

I did not get the car that I was scheduled to have. Luckily these things aren't that important to me and in the end, it saved me $100 somehow.  Instead of a full-size car, I got a Nissan.  For a smaller car, which I normally detest, I really liked this car.  If we didn't live in the country, I couldn't honestly say I wouldn't have bought one on the way home.  

Meanwhile, about the reason I was there: I can now say I attended this conference and now can decline future offers.  It's just not something I enjoy or can be successful with.  I'm not a school person - even though I enjoy learning - and I am definitely not a conference person.  At the beginning opening breakfast - not my best time of day in the best of circumstances - I texted my job partner "I hate you so much right now"  She laughed and asked why.  I responded that "It's like they took everything I hate and put it all into one room."    It really was like every conference you see in sitcoms.   One text I sent was just "OMG, they need to calm dafaq down."  The buffet breakfast and coffee were really good though.

Oh, I think I forgot to mention: there were supposed to be four of us.
One caught Covid, one was in quarantine because her husband had Covid,
and I didn't know the other person.  They were early risers so we didn't meet up until the last day.

Now that's about the boring work stuff.  What else did I do?

I went to the Venetian and breathed.  To my dismay, it didn't smell the same.  I blame the pandemic. It usually smells of vanilla and is the best scent ever.  Still, the canals part of the casino are one of the more beautiful things I've seen so I'm happy just to walk through it and take photos. 

It turns out the Van Gogh Interactive Exhibit is in Vegas.  When I discovered this - during class, of course - I couldn't book my ticket quickly enough.  The show required an assigned time  so I went straight from class to the exhibit.  I was sitting in it about three minutes before I began to get weepy.  It's so beautiful and immersive and I just wasn't ready.  I sat through it twice and took a bunch of photos and videos.  If you get an opportunity, just go.  Even if your only knowledge of Van Gogh is from the Doctor Who episode, just go.  (If you need a good cry, watch this: Vincent and The Doctor )

I did got to the Titanic exhibit again.  It is just so captivating to me.  This is also one of those things that if you get a chance to go, do it. It's also an immersive....hahaha, inappropriate pun!...experience.  

They significantly lower the temperature so it's chilly
when you walk out onto the deck, with the sound of "waves" is playing
and I swear you can feel the ship sway.

Then I drove the strip and went through the  McDonalds drive-thru off-strip just to get a regular meal for a regular price and some non-hotel room peace and quiet normalcy.


It occurred to me as I was thinking about a title for this bloggity post that most likely, I am one of the few people who would go to Vegas for school and museums.  

Somewhere over southwestern Washington State

A Song for Autumn - Mary Oliver