29 March 2024

Bloggity Rewind

 Oh, hey, hi.  Not dead.  Been sick, had a meds change that laid me out for days, work stuff, busy brain.  You know the drill.

So of course I'm cleaning out my desk drawer. The project drawer.  The "doom" pile in a drawer.  Do I have work to do? of course.  Chores?  yes.  Does Lucy need outside right this very second, also yes.

But I'm at my desk on a sunny afternoon going through a box of paperwork that needs scanned into the ancestry site.  You know, like you do.

Now the alphabet brain does enjoy its doom piles.  (doom pile definition here)  I tend to only "allow" it in two places: the project drawer of my desk and the front of the filing cabinet drawer.  The problem with visible piles and my brain is that my brain will sit there and mutter-to-scream at me endlessly until I deal with it.  "Hey, psst, did you know there's clutter?  Like, right there.  Clutter as in stuff that needs dealt with.  It's right there. C.L.U.T.T.E.R.  It needs attention...It's waiting for YOOOOUUUUU." kind of thing.  Thus the project drawer.

Now with the whole past year to two years, the family tree project went on hold.  I put my notes and books and stuff into a basket and into the drawer for "later".  Well, later turned out to be yesterday when I thought of something family-related and looked up a fact about my paternal grandma. Now a full 24-hours later, I answered the question and created so many more.  (like I can't find her grandmother. I only have a name and that's it) Sigh.

Anyway, Doom pile.  Other things made it into a doom pile.  A magazine subscription card with three books written on it to remind myself to buy.  Clearly this was before screenshots or even phone cameras.  Out of the three books, I have two now so it must have worked somehow.  (Emily Giffin - The One and the Only, Maeve Binchy - Chestnut Street and the one I don't have: The Secret Life of Victoria Grant by Beatriz Williams)

A to-do list from when I was learning/creating my job.  That makes it about seven years old.  

Then there was this. This was a jolt back into time.  Back when blogging was just in its hey day or a little before.  Although, Swistle isn't on there so it has to be early blogging days.  Or I just didn't have it on the list because it was always on my desktop.  Who knows why I have this list too.  My guess is this was caused by switching a computer or job and before internet browsers were proficient at saving everything you ever looked at online.

Out of all these blogs, only a handful still exist.  I am still far-away friends with one of them but the others are lost to time.  Some people converted to social media apps and some just disappeared to time.

Excuse the alphabet brain handwriting. 
This was before I learned if I used a pencil, I wrote more legibly
AND then I discovered if I use all caps then it's even better, regardless pencil or pen.

I miss the days of having a regular list of blogs and sites to read.  I miss having the time to read them also.  Now there's so much other input: social media, television, music apps.  I miss the blogs though, having friends that lived in the computer and sharing our lives.

I feel old now.