30 April 2009

Get Well Wishes

I've just spent two days in bed and not in a good way. I've finally resurfaced this morning to join the living. I was surprised to read that Bea & Swistle also are under the weather! How odd.
We're on opposite corners of the States and we're all sick. I guess all the cool kids are doing it.

So drink lots of water, watch lots of daytime television, eat some chocolate, and let's hope we're all better before the weekend.

*sending you thoughts of Kleenex & Ibuprofen!*

28 April 2009

Mr Pickles Goes Racing

Here is Mr Pickles, Crew Chief, helping Kevin tune the racecar.


Well hello there. It seems that I have fallen off the grid. Sorry about that.

As I haven't been able to sit or stand for a few days now, my life has been somewhat small. I'll make this quick so I can go have more bonding time with the couch.

Thursday afternoon, my hip decided to relocate. Leaving me at a 45 degree angle that is most attractive and painful to boot. I had a work function that I couldn't leave so that was fun. To add to the festivities: My chiropractor is out on Fridays so I got to experience Dobie McGillis/Doogie Howser - Chiropractor. Oh. My. God.

Terribly nice guy but beat the living snot out of me. But I was able to get through the weekend, which was the goal as we were in Seattle for our first race. I spent a large percentage of the weekend, laying prone in the truck eating Advil like jelly beans.

But Kevin did Very Well so it was totally worth it.

But on Sunday afternoon, I began to get a scratchy feeling in my throat. Uh oh.
It's now Tuesday and I'm hacking like I smoked in utero. I've had a wonderful cocktail of antihistimines, ibuprofen, children's cough medicine (cough medicine makes me vomit, seriously) and any fluids that I can get down me without coughing them across the room.

Oh, children's cough medicine - grape flavor - with a mocha chaser: Not A Good Idea. I'm just saying.

I've missed two days of work (hi J!) and might miss tomorrow too. I've not sat at the computer for more than five minutes in five days and I'm ready to take hostages.

But tomorrow's another day Scarlett.... Sh*t, coughing is commencing once again so it's a sign to go be one with the couch again.

21 April 2009

Conjugating the Dog

Kevin has a way of talking to animals & babies like they are people. It cracks me up, often.

The dogs given name is Missy Jo. If you want her to come to you or listen, you have to say it like you mean it or she'll ignore you like she's Paris Hilton. However, if you have food, she will whore herself like, well, Paris Hilton.

She has a system set up with my in-laws dog, which is a Shizpoo...or some mixed breed of toy dog...She's 1/16" of Missy's size:

Missy comes to the window of the in-laws house, gets Sassy's attention who then barks, barks, barks until she gets a treat for herself & Missy. She'll not stop barking until someone gets a treat. Then like a good consigliere, she waits for Missy to eat her treat before she does.

We take Missy to the mocha stand on the weekends and they give her handfuls of treats. She is so very spoiled by them and she seems to know which days are weekdays vs. weekends. Without variance, we will get home and she is scratching at the tailgate to get down. Kevin lets her out and she runs to our neighbors to tell Lucky - our lab by proxy - how many treats she's just gotten. Kevin pictures her breathing in Lucky's face and bragging "They gave me SIX today!"

But Missy has been known to snitch treats as well. A normal conversation between Lucky's owner and Kevin is "Missy brought a treat home. Did she steal it or did you give it to her?" Bruce always says "No, it's a legal one." Which we all know is a lie but whatever.

Kevin calls the dog by any number of names: "Tall, Dark & Furry" is probably one of the most used names. He sings her name "Sweet Missy Dog" to the tune of Sweet Caroline. He sings "If you're a puppy and you know it, clap your hands." Which often makes me wonder if the dog is rolling her eyes and silently pleading him just to stop.

The other day I heard him talking to the dog. "C'mon Doggers, Dogness, Dogest, Dogma..."

Or I've heard conversations that go like this:

"What did you do today? Anything? You laid in the sun? Then you rolled over? You must be Exhausted!"

"Did you have to kill today? Who'd you kill? Are there body parts in the yard? C'mon, you can tell me."

Clearly, she's a killer...of treats.
(btw, she's waiting to go to the mocha stand in this pic)

Poem of the Week

by Adrienne Rich

If you have taken this rubble for my past
raking through it for fragments you could sell
know that I long ago moved on
deeper into the heart of the matter

If you think you can grasp me, think again:
my story flows in more than one direction
a delta springing from the riverbed
with its five fingers spread

16 April 2009

Sans Children

The topic of not having children has come up A LOT lately. So, it's made me think about it little bit more than usual - which is usually not at all.

We've had a few awkward moments with people asking about not having children. Or saying that we had it so easy because we don't have children. Or the worst ever was a drunken cousin asking "How old would your kids be?" (the answer is 21, 20 & 10)

People have stopped asking "Why don't you have kids?" for the most part. It's a wincing sort of situation. I usually say "You're going to feel terrible when I answer but it's okay."

For the most part, Kevin & I are over it. It's not like we were super-excited about kids in the first place. We entered into the relationship knowing it probably wasn't going to happen. I knew at a young age that children were probably not going to be an option.

Recently I read an article in the chiropractor's office that told the story of a women who began regular treatments and ended up pregnant! I told the doctor quite clearly: "DON'T FIX ANYTHING!"

When I reconnected with a former boyfriend years ago....he has four children, two boys & two girls and the girls are twins. It's pretty much exactly what I would have wanted in a former life. And I had the irrational momentary thought of "That was what my life was supposed to be. Those were supposed to be my children." It was really an odd thought to have.

We considered adoption but it was so bloody expensive. It felt like buying a child. I understand that having a child is expensive but I get frustrated with so many children needing adopting yet it's so costly that only the wealthy can afford it. I would hope they would worry more about the ability of the parents more than the bottom line.

Washington State is so messed up when it comes to adopting foster children that we didn't even consider that option. Too many horror stories of parents regaining custody.

Instead we have nieces and nephews and friends children that we enjoy visiting. It turns out that in the long run, frankly we're a little relieved that we didn't have children.We've been able to do things that would have never been possible with a child.

Although we have had a chance to adopt twice:
One child was a step-child of a friend whose custodial parent was having issues. Our friend couldn't take him because his current wife didn't want/like him. He was four years old, appeared to be mildly special needs, we didn't click, and it just didn't have a good vibe. It turns out that it was a good thing we declined because the friends divorced a few years later and it was U.G.L.Y. So we were relieved that we didn't act on that.

Chance Number Two: you are going to shout "LIAR!"
Kevin had an aunt that was the black sheep of the family. She lived in abusive, drug & violence filled environments. She lived with a horrible man who abused her & her daughters. They eventually lost custody of both daughters, who then lived the EXACT SAME LIFE BUT WORSE. They were the stereotypical COPS style family that you see on television.

This child was the great-grandson of the Aunt. He was living with his grandma when she was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. The family had to find another home for him as no one in that branch of the family was even remotely able to take care of him. We were offered the opportunity.
We talked about having any issues with that branch of the family and they assured us that once it was done, it was done. As they lived a few hours away, it wasn't a huge concern. Kevin & I also talked about having a bi-racial child, which was still relatively new in this area.

We ended up meeting the child at a family reunion, which was awkward. He was a baby then, about nine months old. It turned out he wasn't black and white but Asian and white. His name?

Tai Kwon.
As in Tai Kwon Do.


We tentatively agreed to it, not really expecting it to happen. And it didn't. Once everything settled down, the baby's father's family took him in.

BUT if we had: we were SO changing his name.

Sleepless in Seattle

I was looking at Seattle Daily Photo and found this real estate listing in Seattle:

Sleepless in Seattle Houseboat

Anyone have $2.5 million dollars they want to share?

It's not what I envisioned the Blogger House being but I think we could make do, yes?

*wistful sigh*

14 April 2009

Previously on Saturday

On Friday, I knew I had a full day on Saturday: lots of errands, chores and the such. When we didn't go out to dinner on Friday, I was able to clean the house that night. I blissfully thought "This frees up lots of time to bond with the couch & television tomorrow."

Apparently Fate heard me and laughed.

I told Kevin "I don't want to sleep in tomorrow. You want to go to the hardware story so let's get going first thing." because the hardware store is in the opposite direction of everywhere I needed to go.

He slept in.
Now, he NEVER sleeps in and he often needs to, so I can't fault him that. But that meant that I slept in also. Ugh. So late start.

We went took the dog to get treats at the mocha stand and went to the Hardware store. Always fun on a Saturday morning. We ran into someone that I'd rather not see ever again so there's that.

I dropped off Kevin at the house and continued on my errands. So far, it's not too bad. I'm only a little behind schedule.

First stop: Target. This went smoothly with the exception of I couldn't find a birthday card for my mom. Usually I have great luck there, so I shrugged it off. I did remember all my Easter candy though! I did choke a little when the final total was displayed. Yikes.

Next stop: Freddys. (grocery store) There was no place to park. Even my "regular" spot was taken. It became clear why as I approached the store...no, not another car fire...the Easter Egg Hunt had just finished.
I had to wade through equally excited & disappointed children and their families to get in. I am not sure which arrival time would be worse: while the Hunt was in full swing or afterward.

But this set the tone for the store. Oh no. Everyone and their brother's dog was at the store. I'd waited long enough into the day that the store was PACKED. All the checkout stands were open & full, with people waiting. None too cheerfully, I might add. Jesus would be pleased.

Also, people must check their manners at the door, I'm telling you.

Finally, I finish and head home. I didn't stop to get lunch and I should have. Because by the time I returned home, Kevin was symptomatic because he lost track of time & didn't eat. Yikes! Symptomatic as in Must Sit Down, panic-attack, shaking uncontrollably. He NEVER does this so I couldn't get mad at him. Sometimes things just happen.

I feed him, he rests...another delay in my day, in case you're keeping track...and finally he goes outside. He returns about thirty minutes later and says:
"Don't hate me, hate my brother, but..."

This is going to sting, I thought to myself.

The boys had plans that night. Plans at the brother's house. I had blissfully planned an evening of a long bath and a movie. (I Still have not watched The Matrix)
Now, the evening had been moved to OUR House. *insert bad words here*

As my head bounces around the room, I am saying "I Have to go to the store AGAIN because NO, I don't have anything for barbecuing because it's, oh, APRIL."
There was a liberal dose of "you SUCK" sprinkled in there for flavor. Luckily - or wisely perhaps - Kevin accepted his suckiness.

Back in the truck, back into town and back into the grocery store. Sigh....

This trip didn't take too long. The store wasn't as busy. I got back to the house at 3:00 pm. Not bad in the scope of things.

I bought the condiments & accoutrements for burgers. I bought french fries, chips, soda & water. I was all set.

A simple question:
Do I need to slice all of this up?
What exactly, other than the burgers, is the brother bringing?
"Don't worry about it" is the response.
*THIS* would have been nice to know two hours ago - pre-second-trip to the grocery store.
But whatever!

The brother says that everything is already sliced up and "We have a slicer", whatever that means. He says he'll bring it.

An hour-ish later, the house is full of boys. The brother did bring everything, which rendered almost everything I bought on the second trip useless. *awesome*

And the slicer? A CHEESE slicer with a loose wire. OMG, I was expecting some fancy electric slicer and he brings a broken cheese slicer.

We ate and it was really yummy. I didn't hate everyone nearly as much post-dinner.

The boys disappeared for awhile so I was able to clean everything up versus doing it after they left or in the morning. I am very OCD about the Malibu Barbie Dream House so, yes in answer to your question: I would have been doing dishes at midnight.

I thought about still having a bath but there's just something, I don't know, a little weird about lounging in the tub with a houseful of men. Instead, I threw myself on the bed with a book & a blankie and did nothing. In fact, I feel asleep for a little while.

Then, of course, I couldn't go back to sleep so I watched all of Saturday Night Live.
I must admit that Zac Ephron is, indeed, easy to look at.

13 April 2009


This week thus far has been a continuation of last week, so that's *fun* she types with withering sarcasm. I don't even have the energy to delve into it so this is what Easter was like:

Easter this year was a challenge.
Two dinners in one day, it's beginning to catch up with Thanksgiving in my loathing of holidays. Two dinners for two families, neither of whom go to church at all. Makes perfect sense. But in the words of my friend B "It's a holiday so we're all going to get together and like it."

Actually I thought that we had gotten through a family holiday without a winner in the Take The Lord's Name in Vain on a Major Holiday game but as I began to mention it, Kevin interrupted "Oh no, your dad complained about something being so G.D'ed expensive." NICE.

My nieces, who are usually ANGELS were bickering. If one wasn't pouting, the other one was eye-rolling. It's rare that they do this so I tried to concentrate on that versus throwing Easter candy at them.

Oh, and my mom WIGGED OUT because Brother Dear didn't mention he was bringing his new girlfriend. "I. DIDN'T. SET. A. PLACE. FOR HER. *gd IT*" (Oh, see? Repressed memory: my mom won the game too!)

Um, Mom? Brother Dear BROUGHT DINNER WITH HIM. I am sure he planned accordingly.

Oh, this is one of the best parts. Now, bless my mom. Her birthday is in two days & she has her hands full with my dad & her growing health concerns. Keep that in mind when I say:

We had Kentucky Fried Chicken for dinner.

Yes, Jesus was pleased, I am sure of it.

Mr Pickles busts a groove

with Ellen any chance he can get.

10 April 2009

It's Official

I'm old.

I have found myself excited that we are staying home tonight. Wait, not just excited, but relieved. I don't have to go anywhere, I actually sighed with relief.
Truthfully, when Kevin said we didn't have to go out tonight with the fam, I nearly shouted "I LOVE YOU!" to him over the phone.

Now I can clean the house! I can do laundry! I won't have chores to do all weekend!

How sad is that?

Earlier today, I turned down dinner with a friend (sorry J!) Whereas when I was younger, I would have been all over it. I would have gone to dinner AND cleaned the house.

Back in the Day, I would get off work and go home on Friday night just to clean up. Then I would go to friend's houses as a preamble. Dinner always seemed to take care of itself somehow. Be it the McDonald's drive-thru or appetizers at the bar/restaurant. Then it was dancing & hanging out until late then often back to friends houses.

Instead it was take-out Chinese food and puttering around the house. It's not quite 7:30 and I'm longing for the couch.

Before I know it, it will be the early bird special and falling asleep watching the news...the six o'clock news!

We'll go out next Friday...I can't be that old yet. Just today.


The topic of snooping on cell phones has recently arisen. I found myself in a situation that compelled me to dig around on someone's cell phone. To my relief, I found nothing to report. Though as Swistle pointed out, I was really in a spot if I had.

Unfortunately, it was a person in the family in whom we had doubt due to past behavior: serious and poor choices that affected the family as a whole.

We unfortunately had to confirm that he was being honest; that what he was making the changes he said he was. While snooping is still wrong, it is sometimes necessary. The relief I felt at the confirmation of his honesty over-rode the guilt I felt about checking up on him.

But this was a very specific situation. Someone with a pattern of dishonesty that we were allowing access to our lives again. Not just a Gladys Kravitz moment of snoopery.

As far as the Kevin's cell, I never look at his. I rarely answer it if it rings, it just doesn't feel right to me. I surely don't look at his texts or call log; as he with mine. But this also means that I don't feel that I (or he) have a reason to. Am I curious? Sure, as I am human. Just not enough to risk his trust by looking.

But what if you did? What if you were suspicious of a spouse?

If you have a reason to doubt, then I think all bets are off. I would fine-tooth comb that freaking cell phone AND the bill.

Or if it's your child? I think children's cell phones (that seems ridiculous to even write but it is a reality) should be checked regularly. I think as a parent, it would be a responsibility just like checking homework or grades. The cell phone will tell you who their friends are, what they're up to, and when.

I have had lost cell phones returned to my office. It feels like breaking and entering when I've had to look at the call log to try to figure out whose phone it is. It's like walking into a house and poking in the drawers. So much information can be stored on phones now.

So, this begs the question of cell phone etiquette: When is it proper to look at somone else's phone, if ever. A new relationship? An old one? Should it be okay or is it the breach of trust that I think it is?

09 April 2009

The Remedy

So, I had two total crap days. It's not anything HUGE or life altering. Just bad days. Those happen; just not usually to me, at least not recently.

Usually it's total crap moments that don't alter my entire day but not this time. My number was up, it was my turn.

I employed all the tricks to maneuver away from the bad day shadow: I took a tiny walk, I called my mom (SO not a help - she didn't have good news to share), I bought an extra coffee.
And that was just during my lunch.

After work, I took the scenic route home: drove along the bay & looked at the sun going down, cranked up church music (U2) in the truck and just chilled.

When I got home, I was still not out of the funk. I walked down to the mailbox in the sun. I played "Stick" with Lucky Dog. Lucky Dog is the happiest dog you'll ever meet. He was no help. Not his fault. He's a good boy.

Sat in Kevin's chair & rocked, watched Will & Grace. Made a good dinner. Did my chores. Exercised. (I know, right? Now you'd know what kind of day I had) Went onto Facebook and chatted with a friend. Played Taylor Swift. Nothing helped.

Then I wallowed. I figured: f&*k it, I'm going to make this a good one.

I sat in my chair and pouted. Until LOST came on and then I was MESMERIZED the entire episode. OMG it is such a good show.

We went to bed early and I actually slept so I was, for sure, over-tired which I'm sure didn't alleviate my mood.

But now a full 24 hours have passed and while I'm not in the best of moods, I no longer have the urge to snick kittens in the nose.

The remedy: Time, I suppose.

Not all days can be good days.

08 April 2009

Poem of the Week

I feel the strength of your hand

holding mine, skimming across my back

Sliding through my hair.

Creating a connection, a bond.

The pull of your eyes

telling me things you couldn't say

smiling with laughter, welling with tears.

The magnetism something not to be broken

The feel of your fingers

brushing across my lips

and your lips brushing, lingering, along my hair.

Wanting, but not taking, more.

The sound of your voice

Echoing through your chest

Speaking quietly, deeply next to my ear.

Soothing, words of comfort, strength & love.

All of these reside deeply in my mind,

Deeper in my heart.

Giving me weakness when I need to feel strong.

Giving me strength when I feel weak.

07 April 2009

Meet Olive

Hello Olive, Mr Pickles cousin!
Doing a live remote from a Ross store in Southern California!

Blog Discovery

Okay, after my rant about speaking nicely about your spouse...well, more about not calling him a f&*kwad to the universe... did you see the link from Blogher to this:

True Wife Confessions

This could be Totally Theraputic!!!!

And I've been browsing more blogs and am thankfully relieved that I'm finding more positive things out there. I must have just wandered off out into a negative branch of the internet. My faith in humanity has been restored.

06 April 2009

Gardening 101

With the Malibu Barbie Dream House also came a new big yard & rock garden.

Kevin nor I really enjoy gardening but we've managed to have a nice yard despite of it. In the middle of the summer, I enjoy it. It only requires watering. A pretty simple task that even I can manage.

Luckily we were given, or purchased, only the hardiest of plants. My sister-in-law, the wonder gardener, always says "The meaner you are to them, the happier they are." That's why we have rhododendrons, mums, ivy, ferns, boxwoods, and other assorted plants that require little/no attention.

It's officially spring now. Sunday was the first really sunny, warm day that made it possible to go assess the damage that our most wintery winter wreaked. We had lots of snow for long periods of time and I think it may have done in a few of our flowers. I walked around the yard like an CSI inspector, searching for signs of life and pretending that I had any idea what I was looking for.

While it's lovely working outside, I am always reminded of two things:

Being left handed sometimes blows.

Long hair and gardening rarely get along.

I was clipping milkweed back and juggling the clippers...okay, scissors...back and forth between my hands while battling my hair falling in my face. Fun! Especially since milkweed is poisonous and will burn your eyes if you rub them.

This spring also presents a new & fun challenge: jeans that won't stay up. Good thing the neighbors aren't close by. Because that's a sight no one wants to see!

Now that I've trimmed and cleaned everything up, I'm going to wait a few more weeks before buying any more plants. Perhaps I'll be surprised and some of the plants will make a Rocky-esque comeback.

This is the rock garden from last fall:

05 April 2009

Random Item of the Day

Remember i said I found something cool when I cleaned Monica's closet?
Here it is:

I can't remember how old I was when I had this, I would guess third grade? (1977)

I know I had this lunchbox for two years because I liked it so much. Somewhere in my parents house is an older one that was the retro, rounded, style and it was a Disney school bus. I'm hoping to find it when we close the house in a few years.

Whenever I reorganize the bookshelf that I'm ignoring, I'm going to put this on display.

04 April 2009

Appliance Agony

The dryer died last night. Mid-cycle, just stopped. There was no warning.

Well, that's not true.

It's been starting automatically when you shut the door, apparently it deciding that the "on" switch had became obsolete. This worked for me though so I ignored it. Right up until the dryer stopped completely.

From past experience, I knew it wasn't the belt because I've heard the death sounds of that. It's not pretty.

Kevin poked around at it a little last night but as he's first to admit: household appliances befuddle him. He finally shrugged at it and said "I'll look at it tomorrow." Which is code for "I'm calling someone else."

He had to work today, poor buddy, so I called in reinforcements. My father-in-law, brother-in-law and father figure neighbor were conveniently located chatting in the driveway. I called my father-in-law and they were over in a few minutes.

My brother-in-law works on electrical engines all day long (he's a journeyman electrician & millwright) and he was momentarily thwarted. The cause was not immediately apparent. He had tools and gauges and nothing was to be done.

The internet told me it was probably a fuse. It, however, refused to disclose it's location.

So, my f-i-l held the dryer at a precarious angle, hoping to scare it into coughing up the location but to no avail.

Finally, after five different Google searchs, the location was secured.

There was removal of the offending fuse and discussion regarding it's replacement.

My b-i-l is a pretty soft-spoken guy. "Well, I can wire around it" he offered.

"You can?" I asked, hopefully, as we hadn't figured out if we could get a new fuse yet and I really was not looking forward to a prostrate dryer in my laundry room.

"Yes, but it's a fuse. That's a safety so there's no safety if I wire around it."

"That's not good" I say wisely, "It could burn the house down and that would, well, suck."

"Not for me, it's not my house." he replies.

"Yes but..." I countered "We would be living with you so there you go. Your life would suck as well."

"I'm not wiring around it."

Kevin comes home with the fuse in hand about an hour later.

I tell him "James said he can wire around it..."

Kevin looked at him questioningly & a little hopefully.
James cuts him off at the pass "It's the SAFETY. I'm not wiring it."
"And we'd be living with them when the house burnt down." I offered, helpfully.

"F&*k that." Kevin says. "We're fixing it."

Ten minutes later...the dryer is humming happily, as am I.

And thirty minutes later, it occurs to me that they've left it running With Nothing In It.

Mr Pickles goes to dinner...

Turns out he likes Japanese, even if the hibachi makes him a little nervous...

02 April 2009

OMG You Guys!!!

Okay, *deep breath*

We were accepted to race on PINKS! We just got the call.

PINKS is a television show on SPEED Channel and they're coming to Seattle.


The registration was tonight and then we would be notified between "Friday morning and Sunday afternoon."

They have already called & we're IN.

We'll have to qualify, like a regular race. There is a chance that we won't be picked as they choose a specific window of cars but there's just a great chance that we will. Regardless, the eliminations are usually televised. Televised!!!!

It was one of the most stressful times ever getting Kevin registered online for this. (stupid idea = registering online) And not only that, I had to register his brother too.

Now I think I'm more stressed thinking "OMG, We're IN!"

and his brother hasn't been called yet. Yikes!

*Deep Breath*


01 April 2009

Dear Friend,

Random, so very random items to share. I owe my two BFF's letters so I'm cheating a little. Now you too, stranger friends, get to enjoy my letter writing skills.

I'm on Twitter...I find that I enjoy reading everyone else's tweets versus writing one. I always want to write something entertaining and witty versus mundane, then I can't think of something so then I don't post and the cycle continues. However, John Mayer, Ashton Kutcher and Quinn Cummings are very entertaining to read. Anyway....firegirl03 is me.

I'm equally dreading & looking forward to ER's last episode. It's been on nearly as long as Kevin & I have been married. I'm going to record it and watch it on my own. Kevin has never liked it and usually sleeps through it but it's on early so a running commentary is unavoidable.

I just started watching American Idol. I waited until it was the Top 10 before I began. So far, I like Anoop. I'm not impressed with any of the girls at all.

April is Poetry Month so be prepared if I post random poetry. (I heard that sigh, Swistle! :-D )

Food Adventure is still going well. Friday night Forced Family Fun is our downfall. We're trying to make better choices with ordering dinners. The worst thing I battle is planning ahead...thawing chicken and the such. And I'm starting to pay attention to sugar now. One little battle at a time. Although I don't know if I'll ever loosen my grip on my mochas. Because, really, let's not go crazy here.

All the parents are *knocking wood* currently in their respective homes. Kevin's mother is healing well and kicking ass with the walking thing. A shower would exhaust her and now it's not an issue. She can shop without that &*()@$#$%#)*)#% cart so that's a good thing right there.
My dad is my dad. He called randomly for directions for my uncle whom is visiting in May. Three times. Once at 7:30 in the morning.

I bought the mate to the funky lamp a few weekends ago. I am so pleased!!!! It was 50% off!!!

My Brother Dear has another girlfriend. She seems normal and nice. We've learned from past experience that this is rarely actually true but we're cautiously optimistic.

My youngest niece is doing the Not Turning In Assignments thing. SIGH...........So. Frustrating. Is it bad that I'm relieved I'm the Aunt and not the Mama?

The Nephew is on a cleanse to get his stomach settled down from the Crohns. He's got temporary disability coverage now so that's a relief. What a disappointment. A strapping, smart, funny, good looking guy and he's debilitated. Any suggestions anyone?

Work is equal parts fun and frustrating. I hate Excel. Admitting I have a problem is the first step and I've made no progress since then. It is the Devil, I'm telling you.

On Facebook, I ran into an ex-boyfriend and the woman Michael slept with while we were still married. On The Same Day. I didn't "friend" them but I know they're out there, somewhere. That was a little disconcerting. It's a small world & just getting smaller.

BFF D lost her job to the economy. She's taking it easy and hanging out at home. I almost wish I was her. I'm a little jealous. Actually, it occurred to me earlier today that she's having my 2006. That's the year my life fell apart so I guess it's her turn. Chin up D!!!!
And, I just remembered! Tulip Festival is coming up and we always go together. I think I feel a cold coming on. *cough* cough* *sniffle* (Shhh, J! (:-D )

Okay, I've ran out of ramblings and Kevin just came in. So we'll talk soon.


April Fools

Mr Pickles discovers that even Mother Nature plays April Fools pranks!