29 July 2011

To Do List

Queen of the Fall posted her To-Do list the other day and I thought that was a good topic so I am nipping it. Everyone has a to-do list of some sort.

I only usually write to-do lists when i get overwhelmed & my head gets too full. Right now there is a lengthy one at work.

Once this weekend is over and my life returns to normal, this is my to-do list:

Repot the plants that live on top of the kitchen cupboards. They've lived up there for five years and probably need the boost.

Filing.  I am so not into filing lately. (ever)

Getting back into the groove of having blog posts scheduled.  As it stands, I am in Canada right now writing this on the laptop.

I want new dishes.  I think I am going to start scouting the second hand stores.  I want to go all Martha Stewart and have mismatched yet matching dishes.  I am mulling whether or not I want old china or just regular dinnerware.

Organize my sock & underwear drawers again.  It feels like I'm just recycling the same four pairs and I know I have lots of each.

Finish the great picture reorganization project.  I stalled at printing the new pictures and hanging them. Believe it or not, we don't have any pictures of the kids on the walls.  GASP.  I know, I suck huh?

What's on your list today?

28 July 2011

Random Item of the Day - Office Edition

There is a strange little shelf next to my desk in my work office.  It serves no purpose and was empty upon my arrival. Like many things in my office, it simply was added somewhere along the way and probably once had a purpose.  Keep in mind, the building I work in is 100 years old. The mind reels.

Slowly I began adding plants as I tend to make my work office as comfortable as possible.

Then, like happens, tchotchkes began to gather.  Mostly they've been given to me by clients and I keep them around because, why not? really.

The glare on the right is a floor to ceiling window that opens.  It doesn't matter what time of day, it simply doesn't photograph well.

Some of the stuff is from my office at the school that I just brought along.  The cards are all thank you's from different people I've encountered over the last four years.

My favorite is the reindeer cookie jar.  It's cheesy and I love it.  One was given to all of the staff members by a client who was known to be light-fingered.  The fact that the cookie jar is probably stolen makes it all the more endearing to me.  I know, I know, that's messed up but it just makes me giggle.

So Over This

I rarely get frustrated beyond coping.  Sure, I am human and I have my frustrations but rarely am I incapacitated by it.

Yesterday was that day.  Work has sucked, we needn't rehash that. Last night we are trying to figure out the ignition system for the racecar, which entailed going into town at 7:00 pm.  A gentle reminder that town is 20 minutes away, one way. Of course it is. Road construction? Sure! why not?

Anyway, the ignition system has to communicate with the laptop, which is proving to be difficult.  Essentially, the laptop says "Can't want to" and stares blankly at you.

Kevin phoned our friend Mig and put him on speaker (or "yell" as I phrased it last night) which meant there was Kevin, Nephew, Brother, the dog and Mig all in the shop with me.  That's not a recipe for a disaster at all.  Fortunately for all involved that I had already "requested" that Kev turn down the Nazareth CD that was playing.  Nazareth.  *shaking of head*  (He's seven years older than me.  It shows in our music)

At one point I muttered "I am so Over This", which made Kevin laugh which made me feel better.  Until I realized that his laughter was tipping toward maniacal as he was getting close to being Over This as well.   We have a strict "Only one crazy person at a time" policy so I let the Nephew start pushing buttons and frowning instead of me.

Usually if I am frustrated, Kevin takes the tact of parent dealing with a petulant child.  It usually works.  Mig is direct and essentially tells you to get over yourself.  Brother is quietly supportive (i.e. duck & cover) and the Nephew is just a smart ass.

We called it quits for the night because it was getting late and we were making no progress.  Kevin went to shower and me, not wanting to give up, continued fiddling with the stupid program.  (note: the program is stupid, not me)  Kevin's phone rang, because that's what it does during race season.

I must have answered it with gritted teeth because his friend Steven was all "How are You doing?" (with the implied sympathetic head-tilt)  I expressed frustration with the whole deal to him.

This is where I see Steven as a good dad.  He has two daughters, he gets it.  Suddenly, the patient father talking the toddler off the tantrum ledge tone comes into his voice.  Sympathetic tones, expressions of understanding, and suggestions of "Did you try..."

I'll be damned if it didn't work. I did feel better. 

Nevertheless, I left it for the Nephew to figure out today.  Never put off today what you can pawn over to the Nephew tomorrow.

26 July 2011

Late for Dinner

One of the many lovely things that has happened since the kids moved in next door is the nightly greetings.  If the boy Littles are outside, they will "race" my truck home to show me how fast they are.  Girl Little always quizzes me about what's in my truck (lunchbox, book bag) or what I am going to do next.

I love it.  I wouldn't change it for anything.  Having a total crap day?  Try to remember that when three, matching, smiling faces greet you at home.

The other night the boy Littles were riding their bikes down the big hill of the neighbors (non-family) driveway. Having just learned to ride two wheelers two weeks ago, they are remarkably brave at how fast they can go.  ("should" is another topic)

I pulled up the driveway and stopped in the middle so I could visit.  Girl Little is petting Daisy, the former CIA operative, and I was a little worried that Daisy would be grouchy with her.  I explained to her that Daisy is very old and only likes to be petted a certain way.  I further explained to be careful because she might be a little grouchy.

Meanwhile, the boys are swarming with their bikes.  "Look at me" times twenty thousand.  As time passed, Girl Little came to stand beside me.  She began to ask if she can get into my truck.  I explained to her, and then the boys, that I had to get home to make Kevin's dinner or he'll be angry when he gets home. (so not true)  Then I noticed Girl Little gently rub her leg.  I asked her what happened.  "Um, well, Daisy scratched me."  Poor Girl had gotten scratched by Daisy when she stopped petting her.  So she wanted to be in the truck to get away from her.

I mentioned about forty more times that I needed to get home before Kevin.  Well, time passed and guess who came home?  I heard him approaching so I called out to the boys "Oh no, who is that coming down the road?"

They looked and panicked.  Lost their Sh*t.  One dumped his bike and ran to Kevin's car, yelling at me "Go home! Go home! You have to make his DINNER!!!!"   Girl Little is pushing me toward toward the truck telling me to go home as well.  Other Boy Little is riding his bike toward Kevin's car, seemingly acting as a distraction: "Uncle Kevin! Look what I can do" 

As I am getting into the truck, I can hear first Boy Little exclaim "She didn't make your dinner!!! Are you mad!?!?!"

I was laughing so hard driving the rest of the way home.  OMG, three five year olds acting as human shields so I don't get into trouble.

What is better than that?  I am going to miss them when they move.  I want them to stay forever.

25 July 2011

Weekend Update

The weekend went well.  Not as good as we'd hoped but well.  My brother-in-law brought home the Wally, which was great.  I think I was nearly as pleased that he won it as if Kevin had won it.  When the picture is published in National Dragster, I will post it here for sure.

When you win a Wally, they pull your car onto the track then take pictures of the driver and crew.  It was going to just be Brother, Nephew, and Kevin.  But we know the track photographer and he made all of us stand for the picture as well.  We all piled around the car, even Nephew's fiancee. That was a nice moment, for sure.

As we were waiting for our picture, a girl I went to high school with was leaving. They had been watching all weekend.  She shouted down "Congratulations!" and we all smiled & waved.  Then her husband shouted "Thank you for a great show!"  It was such a nice acknowledgement, especially from a "fan" and not another racer.  It was a very validating moment for us. 

One of our friends also won their first Wally this weekend, during their first race season and I am proud as hell to say She's A Girl.  Allison has stood on the sidelines for years while her husband J has raced and her son raced in the Junior Dragster series.  This year: it was her turn.  She is kicking ass and taking names.  I am so proud of her it's ridiculous.

I didn't get team shirts, Kevin balked.  I didn't have time (effing job) to make faux hero cards but lots of pictures were taken of the cars so that was nice.  I watched my nephew be very sweet to a special needs boy who was very excited about Two Red Racecars!  We met some very nice people and saw all of our friends.

What more could a girl ask for?

20 July 2011

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!!

This weekend is one of those weekends that I have anxiety.  It's a high profile race, there's a Wally at stake.(click Wally for explanation) and it's just a big deal.

I'm not worried about the car or Kevin.  It's just the pressure of it all.  High exposure while working in the staging lanes and on the track.  Spectators & fans in the pits.  Media coverage.  Gah, my stomach hurts!

Once again, I'm thinking about team shirts. We really need to get our sh*t coordinated clothing wise. Kev's firesuit is black and he usually wears a black or red t-shirt.  I usually wear a red t-shirt though I prefer black. (too hot!!)  The Nephew wears whatever he picks up.  We just need to get team shirts made.  There I said it to the universe so now maybe it will happen. 

There are these flyers that are called "hero cards" that professional drivers have  for kids to collect while they are at the racetrack.  We don't have them as we aren't at that level.  Except for last year at this race. We were asked twice if we had hero cards and we had to say no.  I still cringe  at their disappointment.  Once I made Kevin stand for a picture so the kid at least had that. 

To use Kevin's words "It seems fat headed to have hero cards" but I don't know that I can take another little crestfallen face.  So that is something else that I am fussing about.  Perhaps I can just make up little hero cards & hide them in the trailer. 

I've written before that neither of us have ever thought we would be racing at this level of competition.  It still seems surreal to roll into the pits where parking is designated for us, people know us, and we have the need (albeit small) for hero cards.

Life is strange and changes so quickly.

19 July 2011

Coffee Talk

It's Day Two of The Great Coffee Change.

First off: LOL at Swistle at the "Held my ground" joke.  It actually made me LOL.
And CK...yes, sadly, this is the very first coffee pot that I have ever owned.  *Law & Order Music*

I took advice from Swistle to enjoy the shopping for it versus focusing on the idea...chore...of it.  It's fun to choose creamers, overwhelming to consider coffees, and why oh why do to-go cups only hold 16 oz?  I did remember to get chocolate syrup so that pleases the 6-year-old in me.  Also, I have the hook up for white chocolate syrup once I have the system perfected.

Kevin, I am happy to report, is pleased with how it is going.  He likes the flavor and seems to enjoy the little bit of extra time he has in the morning.  I have only made him hot coffee at this point.  I will be brave one morning and figure out how to make an iced one.  Well, maybe not so much brave as is "awake".

Me, I am not enjoying it so much.    I think it's because I make Kevin's drink and have to make my drink myself.  So the treat factor is diminished.  I think I might be a little more pleased once I figure out how to make iced ones.

I am, however, enjoying the extra fifteen minutes in the morning.  I've been spending it sleeping, mostly.  As is reasonable.

18 July 2011

I Gots Teh Cranky

At this point in time is probably not the best idea for me to eff with my coffee habit.  I fear for the lives, or very least: feelings, of others.

Doing multiple jobs under one job title is wearing thin.  This weeks challenge?  a city grant that my boss thought was due next week. The problem?  She will only be in one day this week and the bookkeeper is out until Wednesday due a death in the family.  So I get to figure this out tomorrow because I just don't have enough to do.  A broken door, a broken carpet cleaner, and oh you know, my usual job is waiting for me but whatevs.

So that leaves me: the Lone Ranger.  Well, one could say I have a coworker who is the social worker but hers has a cold and was two hours late.  Because. She. Has. A. Cold.  "I know you're doing three jobs at once and one person isn't supposed to be in the building alone but I have the sniffles."

For Eff Sake.

I equated it to The Deadliest Catch greenhorns sitting in below decks while the other crewmen are working in the weather & high seas because "they can't take it."   What. Ever.

It just wouldn't occur to me to call in sick right now.  I couldn't in good conscience leave my coworkers in a lurch like that.  It's just not the right thing to do.

But that's just me.

Kevin had me bring dinner home tonight because I had that tone in my voice and it wasn't even lunchtime.  Kevin gets to live.  (:-D   I came home and pouted on the couch while watching mindless fluff. (Drop Dead Diva) until the urge to snick kittens passed.

Yeah. I gots teh cranky.  Tomorrow's another day Scarlett.

16 July 2011

Random (new) Item of the Day

I finally did it. I bought a coffee maker. The price ranges for these silly machines vary so wildly. I will say that I bought the smallest, and cheapest, I could find because I am not wholly confident that the breaking the mocha habit is going to stick.

It's kind of a pretty picture, isn't it?

Of course I forgot one thing: filters.  You know, the only thing more necessary than the actual coffee.  I will walk next door and snitch a few from the parents in a little bit.  I did buy extra milk but forgot to make sure we had enough sugar.  I dithered over creamer, trying valiantly to remember what BFF K's favorite was.  I went with the refrigerated French Vanilla for now. 

I also dithered over coffee.  Freddy's offers Seattles Best and something else but then I would have to either deal with the in-store grinder or buy a grinder.  So I moved on. Then I remembered that I used to buy the little one-use flavored packets for my brother-in-law's Christmas stocking.  I found them and bought Millstone's Breakfast Blend, French Vanilla, and Chocolate something-something.  I figured that buying a big container of coffee probably wasn't a good idea until we decided if we are even going to like this system.

Then *facepalm* I see BFF K's favorite: Dunkin Donuts coffee, already ground.  I held my ground though because I still didn't want to buy too much.  Next time I most certainly will toss it in the cart.  

As I got home, I waited initially to open the box figuring that Kevin would be interested in the whole unveiling thing.  Upon looking at my countertops, I realized I had to figure out a space to put the darn thing.  So ensues kitchen remodeling.  Put these cups away, put the large (empty) canister in the cupboard, and what the hell is going on wtih these plants!?!?!   

A little culling and relocating of spider and climbing vine plants later and viola: clear countertops.

Also, I forgot to-go cups. I got rid of ours because we never used them and Kevin didn't care for the lid style.  It's too bad the Starbucks cups are so expensive or I'd buy those.  I am sure that the parents have one or two for us to borrow anyway.

So, here goes.  Our little Do It Ourselves Mocha Project.  This better go right, I've spent about $28 thus far.  (:-D  And, the no mocha in the morning thing will kill me.  I've already pleaded online for a mocha, stating I'd pay $400 for one.  This resulted in having one DELIVERED to my office for FREE.  I know that I can't count on that though so time to grow up and figure this out.

Anyone have any suggestions?  I am open to ideas!!

14 July 2011

It's Just Not

I guess one of the hardest lessons for me to learn in my adult life is this: It isn't about me.  It FEELS like it's about me but it's not.  One of my favorite quotes is "We probably wouldn't worry about what people think of us if we could know how seldom they do."  Olin Miller

It's difficult to remember when people react with snark, or over-react, or are just generally awful that it is nothing that we have done or said.  It is about them, what's going on in their heads, minds, hearts.  Chances are they are not specifically thinking "I am just  going to be horrible to this person, on purpose." 

And if they are?  That's just effed up.  And run, run away because th
ey are broken.

I used to wonder why a certain person reacted a particular way whenever there was something serious t o discuss.  I kept questioning myself and my motives.  Am I being negative?  Am I not making myself clear?  (anyone who knows me just snorted at that question)  Am I coming across in a way that I don't intend? What am I doing wrong?

Finally someone asked me "What makes you think it's about you?  What about the other person?

It was like a lightning bolt hit me.  Suddenly a montage of examples flashed through my head.  It was true, it wasn't about me.  It was about how the other person was listening, or not listening be it as it may, and behaving. 

People are so in their own heads.  They're thinking about bills, their family, their health, their issues.  They're not actively listening anymore. Everyone has so much noise in their head these days that they simply can't.  I am guilty of this as much as the other person.

But that simple statement gave me perspective.   It's not about me.  It feels like it's about me but it's not.  It's about the other person.  Their intent is not to ruin your day, their intention is solving their own issues, perhaps at your expense.

Like What About Bob says "They're just temporarily disconnected. Please try again later."   

It's not about you.

13 July 2011

I Hate Summer

That caught your attention, didn't it?

I had to go to the grocery store after work last night..remember the "noodle!!" story?

Summer is the time where the Fashion Police work overtime, or they should be.  Especially in my adopted hometown because it is a college town.  What is it with college girls and their manner of dress?  Or not-dress as it were because undressed would be inappropriate.

It's been muggy here this week. A strange mix of heat and impending rain so none of us poor natives quite know how to dress for the day.  Anyway.

Is it just here or everywhere that college girls wear (and I'm not exaggerating) young boys size boxer shorts so they are essentially flannel hot pants?

And flip flops

And, because this makes perfect sense: hoodies.  Baggy ones at that.

WTF is that about?

I know I've mentioned  the messy clothing as if to say "Oh I just rolled out of bed and came to the store" yet the makeup and hair is perfect.  Who do you think you are fooling?  And like Kevin says: Who thinks that is attractive?  

Summer also seems to be the designated season where nothing needs to match, nothing needs to be in good repair and nothing is off-limits.  My sister-in-law, and others, say "Spandex is a right, not a privilege."  She's regular sized so she can say that, in case you're wondering.  FTLOG please, people: stop with the spandex.  It was meant for Susan Powter in the 90's and that is the only person.  Maybe Jillian Michaels as well.

Is it too much to ask for people to actually dress when they go out in public?  I'm starting to fee like every store has become the "People of WalMart" website.

So, tell me poppets, is it a Pacific Northwest thing or is it everywhere?

12 July 2011

News & Notes - The Sequel

I forgot a few very important things in last nights News & Notes.  No, not really. But anyway....

I finally broke up with Pantene.  I am unhappy with the new formulas that they have and, bonus round: the price has increased.  I am now dating Tresemme.  So far, it's going well but we haven't talked about long term commitment yet.

Has everyone seen the VW commercial where the kid beats the holy living sh*t out of the pinata?  I love that commercial so much. It's the very definition of determination.

I am intrigued with the new Winnie The Pooh movie.  I love that they play Somewhere Only We Know as the soundtrack.  It's just ...and I mean this seriously...whimsical. Whoever made that choice is genius.

I'm in a bit of a book quandary.  I am reading a book that I suspect that I've read before.  Actually, I am pretty sure that I have.  But it's the third book in a series.  I enjoyed the first book, the second was meh, and now I feel all psychic-y reading the third.  

I was in the grocery store tonight and a little boy, 3-ish, had one of those noodles, the kind that you use in a pool.  Clearly his daddy had told him he could have it.  To Mommy's credit, she didn't kill Daddy right there in the store.  Of course, because he's three, he's whipping it around albeit unintentionally. 

At this point I am at the end of a very long day and I mutter quietly "Sweet baby jesus" and hope that they go opposite me.  Nope.  No such luck.  Then the little guy goes marching past my cart and I'm already flinching.  Clearly he's already thinking of all the awesome things he's going to do with this new toy.  As he gets right next to me, he triumphantly exclaims "NOODLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and continues to walk on.

I just busted out laughing.  Because really? how cute is that?

Another cute story...this one from one of the Littles:

Girl Little walked to the mailbox with me the other day.  We were talking about where we were going when she asked me if she could go "behind the road"?  

Behind?  I was puzzled because the road runs perpendicular to ours.  I figured out that she meant The Other Side of the road.  I told her that yes, she could but only with a grown-up.

She says "Well, YOU'RE a grown-up"

Duh, Aunt Firegirl.

Okay, for reals, that is all.

11 July 2011

News & Notes

If you ever wonder what my dad was like when I was child, watch Christopher Titus.  Specifically, Norman Rockwell is Bleeding but any of his shows will do.  Can I just say that I want to be his friend?  I think that would be great.  It would be like therapy for me.

Kevin did the math of how much the mocha habit is costing us, I'm sad to report.  He Lost His Mind at the amount.  He kept making comparisons of what could be purchased instead of the mochas.  All. Weekend. Long.  "And you know what?  After 10 o'clock I don't even remember that I had one!"

God help me, he wants to go buy a coffee machine.  I have a sneaking suspicion that the money I spend on a machine, coffee, flavoring, and to-go cups will not save us much money.  But I'll try.  Any suggestions?

We took the kids to the buffet on Friday.  Five kids...whew boy...that is a lot of food. They were overjoyed with being able to choose whatever they wished.  To my impression, they each chose good food.  The boy Littles chose what they call "chicken fish" (fish fillets)  C1 chose spaghetti and salad.  C2 ventured the furthest with chinese food. The girl little chose nothing but fruit & vegetables.  Dessert time brought pure joy:

Both flavors!! Joy to the world!!

I had to make a quick stop at a drugstore the other day.  I went to the brand new Walgreens near my hometown.  I have to say that I LOVED IT there.  It was bright, clean, and quiet.  I immediately found what I was looking for and went to the checkout.  The cashier called me "honey" and recommended that I go to the cosmetics counter because "I'm sure she has a coupon" so I did and she did and it was lovely.  I had heard that Walgreens could be a wonderful store and I am happy to report that it is.

I have been craving a jelly doughnut like nobodies business lately.  I have no idea what that's about.  Perhaps if I put it out into the universe, it will go away.

I mentioned on the Twitter that I have been watching Friends for *cough* years and I am happy to say that it's aging well. So many years later and I'm only just realizing that I never liked Rachel.  

With that, may I suggest watching Happy Endings?  It's on ABC and in reruns right now.  Very clever, very quick, and makes me laugh pretty consistently.  Kevin asked me "Why didn't you watch this before?" which is his seal of approval.

Okay, it's late.  Here's wishing all y'all a very good week!

10 July 2011

Marriage via Texting

Yesterday Kevin left his phone on the counter and then he ended up over at this brother's house.  This makes me a little crazy but really, it's a small inconvenience.

I texted his brother and  the following exchange ensued:

Me: Please ask him if he wants dinner.

Brother: (quoting Kevin)   "Yes!!  What's for dinner?"  LOL

Me: Hot dogs.


Me (again) Or the spaghetti that I am actually making. (:-D

Brother:  "I DON"T CARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Me: Which we both know is a lie but whatever. lol

Brother: LOL

Brother (again) "You're an adult make the effing decision"

((Kevin said his brother was super-hesitant to send that text but Kevin convinced him I would laugh.  To his relief, I did))

Me: Don't say I'm an adult. I'm not I'm not I'm not

Brother: (:-D

*ten minutes later*

Me: Tel him you know it sucks but he has to go home & eat his wife's sucky cooking.

Brother: LMAO

09 July 2011

Random Item of the Day

Every child has a special box or container in which they keep their treasures.  For the longest time, this was mine.  It definitely shows the love of a small child.  It's faded and dented but still quite pretty.  I rescued it from obscurity in a tote in Monica's closet a few months ago. 

Back in the day, Red Rose Tea used to come in tins like the above.  For awhile they also gave away little ceramic animals.  My paternal grandma used to save the animals for me and it was our thing.  I would visit and she would have a new animal for me.  Unfortunately, she passed of a heart attack when I was six.  However, I still have all of them, equally as loved as the tin pictured above.

I have very few memories of my paternal grandmother (whose maiden name is the same as my married name)
but with this little tin I can picture her in my mind.  Her little house still stands, a mile from my parents house.  I think about her every time I drive by.  I also think of her when I spot this little tin sparkling at me from it's shelf in our living room.

08 July 2011


This week is one of the examples of why I love the internets.  It was one of the longest short weeks ever.
But it was helped to pass by with an occasional giggle from a text, a tweet, a blog.  The Bloggess made me want a giant metal chicken.  Swistle is making me consider chickpeas.

But the best one this week is courtesy of  Pete Mayhew (husband of Anissa and I fear we share DNA)
 Pete usually taunts me with song lyrics that create earworms.  "At the Copa. Copacabana. Music & passion were always the fashion at the COPA...."  (you're welcome)   He made me laugh the past two days with #replaceawordinafamousquotewithduck.

These were my paltry offerings to the duck game:

we have nothing to fear but duck itself.

my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my duck. Prepare to die.
no one can make you feel inferior except your duck
First rule about Fight Duck: Don't talk about Fight Duck. ?
I'm real sorry your duck blew up Ricky. 

 I'm proud to say that Pete kicked my ass with gems such as:
one thing about living in santa carla I never could stomach, all the damn ducks!
Of all the gin joints in all the world, she had to duck into mine
Flash, I love you but we only have 14 hours to save the ducks! 

My favorite is his response to my Eleanor Roosevelt hashtag:
et tu duck?

It's funny how people we have never met, and probably never will, can be a lifeline.  A silly little game gave me something to focus on, laugh at, and think about over the past two days.  For all we know #replaceawordinafamousquotewithduck saved Kevin a significant amount of money in bail.
Now it's your turn! Play along!

06 July 2011

My Hero

We so rarely have issues when we're racing. (*knock wood*) It's upsetting when we do. 

We had an ignition issue this weekend that resulted in two fires.  Small fires, but fires all the same.

Quick explanation: when an ignition doesn't fire adequately, fuel can burn, not spark like usual.  The ignition failed thus creating a small fire in our carb, which sits atop the engine.  The hood of the racecar is bolted down, not hinged.  (not the correct descriptor but it explains it well)

The first fire happened in our pits and Kevin's brother put it out quickly with an extinguisher  We were at the end of the first day and just loaded the car in the trailer so we could go to the hotel.

Well, big surprise, it did it again the next morning only this time in the staging lanes.  I had walked away but heard a pop/woosh sound and turned around.  I needed a rag to lay over the carburetor to smother the flame.  Kevin was strapped in the car and turning the key so the fire didn't get bigger thus unable to help.  To boot, no one can hear you yelling from inside the car because you're next to the racetrack.

Turns out NO ONE has a rag and I felt myself begin to panic.  Finally, a friend of ours produces one and throws it to me.  Then I realize that I am SHORT and can't reach over and under the cowl hood.  I yelled at another team's crew member to do it for me.  Again, felt myself begin to panic when our friend Scott came out of freaking NO WHERE, grabbed the rag and threw himself across the hood of the car.

Here's what you need to know: Scott was strapped into his own racecar, three cars behind Kevin.  He managed to get out of his racecar and run to help before people even fully realized what happened.  He slid across the hood like Beau Duke of Dukes of Hazzard to put out the fire.  Then had to retrieve the rag, which had fallen down past the carb onto the hot headers.

Scott is in his firesuit and HELMET while doing this.

He made sure I was okay, stuck his head in the racecar & said something to Kevin, then returned to his racecar like nothing happened.

He's my forever favorite person.  He stepped up, put himself at risk, and saved the day.

05 July 2011


That grudge you're carrying? 

No one cares.  Except you.

04 July 2011

Marry Me

Let's see...the wedding....it's all a blur now.  Bottom line: it was lovely.  Simple and lovely.

My favorite moments:

I saw my nephews new babies who are little mini-me's of them.  Time goes by too quickly.

When the Reverend quote Corinthians "I spake as a child..." and my sister-in-law muttered "That was last week."

The couple walked out to Marry Me by Train.  The song is incredible when you're actually standing in a wedding party.

Brother Dear biting back tears when he handed the niece to her husband.

The Nieces and their friends doing The Time Warp at the reception.

My youngest niece opening champagne bottles with a flip-flop, provided by her Sheriff stepbrother.

 Brother Dear lighting a candle at an empty seat at the family table to represent my dad, on my parent's 55th wedding anniversary.  Yes, we all bawled like babies.

Happy Indpendence Day!

This, then, is the state of the union:  free and restless, growing and full of hope.  So it was in the beginning.  So it shall always be, while God is willing, and we are strong enough to keep the faith.  ~Lyndon B. Johnson