30 June 2011

I just...Well..Here's the...Sigh

I may have mentioned a few times that my life has been...well, nuts. The lacking of writing to y'all reflects that for sure.

Let's start with the job thing. I told you about Then the Plant Fell. It's more of that, including the plant falling again. (It so is living elsewhere now). Today's adventure was the fire alarm going off as I was actually going out the door to leave.

I fear that I suddenly have my school job again, just with less staff.  I have been muttering "This is temporary. This is temporary. TEMP.OR.ARY".   I fear I may become a client at my own job.

My new boss has been chosen and starts mid-month. While the transition is unsettling, I am looking forward to it.

Then...what else?

Insurance totalled the trailer but we have a new-to-us one. While we are grateful, its not the same. I still have to order new lettering. For those of you who don't know the picture from the last post is of our racecar window and "Wench" is on my side of the car. I forgot to 'splain that.

Both of the trucks are repaired & back on the road so that's all good.
My niece's wedding is Friday. It is going exactly how every wedding with a 19 year old bride can go.

I am still uneasy about not working as a pyrotech. I still miss it immensely. I am still pouting on the sidelines. So while you watch the fireworks this weekend; cheer loudly and lots. Those people work hard.

Missy Jo is shedding like a chemo patient. She looks like Pigpen with a cloud of fur surrounding her as she goes. I hope it stops soon or someone is going to have a new hairdo and it won't be me. In related news: my new vacuum rocks, on a daily basis.

Kevin is working 6/10's again. (6 days a week, 10 hour days) I am not sure how I forget Every Single Spring how brutal the transition is. Every single year I resent the early bedtime and resent more the early wake time. I liken it to childbirth, the trauma is quickly forgotten.

Hey, speaking of bedtime. It's past mine.

What are you up to these days? Tell me something good.

PS...and then Blogger wouldn't post last night.  *perfect*

23 June 2011

Faded pictures. Faded memories

I have been going through my childhood photo album and pictures because the album is one of those static cling, sticky paper ones that truly does suck the life out of photographs.

There are a few realizations that I have had whilst going through this pictures:

I don't have normal milestones to identify pictures. Is the car wrecked? is one of my main identifiers when it comes to pictures. (both parents had drunk driving accidents when I was a child. *nice*) Was I married? I realize also don't have any pictures of me and my parents together.  Even pictures of my brothers and me are rare.

This album has pictures from grade school to nineteen years of age.  There are a handful of candid shots from grade, middle, and high school.  I wish I had taken more and am a little jealous of kids-these-days that have so many pictures of themselves.

I want to scan many of these pictures so I don't have to worry if they deteriorate.  With that thought, I considered posting some to the facebook but not everyone's memories are the same.  I'd hate that posting a picture might remind someone of an awful day when my intention is only "Remember this? Can you believe it?"

Am I overthinking this?

People take pictures of random stuff that may have meant something at the time but means eff-all thirty years later.  I'm throwing a lot of pictures away, which feels a little odd. It feels a little disrespectful, even though I am the one that took them.  Also, is it just me but it feels wrong to toss them. I reminded myself that some of these were taken by a 12 year old girl and who knows what I was trying to capture.

I've actually sent a handful of pictures to people because I figure that they will mean more to them than they do to me at this point of life.  While my memory of the people, places, things, in these pictures have faded or disappeared, I can bet that they are still vivid for others.

 What do you do with your childhood pictures?

22 June 2011

Then The Plant Fell Over

I may have mentioned eleventy times or so that my job has been hectic.  It's one of those "be careful what you wish for" situations.  I long for the day when work was slow and *wistful sigh* I was bored.  It will return to that, hopefully, by the end of the summer so at least there is an end in sight.

But RIGHT NOW.  OMG right now.  There has been three inspections in two weeks.  There has been a spate of stuff breaking. For instance, there are four dead vacuums in my office right this very second.  The shiny side of this is that I met three cute guys just today.  (:-D 

Today I had the best of intentions to sit at my desk and do my actual own work. Wednesdays are usually quieter days.  Except today.  Of course today wasn't normal.  But I persevered and eventually was able to settle down to get some work done. 

Then the plant fell over.  I have a small counter next to my desk that has a handful of plants. They are all thriving and needing repotting.  Apparently I had procrastinated enough with the plants as one threw itself to the ground.

So I spent twenty minutes repotting plants.  Unfortunately I wasn't able to clean up the mess thoroughly because look at the second paragraph: I have four dead vacuums in my office.

Tomorrow's another day, Scarlett.  Tomorrow I am going to play a movie on my computer and do my work. I am considering posting a notice on the back of monitor that says "Unless You're On Fire, Piss Off".

How's your work going?  (looking at you also, stay at home moms)

21 June 2011

Ladies & Gentlemen of the Jury

A discussion we have had from time to time in our lives is that we do not consider our dog(s) as children.  We've been wished happy mothers/fathers day numerous times because we have a dog.  Fewer things make me grit my teeth more than that statement.

Kevin's mom has referred to her little dog as the boys sister.  She is, unfortunately, sincere.  Like most elderly women, she considers that little dog as a child.

This came about again the other day when she told the boys that somewhere (probably in tabloid land)  the government was considering make the killing of a pet more like a murder as it is akin to killing someones child.  

Is you head still attached to your shoulders? 

Kevin understands that the loss of a pet is traumatic and that perhaps a stronger penalty is warranted.  However, equating the death of a pet to the death of a child or sibling is not appropriate.

When his mom began to argue against his displeasure, this was Kevin's response:
"One of the hardest things I ever had to do was put our dog down.  Sure, for a few weeks I was sad because I missed her.  That being said, I would think that if I had to put my BROTHER down, I would be sad for just a Little While LONGER."

And the defense rests.

20 June 2011

Scene From A Family Gathering

This is the wall of my Mom's kitchen.  It's a little family history snippet.  The wooden fork & spoon was made by my little brother.  My mom used most of the kitchen tools.  That's my Dad's coat hanging on the hook.

My dad built this house from a wee fishing cabin that they bought in 1958.  Where the dryer is standing now used to be bunk beds for my brothers.  The three of us kids were raised in a 2.5 bedroom house, because we just weren't challenged enough in our childhood.

Under the wallpaper is that lovely peachy/rosy color that was so popular in the 50's and 60's.  Where I am standing is the actual kitchen that my Dad custom built so that the upper cupboards can swing open without hitting my mom in the head.  (well, except back in the beehive hairdo days)

Yesterday we all hung in the kitchen.  My brothers girlfriends are both excellent cooks so snacking was plentiful. 

We eventually wandered outside to the beach where I called my little brother out & kicked his ass at skipping rocks.  This picture appears so emo, it makes me giggle. My brother is fishing and my niece is being sixteen.

 It was a nice afternoon considering I irrelevantly called it "Your Dad is Dead Day" I know, I know, I am going to hell for that.  (:-D

This is where you find the best skipping rocks:

I hope you all had a great day with your dads and husbands!!!

18 June 2011

I Got Married Today

Well not today today but twenty three years ago today. Like always, it's just strange.  It's just so long ago, another lifetime really.  I can't believe that it actually happened. It seems like it was just a story that I have heard all my life.  Looking at the picture, first I cringe, then I wonder who that person was.  What was she thinking?  What did she see in him?  What did he see in her?

I have more mementos from that time than I originally thought.  I know that I stole the wedding album when I moved out but I also have the newspaper notice, some journal pages I had completely forgotten existed, and a handful of wedding cards.  I don't even want to think about where the rest of the stuff ended up.  Perhaps in a landfill or perhaps in a box in a closet somewhere.

Along that line of thought, where did my furniture go?  the pictures on the walls?  my dishes?  I left lots of stuff behind.  I am beginning to think that I pressed the reset button by leaving all the stuff behind.  It feels like a LOST episode.

I have no idea where or who he is now.  I hear rumors from time to time but as I told an old friend the other day: I couldn't pick him out of a line-up.  I could pass him in the grocery store and probably wouldn't know him. Someone that I pledged my life and spent three years with (dating to divorce, total) is now nearly a ghost. I know I saw him but I can't necessarily prove it.

This time twenty three years ago, pictures were being taken and friends & family were being seated to watch an ensuing train wreck.  If I didn't have pictures, I wouldn't believe that it ever happened.


First Marriage June 18 1988 - January, 1990
May it rest in peace

Who Are You?

"Who are you?" the title of the article asks. Are you Canadian? are you a mother? are you a class clown?

The article's point is how you immediately, reflexively, define yourself...what you do versus what you believe...where you were born versus who you are. Answering with your first instinct could show how you view yourself.

My first impulse was caretaker. This applies to my job & family.  It is a label but I think it could also be a belief. I looked it up and this verse struck me:

"Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you.    James 1:27 (NLT)

I like that definition of religion: defining it as caring for people and sticking to your standards & morals.  (If only it were that simple, right?)  Anyway, I'm off an a wee rant, I am a caretaker.  I am a faithful person.

I didn't label myself as a child, as in someone's daughter.  I don't know if it's my age or my past that I don't identify myself as someone's child.

I did think of being Kevin's wife but more with the emphasis of belonging With him rather than the title of spouse.

I am a writer.  Some qualify writers as artists but that makes me cringey so I'd rather not.  I see it as a skill I possess rather than a label of who I am.

I am an American but also an honorary Canadian. I see myself as having qualities from both countries rather than where I am physically located.   

I have no point, really.  I just found the question interesting.  So I pass it along to you, poppets, who are you?

16 June 2011

In Defense of My Canadian Friends

I'm sure everyone has heard about the riots in Vancouver last night after the Stanley Cup game.

I am not sure the American media is giving Canada a fair shake in their reporting.  I just want to acknowledge that average Canadians are HORRIFIED at the riots and are extremely embarrassed that this has happened.

I kept saying last night: "These aren't the Canadians we know.  This isn't how they behave."  And it turns out, it wasn't.  It was a group of anarchists that look for any opportunity to make a mess.  Canada seems especially prone to these jerks as they expect people to behave like human beings and are genuinely shocked when they don't.  If you could hear their news reports, you would hear a group of people who are heartbroken, embarrassed, and upset.    They keep asking how it happened, how they can prevent it, and what they can do to help fix the damage.

And unlike the US, they are concerned that the right to gather for large events like that could be taken away.  In their country, that is a distinct possibility as a solution. 

Let it be said that my friends are rabid Canucks fans. However, it would not occur to them for one second to behave the way these animals did last night.  What happened last night is not a reflection of Canada and it offends me just as much as if it happened on US soil. 

CNN posted this article today that explains the anarchist part better than I can:

Here are the Canadians that I know & love.  These are the people that I define as Canadians: the volunteers that came into Vancouver from all over the Province to help clean up and repair the mess.  They are the people I know.

So send a thought out to the British Columbia Province today.  They need it.

The Third Thing

The broken truck and the totaled trailer were the first two things.  We all know that things come in threes.

We anxiously wondered what the third thing was going to be.  It didn't take long for us to learn.

My truck is bleeding.  The front seal for the engine is leaking, profusely (Hi environmentalists!!!)  Kevin will be spending part of his weekend on his back (insert own joke here) replacing the seal on my truck which just rolled over to 340,000 miles on the original engine & running gear. What a wuss, the truck is, giving out after 340,000 miles.  

I mentioned to Kevin that I thought perhaps there was an issue so he looked.  As we walked down to his brothers for dinner, he confirmed that the truck needed repair.  "BECAUSE OF COURSE IT DOES BECAUSE MY LIFE IS GOING SO GREAT RIGHT NOW!!!!!" he shouts to universe.

He's at his funniest at his worst.

2 Things that made me happy on the Interweb

This is just lovely:

And this just made me LOL.  I love it when people break down into laughter like this:

15 June 2011

Liffe Moves Pretty Fast

It's looking like the trailer is a complete loss.  The picture that I posted just showed the place where actual contact was made with the pole.  It turns out that the hitch was bent from a 45 degree angle to a 90 degree angle and the bolts holding down the toolboxes are sheared.  The racecar moved about a half inch. 

At this point we're just grateful that nothing else happened.

Kevin met with the adjuster and now we're waiting for the adjuster to get the final decision from the claims department.  The repair shop that did the bid said it's a total loss, the adjuster said it's a total loss and now we're just waiting for the "We're going to give you $XXXXXX so you can replace it."

We have two friends that want to buy the wrecked trailer and fix it.  Even wrecked it appears to be worth more to fix than to just let the insurance company send it to the junkyard.  In the end, one of our friends is going to score a trailer for whatever the buy-back the insurance asks.

Now, here's the latest development and this is a WOW story:

The person that bounced the trailer off the light pole feels guilty and awful.  He offered to cash us out whatever it will take to fix or buy a trailer.  We told him let's just wait and see.

Meanwhile, the insurance adjuster told Kevin to get quotes of what a replacement trailer would cost.  Kevin loves this kind of stuff so he made a whole whack of calls and asked friends and had everyone he knows looking for one.  Turns out that trailers are few and far between.  The closest we found was in Tacoma, which is three hours away.

Until today.  Today Kevin found one in Oregon, southwest of Portland.  Five hours away.  He talked to the owner and made an agreement that he would hold the trailer until the insurance settles with us.  So that's good news.

Kevin came home then took the pictures and information down to the guy who wrecked the trailer.

"Well, we're going to go get it!" he said to Kevin.

Kevin explained that we had to wait until the insurance settlement comes through. 

"No.  No, I effed up your trailer and I am going to make this right.  We're going.  Tomorrow."

Kevin did the "yeah but" for the next few minutes but he wasn't to be budged.  Kevin talked to his dad and his dad said "When can we leave?"

Tomorrow they pull out of the driveway at 7:30 am to go pick up our new trailer.

Can you believe that?  We can't. 

By this time tomorrow, we will have a new trailer parked in our driveway.  We will settle with the insurance company without the pressure of finding something new in a short period of time.  Our friend will do the buy-back and he gets a new-to-him trailer.  Everyone's happy.

Like I told BFF L this morning: un-effing-believable.

12 June 2011

Commencement Speech

Continuing with the 1980's theme of the past few days, I have a friend from middle school who is a high school principal now. She appears to be the principal we all wished for.  Whit lost her husband in a car accident last November and lost her mom to cancer a few years ago.  It seems like the hits just keep coming to her and yet she is steadfastly positive.

Every year she posts her commencement speech.  Below is this years.  Incredible.

Graduation Speech 2011
I had the great pleasure of welcoming high school students from our league to Chimacum last month for the end of year Interhigh program. What a delight to have young people from throughout the Nisqually region come together as leaders. Truly inspirational. On that day, I asked them a question, this question, upon which I now ask you to reflect: when you think of a ROCK what comes to mind? Several attributes came out of that discussion: hard, solid, dependable, something on which to stand, a point of reference, an island, music….

This year, I think we’ve all had to think about things differently. I know I’ve asked myself on more than one occasion, “Who, or what is my rock? On what can I depend?” There is not always an easy answer to that question when we experience a year like this one, but I also know that we grow the most during times of turmoil. So Class of 2011, friends and family, faculty, I want to share a little of my reflection on my ROCK at this point in time.

R is for RESILIENCE. We never know what life is going to bring our way.
  • How do we celebrate when times are good?
  • How do we recover when they are hard?
  • How do we ask for and accept a helping hand?
  • How do we say we are sorry and let others know we are ready to move on?
Resilience is all about pulling from a place of inner strength to struggle through tough times. Life isn’t easy, but sometimes it’s the hard stuff that really lets us know what is important and what we can do.

O is for OPTIMISM.
  • One wish I have for all of us here today is to spend more time focusing on the positive.
  • Emphasize what you have
  • Look for what’s working.
  • See what is right.
  • Count your friends.
  • When you catch yourself complaining about something or someone, check yourself and ask yourself what it will take to return to the positive.


A skill I have consistently tried to develop this year is checking my own emotions when something happens that may rub me the wrong way. I’ve been working – somewhat, but not entirely successfully – at being curious. So I might ask myself:
  • Why am I feeling this way?
  • What do I need to know to better understand this situation?
  • Is there something happening here that I need to know more about? 
  • What do I need to do to move past this situation?

K is for KINDNESS.

Ever since the Rachel’s Challenge program came to Chimacum, I have worked to keep the message alive, helped kids at Chimacum Choice through the Friends of Rachel Club spread random acts of kindness to others. Yet, I know I have not always been kind. It’s something I continually have to work on. To do that, I must
  • Think of others before myself
  • Apologize when I hurt someone, even if it was unintentional
  • Be sensitive to others’ feelings
  • Seek out people who need a helping hand or a shoulder to cry on
  • Smile more
And that’s how I’ve found my ROCK this year, when it seemed every time I turned around, something tragic was happening. I reminded myself, I live in a community filled with ROCKs: Resilience, Optimism, Curiosity, Kindness. If we all keep coming back to these, we will live a happy and full life.

In closing, I would like to share lessons and wishes learned from people at the ends of their lives, in the hopes all of us can take these to heart here at what is the beginning of the rest of ours:

1. I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me. 
2. I wish I didn’t work so hard.  
3. I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings.
4. I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends. 
5. I wish that I had let myself be happier. 

Class of 2011, live well, laugh often, and may love fill your life. Congratulations.

Dr. Whitney Meissner, Chimacum High School, Washington

What Do You Call a Group of Smart Asses?

We went to Kevin's childhood friends 50th birthday party this weekend.  This is the second 50th party we've attended now with more than a few more on  the horizon.  This milestone birthday seems to be on par with everyone's 21st birthday. In one of life's little quirks, the same people who were at everyone's 21st party were at this 50th party.

As the group mingled around, years faded into nothingness.  The same jokes, the same stories, the same couples (I know right? Most of us were creeping up on 25 year relationships)  We're all gray-haired, most with kids & grandkids, and established in our lives. We've lost parents and siblings.  We own businesses and homes. 

But even with all of these milestones passed, we're still just a group of friends that are prone to profanities, practical jokes, and smart assery.

The party felt similar to a high school reunion.  Lots of remember when you did that and remember when she said this and I can't believe you still do that! Best of all, mistakes were forgotten, misunderstanding forgiven, and all was right between everyone.  Time has passed enough that just being together was more important than what happened once.

We're planning another get-together soon where everyone will bring pictures to share.  We talked about having a scanner & disks so that we can all share copies.  I am not sure what we're looking more forward to: seeing all the pictures or hearing the stories attached to them.

So, what's my point, you ask?  Call your friends.  Get together.  Bring your pictures.  Time goes by too fast.

11 June 2011

The 80's Were A Long Time Ago

This morning while I was running errands I was listening to SIRIUS/XM Big 80's.  They were playing the top 20 of 1984, which heavily featured the soundtrack of Footloose.

I saw this movie with my BFF L.  It was one of the first and few times that I was able to go to the movies without adult supervision as we were only 13 or 14 years old.  I am sure that milestone helped cement the movie and its music into my psyche.

I remember hanging out with BFF L and dreaming about high school. High school: the pot at the end of the middle school rainbow.  I hated middle school and just knew that high school was going to solve all my worries and woes.  High school meant I could drive, I could get a job, I could move.  I could get the hell out of dodge.  (this is one of the first times, I realize, that I had begun planning early my escape)

In high school, we were going to wear Levi's and only Levi's, complete with a Levi jacket.  Nikes or boots were to be the designated footwear.  I wanted a truck and if I'm remembering correctly, L wanted a motorbike.  (is that right, L?) 

What we didn't plan on was reality.  High school was just as difficult as middle school.  L moved to Missouri.  High school and impending adulthood wasn't all my middle school ideals had envisioned.

I worked my entire high school years. I did wear Levi's and Nikes.  I had a truck when I was sixteen that I drove for almost five years.  I didn't date much because I worked so much and because I was a broken kid from a broken (though intact) home.  I did not have a Ren during high school to sweep me off my feet.

This music, though, shines light on the shadows of that time. I can still feel hopeful and dreamy.  I can still feel the summer air and remember riding my ten-speed to L's house approximately one thousand times. I can remember having my future open before me to do with what I wanted.

For the most part my dreams did come true.  I still wear Levi's, I still drive a truck, I am (again) friends with L, and most importantly: I did find my Ren.  Even if he doesn't dance.

09 June 2011

Five Minutes Peace

Dear Friends,

If you've emailed me, I'm sorry I haven't responded.  If you've dm'd me on the twitter, I've been better at responding because it's only 140 characters.  Texting is only slightly more successful.   Facebook? I've been on my page but just enough to click "like" or randomly comment.  Who thought that email would be the most difficult thing to keep up with?

A while ago I sent my BFF K  the book "5 Minutes Peace" while in the throes of having a gaggle of children under the age of six. (is that right? BFF K?...it's gone by so fast)

Right now, I need that book.  I need that for reals.  I need 5 minutes peace.  Work has been eating my brain and home is eating my brain.  All going well on Saturday evening, I get to have a quiet evening with nothing to do but sink into my tub and lay on my couch.  It's that or I am going to lose my doggone mind.

So, what's going on?  We still haven't heard from the insurance company about the car trailer.  It's looking like it is a total loss so that sucks and blows and not in a good way.  Kevin is just sick about this.

We are supposed to race four weekends out of eight in the next two months.  The unfortunate part is that we can't go without a trailer.  Can't Go.  Renting a trailer isn't an option, they're just not available.  Borrowing one is  a slim option.  Piggy-backing (having someone come fetch us) is not going to work because the car has to be secure during the night & cannot be left outside.  Essentially, we're done. 

This is where I have to get my bitch on.  I've called the insurance office daily and will continue to do so.  Kevin is going on Craigslist and calling friends.  We haven't lost hope but it's getting a little smaller each day.
So, GAH.

Work has been crazy.  Social services always has an element of crazy.  Now I am adding to the insanity by covering two jobs.  Now, it's been fun, challenging but fun.  I haven't had five minutes peace in two weeks.  There just hasn't been a moment of "aaahhhh". 

Stay tuned, poppets.  I promise that I will get back into a schedule.  I'll be writing about actual topics instead of random posts such as these. 

06 June 2011

OMG Seriously

Sooo, we arrived home after 10 pm last night after a weekend of racing.  The problem with this is that we raced at our home track which is only an hour away.  We left the track at five.  *count it out*

The transmission on the tow truck was acting up when we drove to the track.  Like responsible adults, we continued on and thought "We'll just deal with this tomorrow."  And we did.

As we went through the border, back into Washington State, we were pleased to have forward motion of any kind.  Our plan was to take the backroads home so that we could coast and go slow without putting ourselves in danger.  This was a great plan until I missed the turn. 

Kevin swung into a random driveway to turn around but GAME OVER.  Smoke is a bad thing.

This is where I am still laughing:  Kevin never loses his cool.  Never.  I can't even tell you the last time I saw him frustrated or angry.  Last night was his turn.  As he's slamming the gearshift trying for any sort of movement, he realizes that we're done.  Oh, and we're partially blocking the road with our car trailer, I forgot to mention that. 

So he's angry...pissed....and tries one last time.  It doesn't work.  He drops the c*&#sucker word then immediately pauses, takes a breath, and wait for it...APOLOGIZES.    DUDE, if ever dropping a bad word was appropriate: THIS WAS IT for the love of God.

Lucky for us, Kevin's brother is following us with his trailer.  He drops his trailer in a church parking lot then tows us to the same parking lot.  Kevin drops the trailer and suddenly the transmission is happy and moving.  We called Kevin's dad to bring another truck to tow our racecar trailer home.  We were going to limp our truck as far toward home as we could.  His brother headed home so that he could return if we couldn't get home.

Kevin and I walked across to the store and bought prepackaged sandwiches and barbecue chips so we could eat "dinner" while waiting.  That part was kind of fun.

Up rolls Kevin's dad and my sister-in-law's dad to save the day.  They hook onto the trailer and we get into our truck to attempt to go home. 

As we make the turn onto the street, we hear a "WHAM!!!!!" and the truck towing our trailer stops.  My s-i-l's father smacked our trailer into a lightpole.  No, I am not kidding.

I thought Kevin was going to burst into tears.   "REALLY!?!?!?!"  He said "I'm not even going to look. I am not going to stop."   We made it about two miles when we heard a "poooooffff" and the truck rolls to a stop.  We're done. Done like dinner.  Again.

The Dad's roll up behind us and Kevin gets a good look at his trailer.   Holy sh*t, it's messed up.  Of course it is. 

 (it's buckled inside as well...but didn't touch the racecar...whew!)

They leave and Kevin calls his brother to come get us.  Now we're stuck in the middle of farm land for the next hour. Kevin is starting to circle the drain.  I told him that I am going to go take pictures, and he should call his mom. 

The brother made record time getting back to us.  Holy hell, he must have broken every traffic law there is in two counties.    The boys talked it through, strapped our truck to his and we took off.  I am rarely scared but this towing adventure tested my boundaries.  I can't tell distances well so it felt like we were going to crash any freaking second.  Kevin was an angel about explaining how everything was working and what I could look at so I didn't completely lose my sh*t.  I did text BFF C to tell her it was nice knowing her.   

The black thing is a barbecue...what you can't see is 5 gallons of racefuel in the truck bed

We made good time considering he was towing a small house.  Two times he took a turn a little tight and we played crack the whip.  I don't think I need to go to the chiropractor for awhile.  The last turn, into our driveway, Kevin tapped the brakes hard and bounced his brother against his seatbelt and giggled.  Paybacks, brother.

We just showered & went to bed once we got home.  We didn't want to give the universe another opportunity to poke us in the eye.  

The trailer is going to the shop tomorrow so that's good.  The trans will be fixed before our next race for next to cheap so that's good.  

Apparently we just needed to take a break in the middle of farmland and be quiet for an hour. I would have preferred another way for the universe to communicate with us.  A tree across a power pole or something.

04 June 2011

Not A Bad Day

Kevin's on the right, his brother on the left.  

It was 75 degrees today.  We're sunburned, tired, and a little shell shocked from that bright fiery orb in the sky.

It's just testing this weekend so no competition.  So far so good.  I'll post more later this weekend when my brain isn't cooked, literally. (:-D

I hope everyone is having a great weekend as well!

01 June 2011

News & Notes


I have requested numerous times that I have roller skates, circus music, and dancing bears at my work.  I've felt like I've said "Are you KIDDING me!?!?!" way too many times in the past few weeks.  It's been fun but frustrating.  I do enjoy being busy versus watching Greys Anatomy online.

I made a good discovery in Michaels the other day: the toy section.  I spent $17 per Little thanks to the toy section there.  I am so going back in August when it's the grand-nephew's (shut up) birthday.  Can I just say that the $2 bubble wand/weapon rocks.  Best $2 that I've ever spent.

We're actually going racing this weekend.  Normally we would be out twice by now but this FREAKING RAIN won't stop.  It is however supposed to be in the 70's this weekend.  I have my annual anxiety about the test passes, which is pointless and unnecessary.

We are probably staying at the track, which is happy for the budget.  But...at some point I need to acknowledge that I am 42  years old and camping is starting to fall into the "Oh Hell No" category.  Call me silly but I enjoy standing up straight.

How is it that I have a stack of books yet nothing to read?  How is that possible? 

I am on a picture printing & framing spree.  I will take a photo of them when I am done.  There are plenty of new family members that aren't represented on our walls.  The problem with this is choosing.  Choosing which pictures to include, or not include. It can be overwhelming.

Did everyone watch Oprah's last three shows?  I dvr'ed them and watched them when Kevin wasn't around. I have to say I was surprisingly touched.  I believe that she had become so prevalent in the media that she essentially became muzak.  She was always there.  Now it seems like it will be significantly quieter.

I am interested in Jimmy Fallon's "Thank You Notes" book but I am afraid that without the music and his expressions, it won't be the same as watching him.  I find him incredibly funny.  Again with the wicked smaht guys.

I have never watched America's Got Talent, ever.  I caved last night and watched it.  I saw this and LOL'd loudly.