30 April 2011

A Real Fairy Tale

I had full intentions of watching the Royal Wedding.  I wanted to wake up at 3 am and sit with my phone, connecting me to my friends.  Alas, I fell asleep early during one of my favorite Friends episodes and didn't awake until the alarm rang.  The one time I sleep through the night. Sigh.  Luckily (?) for me, we wake a little before 6 am so the news was still going.  After Kevin left, I crawled back into bed with my television and phone and caught up.

I enjoyed watching the condensed version versus in real time.  Although I'd wished that Barbara Walters would just shut up from time to time. 

The comparisons between Diana's and William's wedding were awkward but remarkable.  I liked hearing about the similarities and hoped that William and Katherine have a better fate than Charles and Diana.
Comparisons had to be made, this being the son of Diana.  One of the London newspapers had a headline of "Mum would be proud" which I believe is true.  For all her flaws, all it seemed she ever wanted was her boys to be happy.  

I was a little horrified by Princess Beatrice's hat.  Horrified just because it seemed like she was begging for attention on a day that was so not even a little bit about her. It reminded me of her mother, Sarah, who seemed to have a disdain for the royal traditions.

I did enjoy watching all the hats, uniforms, and outfits.  As Americans, we do not have this sort of pomp & circumstance. 

I was impressed with the poise and grace of both Catherine and her sister. We can't imagine how their lives are changing minute by minute. I loved Harry and his mischievous grin.  I loved that he sneaked a peek and encouraged his brother.  It is a glimpse of the future monarchy.

The Queen actually appeared happy.  I loved the bright yellow dress.  It made me giggle as I'd just told my mom that as the grandmother she can wear whatever she wants to my niece's wedding.

I wondered if Camilla sat through the ceremony and thought even once "That should have been my wedding."  While she was considered a villain at the time, we know now that she was a victim of the monarchy's traditions.  Her story makes me sad but I guess it eventually had a happy ending.

There was a distinct difference in opinion about the wedding.  I loved that they quoted Winston Churchill regarding this wedding:  "This joyous event is a splash of color on the hard road we have to travel."  At a time that feels like everything is falling apart, here is a moment in time to just sit back and watch a real life fairy tale.

This is a moment in time that may not be repeated in my lifetime.  This is also a glimpse of a future king.  This is also a worldwide event, watched by millions. Like it or not, this is history in the making.

28 April 2011

Perfect for Each Other

I can't believe I forgot to tell you about the psychic friend! Or rather that I bumped into another friend. A friend that happens to be Brad's wife.  Brad who dated the psychic friend way back in the day. 

I told her that I was just going to call them to tell Brad about the psychic friend.  I told her how Brad & the psychic had dated a million years ago for about a minute.  Then I told her that it turned out that she was psychic and wouldn't Brad just find that funny.

I suggested that she could look her up on the internet to show him.

Now Brad is one of the most mischievous people I have ever met.  I'd forgotten that his wife can be just as mischievous. 


This is terribly sad but I have to tell you this in order to make it relevant.  Brad & his wife lost their eight-year-old son in a freak household accident a few years ago.  It was one of the most heartbreaking experiences of my life.  To give you an example of what strong, great people they are, Brad told me when my dad passed that "At least there's someone there to meet him".  They still talk about him and reflect on how great of a kid he was.


After telling her the story of our old friend discovering that she was psychic and how it was going to make Brad laugh, she grinned.  "I know what I'll do.  I will look her up on the internet and leave it on the laptop.  When Brad comes in I will tell him "I think we should contact her to see if she can talk to Casey" then show him the picture.

I laughed so hard.  Pure, evil, mischievous genius. They're a match made in heaven. (or certainly being watched from heaven)

27 April 2011

We Have A Deal

It's been the wettest and coldest Spring in the Pacific Northwest since ever.  Seriously, it is supposed to freaking SNOW tonight.  I keep cautiously casting my eyes toward the thermometer.

It's difficult to complain when childhood friend L told me that one of the tornadoes touched down 10 miles from her home. 10 miles.  Eff that.  I know CK has had total crap weather where she lives and Daydream Believer had snow yesterday.  It seems everywhere people are having a difficult time with the weather.

This is the first time where I've seriously considered getting tickets for somewhere warm & sunny.  Usually I am stubbornly positive about the rain.  This is the season where Emerald City earned it's name.  Everything is beautiful right now.  The green is returning, the tulips and daffodils are growing.  I actually bought real flowers the other day.  (if the snow kills them I am going to be pissed)

But this weather is beginning to take it out of me.   It's nearly May and snow is in the forecast.

Kevin and I made a deal the other night while watching the news that we weren't complaining about the weather anymore after watching the South get pummeled by tornadoes and rain.
I hope this finds you warm, dry, and with a roof over your heads.

25 April 2011

Full Circle - edit, now with pictures!

Tonight as I was pulling into the driveway, The Nephew and fam was pulling out so I rolled up to see what was going on.  "We're going to SCHOOL!!!!"  I hear being shouted from the backseats.   The Littles kindergarten round up is tonight.

The boys look identical so they usually try to dress one in blue and one in green.  There they were in their brand new bright blue and bright green school coats, strapped into their car seats, excited as all get-out to go to school.  "It's going to be AWESOME!!!!" I shouted in response. Three sets of thumbs up appeared in the windows with big smiles and giggles.

We were just talking last night how it seemed like yesterday when it was The Nephew's first day of school.  Now here we are watching him take his sons to kindergarten round-up.  It's heartwarming, it's heartbreaking, and one of those moments where the light shines a little brighter on all of us.

 1st Day of School....oh so many years ago

The Nephew & one of the littles having a special moment

24 April 2011

Happy Easter

We had a wonderful day filled with candy and the giggles of the Littles.  
I hope that your day was as pleasant as ours.

23 April 2011

Malibu is not a Trailer Park

Yesterday I was watching Oprah with Tom Shadyac, the director, as a guest.  The description of the episode is "Giving up a mansion to live in a mobile home."  This implies that he has chosen to live in a trailer park, or in a camper/rv, or something along those lines.

They just showed the "mobile home" that he lives in and it's in freaking Malibu.  It appears to be a modular home rather than a mobile home.  It is larger than my house than I am sitting in right now with granite countertops and a walk-in closet larger than mine.  And he has two of them, one is only an office.

That is not a mobile home. That is Hollywood's version of a mobile home.  For a show that is all about being authentic, I was aghast.  I can only imagine people watching this show, sitting in their actual mobile homes, yelling at the television.  I can understand that it was a big change from him but what a disappointment. 

Our old house was an old mobile home that was on the property when we bought it.  It was exactly how you just imagined.  We fixed it up and made it into a what other's described it as a cabin.  We lived in the house until it was literally ready to fall down.

The house we're in now is a manufactured home.  It is the metamorphosis of the mobile home.  It is built to stick-house standards and because of how it's built, it's actually stronger than a stick built house.  We don't think for one second that we are living in a lowly mobile home.  It is our home, It is a house.  How it got here or was built is irrelevant.

Only once has anyone said anything about us living in a mobile home.  It was along the lines of "That's good for you"  and said that they wouldn't...not couldn't...live in one.  That still sits in Kevin as a bitter little pill.

I believe that everyone is entitled to their opinions and choices.  I equally believe that no one has the right to judge and the show felt judgy.  It felt like "OMG, you won't believe that he chose to live in THIS!" and "This" is nicer than most homes.

22 April 2011

Let's Go to Vegas

My newest obsession is Paul Carr.   I know, it's difficult to keep up.  There's Andrew Sullivan, Brian Williams, Craig Ferguson.  What can I say? Smart, witty guys are my downfall.  (not to imply that I don't know any smart, witty girls.)

Anyway...so easily distracted.  *Squirrel*

Paul is currently writing a series of articles for the Huffington Post about staying in Vegas for one month, each night in a different hotel.  Can I just admit right now that I freakin' love that idea and really, really want to try it? 33 hotels in 33 days in Vegas sounds like the best idea ever to me.

I enjoy Vegas, I really do. I  don't gamble at all, ever, nor do I drink anymore so it's not the hedonistic part of being in Vegas.  I just love all the glitz, busyness, and randomness of it all.  It's a place that doesn't sleep and encourages sleeping in.  There's a Starbucks in every lobby.  It's usually sunny there. They literally have lions, tigers, and bears oh my.

The allure of Vegas could be that it is the location of some pretty great & memorable moments of my life.  Racing with Kevin & the fam, cheating death on the New York, New York roller coaster, laying on the floor of the Stratosphere & looking down 1,000 feet to the ground below, or having some of the funniest moments in my life with our friends.

Or it could be the wandering spirit that I admire.  I'd love to just take off to points unknown for time unknown to see all that I could see. Perhaps on a smaller scale, though.

Paul's also on the Twitter updating us as he goes along.  He's doing the Vegas experience as authentically as he can.  He has written about getting married by Elvis at the Viva Las Vegas Chapel...yes, I am still considering it...and taught how to properly attend a strip club and what it's like to work as a prostitute in Vegas.  

I just love that he is a wandering spirit. He has no permanent base and as a writer, he doesn't require one. I'd love that.

Vegas baby, who's in?

20 April 2011

The Time is Now

When I stopped working at the school I made the very conscious decision to do nothing.  Not one damn thing.  I did, for a whole year.  I stayed home, wrote, visited with family & friends and thought about who I wanted to be when I grew up.

Then it was time to go back to work, we had bills to pay and goals to achieve.  I looked for jobs that were low-key and easy.  I looked for jobs that I was over-qualified for.  My intention was to have no pressure, no stress, and have my job be just that: a job.  I was determined not to be sucked into the vacuum I existed in before.

I took a job that I called the monkey job, as in "so easy a monkey could do it."  It was a good little job but it wasn't my favorite and there's such a thing as too easy. So I kept snooping around. 

I took the job I have now on a complete whim.  I interviewed and really thought about it, more than I had any other job I'd had in the past.  I jumped in with both feet and eyes closed.  In fact, I phoned Kevin from the parking lot and said "I just took a job" to my own astonishment.

It's been a good job.  There have certainly been days where I've wanted to go all Cartman but that's all jobs and just human nature.  It is probably the best job I've had.

Now there are changes afoot.  My job is still there, no worries, but it's changing.  A lot.  In a good way. In a stressful way.  It's been a long while since I've been challenged and forced to use all my skills.  It's scary in a way to use those muscles again but mostly I feel engaged again.

Time to stop effing around.  Time to stop dumbing myself down.  Time to get the job done.

18 April 2011

A Couch by Any Other Name

I call my loveseat a couch.  It's a Me-sized couch. But I also call it home.

My mom calls them "davenau"  (DAV-In-Oh)  or sometimes "davenport."  Every once in a while, Kevin's mom calls it the devan.  (duh-van)

They are the only two that I've ever heard call a couch that name.  Even on decorating television shows and the magazines, I have not heard those words used to describe couches.  Is it a regional thing?  Keeping in mind that my mom grew up in Southern California and Kevin's mom has lived in only two counties her entire life. 

As far as the other furniture goes, they call them by their proper names so it's not like they are nuts and call the table a sur la table.  It just seems like a couch thing.

What's the name of your couch?

16 April 2011

I Never...

Creative Kerfuffle had the brilliant idea of playing a blog version of "I Never..."  Play along, won't you?

I never learned to blow a bubble gum bubble.......I never went to high school prom(s)........I've never cooked a turkey.....I have never been in a skyscraper but I've been to the top of the Space Needle & Stratosphere........I've never broken a bone other than my nose, which isn't technically a bone......I've never skied, water or snow......I've never been to a real rock concert.......I never worked in a restaurant.......I've never had a manicure, pedicure, or massage........I have never smoked, not even once.......I have never been in a helicopter or hot air balloon.....I have never been to the east coast......I have never ridden a snowmobile.....

This has taken me nearly two hours to write.  I think that's a good thing, right?  I also think that it's a good bucket list, less than smoking & broken bones part.

Your turn, poppets!!

13 April 2011

Weekly Debate

The entire neighborhood and my mother is watching American Idol this year.  It's usually just me that watching with Kevin adding color commentary along the way of "OMG MAKE THEM STOP"

My mom phoned with ten minutes to spare prior to the show to recap last week, gossip about what the entertainment shows say, and predict who's going to go home.  She usually calls Ryan Brian Seacourt and Jennifer Lopez Jessica.  Tonight she called Randy Jackson by Kevin's given name.  (although she laughed when she realized what she said)  Oh, and she called Stefano "Siriano".  She's mixing her love of baseball and American Idol.

With the in-laws we are on opposing teams.  They love Casey & Jacob while Kevin & I don't.  We enjoy Scotty while they want to smack the mike out of his hand.  I can only imagine if we watched this all together in one room.  It would be modern day Hatfield & McCoys.

I love that we're all watching it and have differing opinions that we share over the week.  It's something to debate without the heaviness of politics or religion.

My brother-in-law figured out how to fix the voting system in a rare stroke of genius.  Instead of voting for your favorite, vote for the one you DISLIKE.  I love that idea, I would lean on the freaking redial button if that were the case.

I have such awesome respect for Steven Tyler's talent.  He is amazing with his ability to bust out a song, verse, or chorus with no preparation.  He really shows how far the talent has fallen in the current music industry. 

Also, a sidenote: I want to bitch slap Mariah Carey for teaching an entire generation to sing runs and hit high notes.  I fondly remember the time that people just sang the song without those theatrics.  I can appreciate the talent but it doesn't have  to be in every damn song.

And if you're not watching American Idol, this whole post is in pig latin.  (:-D

12 April 2011

Digging for Gold

One of my rings began snagging on stuff & scratching me so I took it to my jeweler today.   (let's hear for Fairhaven Gold, local friends!!) 

It is actually two rings, given to me from Kevin, that I received separately but had them fused together.  They're gold with sapphires & diamond (chips, if we're being honest :-)   It occurred to me that I hadn't had my rings checked in about two years.  I am usually a much better jewelry owner than that.

I had the jeweler check it out and I knew it was going to be bad when he looked at it and said "Oh My..."
Most of the prongs need retipping. I winced.  21 prongs, all said & done.  I gulped.  $199.  OMG. I told him that it might not be worth repairing and to me relief/despair, he said "Oh yes it is, it definitely is."  So I am so saving up to get my ring fixed.

Paying attention to the ringing in my head, I had him check my wedding ring.  He sighed.  I felt myself signing over the title of my truck to pay for all of this work.  Three tips, $35 including cleaning.  Sigh of relief.  But now I am without my wedding ring for about a week.  I hate, hate, hate that. 

I have a slim gold band to wear but I can't wear Kevin's wedding band like I usually do because the design of my wedding ring is what keeps Kevin's ring from falling off.  So, gah.

The next thing I need to do is have him check my earrings, which are diamond studs that I have worn for every single day for two or three years.  I am hesitant to hear the price for that but I would be sick if a diamond was lost. 

I dug out a jewelry box of broken jewelry I have...just like on the commercials!...and I am going to take them in to see what can be done with them.  Make a bracelet? add to my sapphire ring?  I am just not sure.  Perhaps they will just be donor parts to fix what needs repairing.

The moral of the story is get your rings checked more regularly than every 2-3 years.  Otherwise, you might as well buy new rings.

10 April 2011


Marriage and weddings have been randomly popping up in conversations lately.  I realize that it is Spring so bear with me.

Howard Stern mentioned the other day that his wife randomly texted him "I love being married."  I thought that was very sweet.  I do enjoy that about texting: a person can be impulsively romantic.

There was discussion of whether or not your husband wears a wedding band.  Kevin doesn't because of his job, it's a hazard and I'd rather he keep all his fingers.   My ex-husband wore his and fat lot of good it did so I really don't mind either way.

One of Kevin's coworkers is going through a divorce but he still wears his wedding band.  He has noticed that it is a chick magnet.  I wonder why that is?  I would be offended if I were approached by someone who was wearing their wedding band.

That brings us to a most recent development in our lives.  my nineteen year old niece has decided to get married.  She will be the third generation to get married at a young age for all the wrong reasons. My mom married & left home at 17 to a guy going into the service.  I married at 19 to a guy that could never survive the service.  My niece is marrying a guy currently in the service, just short of turning twenty.

I am thinking about the odd symmetry that has traveled three generations.   Each of us seem to have married at a young age to get out of a situation.  In my, and my moms, case it was leaving an unhealthy home life.  I don't believe that is the case with my niece but I do believe she is running away.

Which brings up attending weddings that a person doesn't support, for whatever reasons.  The worst example we can give is going to a wedding of a cousin who was marrying a man that we know abuses her.    Where does a person draw a line? 

Marriages and weddings, they bring up such ethical questions!! What do you think, poppets?  Wedding bands?  Young marriages?  Attending weddings you don't support?


09 April 2011

Who's That at the Door!?!?!?

I was finishing cleaning up the dinner mess when there was a knock on the door.  I answered it and there were the Littles.

Word has spread from the other night when the little visited that we have candy.  I have gummy bears right now and Kevin has chocolate next to his chair.I directed two of them to the table while the one in-the-know wandered over to Kevin's chair.  I told him "Kevin has to be here to share his candy."  (not my first rodeo with kids lol)

I asked where their parents were and they said "They're on a date!!" which told me their appearance was Kevin's brothers doing.  Well played, brother, well played.

So we bellied up the table and agreed that because they are four years old, they could have four each.  (I'm not being stingy with candy, there's THREE of them!)  So we counted out four bears.  Of course, someone accidentally counted six so we upped the ante to six.  I counted the boys so they knew it was fair...so important when you're four...and then the girl.  Strangely the girl was only using one hand.  Go figure.  She heard "six" so she counted out four and hid two in her hand.  Clever girl.

Off they went, happy as can be, in search for the next fun thing. (great grandparents who also have candy & a little dog)    Five minutes later they returned "We Need More Candy!!!"   Nice try.  I was momentarily tempted to fill their pockets with chocolate and send them home but my inner parent resisted.

Just another moment where three littles have brought joy and laughter to our lives.

08 April 2011

Epically Sad

If you're not feeling strong today then stop reading now because this is going to be sad. Terribly sad.

A million years ago in my old life, I was lucky enough to have a teacher on my staff that was the perfect preschool teacher.  Close your eyes and think of who you would want to care for & teach your child and that was Krista.  She was Mary Poppins and The Nanny mixed into one. 

I never had to worry if Krista was there.  She could see something good in every situation.  She could take on the toughest kids and draw them out, always with calm and kindness.  She could charm the grouchiest of parents and tell anyone negative news without the negativity.

Krista is the kindest person I have ever met.  She is one of the people that you are just better for knowing.

As luck would have it, Krista is terminally ill.  I've known for a bit but hadn't communicated with her for awhile beyond checking the facebook updates.

It was with heartbreaking sadness that I read this note posted today:

Dear Friends and Family,

As you may know I have been battling cancer again since November.  I have had successes and difficulties along the way.  I have now come to the point where my body is no longer cooperating with me in my fight.  Rather than continue to work against it I have decided to focus on the quality of my final days.  I am at peace with this as I know it is God’s will for me.

What I am asking for now is your support as I finish this leg of my journey.  I have decided I do not want a funeral or any kind of memorial.  I do not want to be associated with death in your minds.  I am not dying but simply in a transition process to the next stage of my life on a higher realm.  I am on a path that leads to my Ascension.  I am learning that to truly live one must go through the corridor of death and that death is not an end but merely a passageway to a higher existence.  Rather than mourning I ask that you would celebrate my Ascension.

I thank you all for the part you have played in my life and making me who I am today.  You have each touched me in different ways and I love and appreciate you for it.  Thank you all for the caring, kindness, and support you’ve so generously given me along the way.

In lieu of flowers my family has set up a fund for my remaining medical expenses and charitable interests at the Industrial Credit Union (account #59185).

Much Love,

I know, right?  I've read it three times and it still breaks my heart.  I can only hope that when my time comes, I can be one-fifth as gracious & strong as Krista.

So poppets, send a shout-out to whomever/whatever you believe for the ever-so-lovely Miss Krista.  The world is losing one great human being.  

07 April 2011


I was planning a quiet night at home and then our plans changed.  We have one of the Littles tonight so its popcorn and Toy Story.

What's that about best laid plans?  But who can resist this guy?

04 April 2011

News & Notes

You know that time when there is nothing going on but yet it seems like there is a lot going on?  That is how I'm feeling right now.  There's nothing major going on yet I'm wondering where my time is going.
Which doesn't bode well when race season starts up.

Work has been busier than normal.  I am appreciative of that.  I'd so rather be busy than spending time watching movies on the internet.  The executive director is retiring soon and while that is stressful, it is time.  I am cautiously excited for the change.

I am still trying to learn ACCESS and hating every single minute of it.  I am probably going to need to take a class which gives me such anxiety.  I loathe school of any kind.  But I am having no fun at all.  I usually  enjoy a challenge like that but this is making me curse, profusely.

Kevin and I had a date weekend, this is rare.   We went to dinner by ourselves then watched a movie Friday night then I brought dinner home Saturday then watched another movie.  The neighborhood was quiet, for once, so it felt like it was just the two of us again.  It's been eleven years since it was just the two of us in the neighborhood.

Is anyone interested/excited about the royal wedding?  It seems like there is a black and white reaction to the upcoming event.  People are either disdainful or excited.  I am interested.  Having watched Prince Charles & Lady Diana's wedding as a child, I find myself curious to see how it goes.  Kevin and I were talking that we will most likely see the coronation of a king in our lifetime, if not two.  Isn't that something to think about?

I am currently obsessed with the show "Coming Home" on Lifetime.  It is sob-athon television, let me tell you.  It is a show that features soldiers coming home from war and surprising their families.  It beats any YouTube video you've ever seen.

Daydream Believer was looking for book suggestions on the Twitter.  Someone told her to try Emily Giffin, who I loved and who was recommended by my BFF C.  She loved her too.  And then last night I noticed that one of her books has been made into a movie.  So that's cool.

I was going through my blogroll at work and dejectedly deleting blogs that aren't being tended anymore.  I was going to delete Not Your Aunt Bea (Hi Bea!!!!!)   when I noticed that her exercise log was still current. And...she's pregnant!!!  (Congrats Bea!!!!)   I emailed a mutual friend in excitement.  Now I can't possibly delete her blog.

Kevin asked what I write about here (he doesn't read this, clearly) and I said "Oh, stuff..."  This, this is a clear definition of "stuff". 

I wish everyone a happy & speedy work week!

The Day is Done

April is Poetry Month  (I know, BFF K, you're thrilled :-D ) 
Here is my all-time favorite.  I can still remember sitting in high school 
English/Literature and reading it for the first time.  If I could find that textbook
my life would be complete.
What's your favorite poem?
The Day is Done 
The day is done, and the darkness
 Falls from the wings of Night,
 As a feather is wafted downward
 From an eagle in his flight.

 I see the lights of the village
 Gleam through the rain and the mist,
 And a feeling of sadness comes o'er me
 That my soul cannot resist:

 A feeling of sadness and longing,
 That is not akin to pain,
 And resembles sorrow only
 As the mist resembles the rain.

 Come, read to me some poem,
 Some simple and heartfelt lay,
 That shall soothe this restless feeling,
 And banish the thoughts of day.

 Not from the grand old masters,
 Not from the bards sublime,
 Whose distant footsteps echo
 Through the corridors of Time,

 For, like strains of martial music,
 Their mighty thoughts suggest
 Life's endless toil and endeavor;
 And tonight I long for rest.

 Read from some humbler poet,
 Whose songs gushed from his heart,
 As showers from the clouds of summer,
 Or tears from the eyelids start;

 Who, through long days of labor,
 And nights devoid of ease,
 Still heard in his soul the music
 Of wonderful melodies.

 Such songs have a power to quiet
 The restless pulse of care,
 And comes like the benediction
 That follows after prayer.

 Then read from the treasured volume
 The poem of thy choice,
 And lend to the rhyme of the poet
 The beauty of thy voice.

 And the night shall be filled with music,
 And the cares, that infest the day,
 Shall fold their tents, like the Arabs,
 And as silently steal away.
~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow 

03 April 2011

Sunday Sunday Sunday

In the off season my favorite kind of Sunday afternoon is spent watching movies and reading.  Today I am watching for the billionth time, Return to Me.  There is not one single thing I would change about this movie, I love it so much. If you haven't seen it, go right now and order it.  You won't be disappointed.

In a little over a month however, my Sunday afternoons will be drastically different.  Racing season will have begun and instead of a quiet afternoon at home, I will be enjoying the exact opposite.  Right now I am looking forward to it although by the end of the season I will be longing for a quiet Sunday.

I spent equal time with the couch and my office today.  I have gotten out of the habit of working in my office now that I have the broadband internet and my writing has reflected it.  Today I spent filing.  I am usually highly organized but in the past few years I just didn't have the energy or attention span.  Now everything is where it belongs, which is a comforting feeling.    I also did the purge and burnt a bunch of paperwork, a very cathartic exercise that I recommend to anyone who lives out in the country like I do.

It's important to take time to wind down. The mind & body need the quiet to sort itself out.  It may just be me but I need time to just stare blankly and do nothing. One would think with the ADD this wasn't possible but I say Because Of  I need it. 

Today I can say Mission Accomplished. 

How about you? how do you relax?