09 April 2011

Who's That at the Door!?!?!?

I was finishing cleaning up the dinner mess when there was a knock on the door.  I answered it and there were the Littles.

Word has spread from the other night when the little visited that we have candy.  I have gummy bears right now and Kevin has chocolate next to his chair.I directed two of them to the table while the one in-the-know wandered over to Kevin's chair.  I told him "Kevin has to be here to share his candy."  (not my first rodeo with kids lol)

I asked where their parents were and they said "They're on a date!!" which told me their appearance was Kevin's brothers doing.  Well played, brother, well played.

So we bellied up the table and agreed that because they are four years old, they could have four each.  (I'm not being stingy with candy, there's THREE of them!)  So we counted out four bears.  Of course, someone accidentally counted six so we upped the ante to six.  I counted the boys so they knew it was fair...so important when you're four...and then the girl.  Strangely the girl was only using one hand.  Go figure.  She heard "six" so she counted out four and hid two in her hand.  Clever girl.

Off they went, happy as can be, in search for the next fun thing. (great grandparents who also have candy & a little dog)    Five minutes later they returned "We Need More Candy!!!"   Nice try.  I was momentarily tempted to fill their pockets with chocolate and send them home but my inner parent resisted.

Just another moment where three littles have brought joy and laughter to our lives.

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creative kerfuffle said...

omg. you might have to stock up on gummis for their next visit! what a great excuse to have to have candy around ; )