30 May 2010

One More Reason

This morning we left to go get coffee like we usually do. We were talking about the day, today is Kevin's birthday barbecue so we weren't exactly focused.

Halfway down the driveway, Kev put the brakes on and says "Oh My God, look behind us!"

So I looked in the side rear view and saw nothing.

"No, look BEHIND us"

I turned around and Missy was standing on the toolbox of the truck. Kevin had forgotten to hook her up to the truck before we left. Apparently she decided that she was going to surf on the way to the mocha stand.

Just one more example of why it's good we're not parents. Clearly, we would be the ones on the evening news having driven away with the child strapped into their car seat on the roof of the car.

*This is probably how she was as we pulled out the driveway & before she had the surfing idea*

29 May 2010

Rainy Days

It has been raining all week. Spring rains which are warm and feature huge rain drops.

I love it.

I am one in three gabillion people that like the rain.

Washington weather is notoriously rainy. The past few days have fulfilled that stereotype tenfold. Rain, wind, sun, rain were all featured today.

On the way home, Rosie was on the radio talking about Seattle and how she could never live here. While I get it, there are times when I can't live here one second more, I was also defensive.

It's beautiful here. There is a reason that Seattle is called the Emerald City. Just the shades of green alone makes for a beautiful sight. Add spring flowers, water, and the mountains and it is a setting for a fairy tale.

It has been raining big raindrops the past two days, the kind of rain that thoroughly soaks you thoroughly. Our usual rain is misty, you don't really get wet walking through it. Legend tells it that you can tell a visitor from a local because the person is using an umbrella. For us natives, an umbrella is more work that it's worth most times.

I am so not making the case of why it's nice to live here, even if it does rain a lot. (but not as much as you think - that's our little secret, mmkay?) But trust me, it is beautiful.

And here is a little rain-themed song for y'all. It's quite country but turn it up & listen to the lyrics anyway. You won't regret it.

27 May 2010

Matchy Matchy

Have we talked about socks? I remember talking about the sock drawer being unorganized in one of the ill-advised Hoarders episode viewing.
My taste in socks has varied throughout the years. I was a child in the 80's so colored socks that matched your shirt was a requirement.

Then I switched to only white socks because I grew tired of matching socks. (I know, it takes like a second)

Oh, wait. Did anyone watch the Marriage Ref about the guy who lettered & number matched his socks? So that the same sock was worn on the same foot, all the time. I told Kevin before I even showed it to him: "No, don't even consider it"

And wouldn't you know it? He thought it was a good idea. Sigh. I told him that it was fine but he would have to sort his socks. Yeah, that went over well. (:-D

(His birthday is tomorrow, I'm totally going to do it for him)


I had one favorite pair of socks until a few days ago. They're crazy and Kevin invariably says "Your socks don't match....anything."

Aren't they Teh Bestest?

Until, until!! I found these!!

Aren't these FUN!?!?!?!

What are your favorite socks?

26 May 2010


There have been some phenomenal television series/season finales over the last week.

Greys Anatomy was so OMFG that I felt overwhelmed at the end of it. Private Practice, which had previously wandered into Jump The Shark mode, kicked my ass. Brothers & Sisters. So far, there has been death in all the finales. 24, which was all death, all the time.

I still have to finish The Good Wife & Parenthood, for gosh sakes.

Then there was LOST, which I still don't think that I've totally absorbed yet. I am still awestruck.

As I type, I am watching American Idol and while Simon isn't dying, he's leaving the show.

We forget that these aren't real people, real stories. This is all make-believe. Yet we all become so invested.

Is it just me or has television become more intense?

25 May 2010

Nailed It

Things must be going smoothly in my life because I have fingernails.

I am not a nail biter but I will tear them if I am stressed. (Hint to friends: if my hands are fisted or folded, I'm trying not to stress) If there is a groove or a nick or a hangnail, I will fuss with it. It is not a habit I enjoy.

My nails aren't down to the quick or super short but just a nice-ish length. There is always one nail that is gone. Right now it is one of my pinkies because I stumbled on some stairs next door and tore one to the quick.

Right now as I type this, I've have to pay attention because I can hear the clicking of the nails, where they touch the keys before my fingertips do.

It's time like these that I consider nail polish again. Then I remember just how much I hate polish and the maintenance of it.

Besides, I am sure the nails will be gone soon enough anyway.

How are your nails? Are you a nail biter or do you keep them manicured?

24 May 2010

Learning to Type

I learned to type as a freshman in high school, on actual typewriters. It was one of the most miserable classes for me, on par with algebra.

The ADD was on sensory overload, the learning disabilities kicked in full-force. The only fun part of the whole damn class was one of my BFFs was in the same class and just as bad as I was.

So then came along texting. I picked it up fairly easily at first. I am a very good speller so it was a skill that came quickly. Then my brother-in-law taught me about T-9 texting. I felt like I was back in typing class.

But if nothing else, I am stubborn. I figured it out. Now I like it. Sometimes if I'm hurried and not concentrating, I will mess it up. Mostly, it is a trust exercise for me. I have to just assume that I'm spelling everything correctly.

Kevin's phone has Predictive Text. Another freaking skill to learn for me. I hate texting on his phone. Hate it. But I am probably getting a new phone this summer and the nephew says they all come with it now. Sigh..

We never stop learning, do we?

The only texting abbreviation that I use is LOL or some variation of. Otherwise, I am a speller. I don't care that it takes thirty seconds longer, I have to spell things fully and correctly.

Do you text? How do you text?

23 May 2010


I wasn't going to watch Lost when it started. We were in the old house, Kevin was sick, and there just wasn't room in my head for another new show.

Then in the summer of 2005, I found myself reluctantly packing a house that we had lived in for fourteen years. The television was on and I wasn't paying attention to it. They were rerunning LOST in prep for the second season.

All of a sudden, I found myself listening. What the hell is this show? It's totally weird, disconnected, effed up fable. With hotties. (hello Sawyer. And Sayid. And Jin. And Jack....)

Kevin watched it with me for a little while but this certainly isn't a show for the easily distracted. He missed a few shows and Game Over, he wasn't interested anymore. I can't say that I blame him, I've had issues from time to time.

Then I found Entertainment Weekly's weekly recaps and interpretations. People much smarter than I could ever be explained the symbolism and meaning of this show. It made it more addictive than ever.

So here I sit, waiting to watch the last 2.5 hours of this crazy show. I remember watching the season finales of MASH, Seinfeld, and Friends; feeling sad as if we were losing friends. Tonight it is a mix of Explain Dammit and sadness.

I can hardly wait.

Did you watch?

22 May 2010

Seventeen Years

Today marks seventeen years since Kev & I were married. Seventeen years. That seems like such a big number.

A bigger number is twenty. In October, we will have been together for twenty years. Twenty. I have reached the stage in my life where my time on earth is equally divided between With Kevin and Not With Kevin.

We're going to dinner, just he and I. Anniversaries are usually no phone or computer evenings so hopefully no interruptions. Might watch a movie, might go to Home Depot. We're just going to go with the flow of things.

We don't do the gift thing on anniversaries usually. Kevin will send flowers if it's a work day. We exchange cards. This years note to me was "Who knew it would be this easy? Thanks for taking care of me the way you do."

I know, right?

I did finish one part of the Great Photo Organization project:

So on behalf of our anniversary, hug the one you love! Time goes by fast, don't let love get away.

21 May 2010


This weeks People magazine features Jennifer Hudson and her "incredible" weight loss.

Firstly, I am so tired of these articles/commercials. Secondly, I am not a Jennifer Hudson fan.

Thirdly, apparently we're overlooking three major items: She just had a baby, she just suffered a huge loss and she used a weight loss company. Of COURSE she freaking lost weight.

My mom has always pointed that out about the weight loss company ads, they often choose women who've recently had children. (Angie Everheart, the most recent example)

There has been a lot of blogging about health, weight, dieting, etc lately. I might as well jump into the fray here.

I have two friends that have had tremendous success with Weight Watchers. Of all the programs, it seems to make the most sense. The other programs just seem to be profit-based over anything health based.

Oprah frustrates me to no end because her dieting always requires babysitters and expense. Of all the people who should hush about weight, it should be Oprah. Don't get me started on her "blown out thyroid" lie.

While I am on a rant now, can we just acknowledge how much Marie Osmond is beginning to look like a drag queen? And am I the only one that wants to throw shoes at the television when Valerie Bertenelli is on the television?

I don't subscribe that there is any One Way for maintaining healthy weight or lifestyle. I think there are too many factors at play. Genetics, lifestyle, economic status, environment. I think lifestyle is a very personal choice and no one else should get a say. (except the doctor, of course)

I heard on the radio about a completely different way to look at health. Instead of basing everything on the number on the scale, to look at your body in the same way that you would a car.

Cars have gauges that tell you exactly how things are going. Just like with cars, we don't often know exactly what each gauge means but they are important to pay attention to. Like a car, the human body can be generally healthy but still have issues. You can have great health but poor cholesterol numbers. You can be over-weight but be overall healthy.

The "gauges" that were explained were:

Blood Pressure
Height (this one for osteoporosis. Using your height at 21 years old vs. your current height)

I liked the concept that there are other ways to determine "health" beside weight. I liked the idea of being thorough with your health diagnosis during physicals. A simple blood test will tell you three of the gauges.

Based on the above gauges, I am very healthy. I have low blood pressure, my blood work is always well within the parameters. I am *knock wood* rarely sick. What I lack is enough physical activity. This is good, it gives me something to work toward. That's the gauge I need to pay attention to.

What gauges should you pay attention to?

20 May 2010

Wednesdays at Seven

Every Wednesday I talk to my mom. It's become a funny little routine. About 7:00 I call her and we discuss/dissect American Idol. I am going to have to find a new topic soon as the finale is next week.

It is funny to me how she has such strong opinions about the contestants, judges, etc. So far, she has been right about who is going home. She is a Lee fan now that Casey James has gone home. Showing her age, she doesn't like Crystal's dreads, piercings, and tattoos.

I am going to try to convince her to watch "So You Think You Can Dance" next. I think she will enjoy it but on a selfish level, it gives us another thing to talk about.

Not that the conversations are short, I have to plan about 45 minutes worth of chatting. I know what came in the mail, who called, what the neighbors are doing, what Brother Dear has done in the yard, etc. etc.

Oh, and she likes the tabloid shows like Access Hollywood and stuff. It makes me giggle.

It is fun to hear her making new discoveries, like shows on the television or songs on the radio. She is feeling pretty good about life right now, now that she knows she can do this thing on her own.

So don't call Wednesdays at 7:00, I'm listening to Mom.

19 May 2010

Yes, Another Facebook Post

I think I've finally reached the end of FaceBook. My friend suggestions no longer hold any surprises. I think I've found anyone that I was really wanting to find, and some people that I didn't. I have a good mix of friends, family, and internet friends.

I do hate the deciding whether or not to friend request someone. There are a few people that I remember from school, they were smart and funny and I'd like to see what they're up to now. But do they remember me? Ugh.

And I don't know if this is everyone but my high school class seems to be of the "We all graduated together, let's all friend each other." It's not necessarily a bad idea when it's based around Facebook and not, say, a monthly dinner. I kind of like the spirit behind it.

There has been a lot of discussion regarding facebook "friends": They aren't really your friends, just pictures on a screen. They are people you once knew but don't now. There is a reason why you're not longer friends. FB friends aren't real friends whom offer support in a real way. Yadda Yadda Yadda.

While I understand the logic and there is a percentage of truth in those statements, my experience hasn't been that at all.

Yes, I have some friends in name only but it's still good to hear about their lives. Maybe it's just the writer in me.

Yes, they are people that I once knew but don't now. I am enjoying learning about their lives again and recreating connections. I am so incredibly thankful for finding two friends that I never thought I would hear from again.

Yes, there are a few friends where I am reminded why our friendships fell to the wayside, but they were still my friends all the same. Facebook actually provides a forum for friendships like that, I can set the level of interaction that I am comfortable with.

All in all, I think Facebook has been a good thing for me, a normally solitary being. How do you feel about it? A good thing? bad? too complicated? a time waster?

18 May 2010

I Will Never Watch Again

If he doesn't win this year:

17 May 2010

Change is Good

You know, it really is true. Change is good. It just really, really, really sucks when it's happening. Really. Sucks. And I think if anyone has the stupidity to actually say "change is good" while change is happening, you get to punch them in the head. No questions asked.

The past three years have been nothing but change for me. There is not one single area of my life that hasn't been touched by change. Everything. Family, friends, jobs, relationships, everything.

Change sucked when Kevin got sick. (this is actually five years ago. Roll with me) Illness, radiation and unending medical bills totally sucked. Now, however, we are both so much healthier. We eat better. We take better care of ourselves. Our marriage is stronger.

Change sucked when my dad got sick then died. Now, all the pressure has been let out of our lives. The constant strain of tension is gone. The family, as a whole, has taken a proverbial sigh of relief. Our family is stronger.

Change sucked when I stopped working at the school. Unexpected, it left me adrift and trying to figure out WTF just happened. Now I am in a different, less stressful job. I had a year to hang out with the fam and to write. All of it is good, now. I am stronger.

Change indeed sucks. If you can just hold fast, hold tight, things get better. My experience has shown me that it gets much better. It still sucks.

What changes have you experienced that turned out for the better?

16 May 2010

It has Begun

It has begun. Gardening. This is our odd little garden at the back of the backyard. There is a rhododendron to the right which has been moved two times, the last time with an excavator.

The purple plant, of which I have no idea what it's called, has been hanging around for a few years in pots. This is the third time I've divided it and I finally put it in the ground. I have my fingers crossed that it survives. I still have two of them in pots, just in case.

See those pokey things? The ones randomly coming out of the ground? That's called Milkweed. It is the devil. There is a reason that it as "weed" in it's name. What you see is after it has been weed-whacked, pulled, Round-Up'd and stood upon. Oh, and it's poisonous. If you get it's liquid on your hands then wipe your eyes or nose, pain ensues. NICE. Why do I have it? My sister-in-law, in a fit of passive-aggressiveness I believe, gave it to us.

What's with the random yard art? It is a group of gifts given to us since we've moved into the new house. The angel figurine, whose wings are broken btw, is from my brother. The gazing ball is from my parents, and the "stone" plant holder is from Kevin's mom. These all resided on the deck until I got claustrophobic and relocated everything.

And yes, there are two pieces of driftwood (do you know it's illegal to take driftwood home?) that we've had for quite awhile. It is absurd that we have driftwood when we live in the woods but whatever.

You know when I started this post, it was going to be titled "$30".

Yesterday I finally broke down and bought flowers. Nothing weathered over and I got tired of looking like the Adam's Family. I spent $30 and brought home more than I needed. Even though I didn't get as many flowers as this year, it still seems like A LOT. I only bought geraniums and peonies, I seem to be able keep these alive the best. I threw three pots away and put the rest in storage, just in case I lose my mind and buy more.

This afternoon I watered all the flowers and remembered how nice it was to be outside, listening to the birds and feeling the spray on my bare feet. The sun has been shining for the past few days, making us forget how long the winter was.

What flowers do you have? Or Vegetables?

15 May 2010

Free Pass

The lovely Jamie tagged me in a pass-along that is always fun to think about. Who is on your list of "freebies" if you get the opportunity to be with someone other than your spouse.

I think this game started with Friends, where Ross blows it with Isabella Rossellini.

I had to think about it, because I'm not a big swooner when it comes to celebrities and the such.

So here we go:

Brad Paisley. Hands down, no discussion. Cute has hell, talented and funny.

Craig Ferguson. Kevin just said the other night "You'd leave me in a hot second for him, wouldn't you?" Um, yeah.

Then there is our universal boyfriend: John Cusack.

Now I task you with the fun game of creating our own freebie list.

12 May 2010

Scene from a Marriage

I was walking down our road to get the mail when Kevin pulled in. I noticed that he had the window down on the passenger side so I stopped and waited for him.

He pulls up, my husband who looks like a State Patrolman in his Oakley sunglasses, in his Mustang that I washed, thank you very much, looking all cute and stuff.

I listen...."Oh My GAWD How OLD are you!?!?!!"

All I heard was twang and "Sahwduhst on the Flooohr..."

I can't even guess what the song was. Way before I started listening to Country.

He's all "What are you talk....GAH!" then revs the engine & spins the tires a bit, pulling away in disgust.

When I returned to the house, he's singing like he does, with a grin.

At least it wasn't Johnny Horton because that has actually happened.

11 May 2010


Brother Dear is ten years older than me. He graduated in 1977, right in the heart of rock & roll, disco, and polyester.

Although I was only eight at the time, I somehow understood that everything was going to change after that graduation. I've written before about my brother trying to fit in all the memories he could with me before leaving for the service.

The theme song of the graduation was "Do You Know Where You're Going To?" I remember thinking that was the perfect song. I also remember trying really hard not to cry because tears weren't welcomed in this family, especially not in public. The song still makes me teary. Everything changed with that graduation, not just for my brother.

The next song they played was also perfect. "We Will Rock You". The entire gymnasium rocked with foot stomping, clapping, and singing. It was one of the most fun, memorable moments of my life. I remember very clearly that my dad was not amused, them playing that loud "long-haired, hippie type" music. But I loved it. I remember thinking it would be cool to play that when I graduated.

I told Brother Dear that story when Dad passed and he smiled. He'd never heard the story about Dad's reaction before and it made him smile the same way it did for me when it happened.

What song(s) played at your graduation?

Oh, Glass Tiger "Don't Forget Me When I'm Gone." LAME.

10 May 2010

Meetings at the Mailbox

The other day I was getting the mail when a truck pulled up alongside me.

I know right? what is it with me?

It was a young couple, in their early twenties, and they were clearly moving.

"What's the name of this road?" she asks.

"Lake Samish Road"

"Where does it end up?"

"Lake Samish"

The boy/driver actually laughed.

"Where are you trying to get to? That might get you the answer you're looking for"

"Bow Hill Road, we're going to the dump."

"Turn around and go back..."

"We don't want to go on the freeway" the cute driver says. I tell you, I am a sucker for boys with trucks.

"No worries, go back & turn on the next road. Bear left no matter what & it will take you where you want to be." (aren't those Yoda/Zen-like directions?)

Meanwhile the neighbors dogs are Losing Their Minds behind me on the other side of the fence. I sealed the whole scene from a movie set in the countryside with a "Y'all HUSH, the both of you!"

They said thanks and turned around in the neighbor's driveway while the stalker cat glares at them and the dogs continue their barking descent into madness.

I remembered when we moved up here, nearly twenty years ago now and how exciting it was. For a moment, I wanted to be them.

09 May 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all of you who are moms or mothers to people other than their family.

As you might guess, I am not a huge fan of this day. It took a few years to get Kevin's family to stop giving what I saw as condolences gifts. They did it so I wouldn't feel bad, their hearts in the right place, but it unfortunately did just that.

All in all, I get a free pass on this holiday. We spent time with my mom and had dinner next door with the fam. Otherwise, I spent the day quietly, reading and hanging out with Kev.

Kevin is pretty cool about the whole thing. He woke me up with a "Happy You Get Nothing Day", starting the day with laughter instead of disappointment. He followed it up with a FB status update of "Happy You're Not a Mother Day to my wife", which made me & our friends laugh.

I hope you spent the day with whomever you consider your family, surrounded by love.

08 May 2010


Dear Dog,

Either go kill whatever you are barking at or hush. Oh, and please recognize your own truck pulling into the driveway. You are a dork.


Dear Pantene,

Please stop changing your labels. Yours is the only product that works for me and it feels like you are abusing our relationship. kthanks.


Dear Bicycle Riders,

I am sure you are very lovely people who are nice to old people, children, and small animals but I hate you with every fiber of my being.


Dear Guys who drive big trucks,
Thank you for the admiring looks & smiles when I crawl down out of the big truck. Yes, I am adorable, all five foot three of me.


Dear Passive Aggressive FB & Twitter People,
Stop posting cryptic messages. No one cares and it just earns you "Hide/Mute Updates" designations.


Dear Swistle,
Triple loved today's post: Things to Resent God For.


Dear Spring,
Thank you for finally making an appearance. Will you please hang out here awhile?


Dear Cute Old Guy Buying Mother's Day Card,
Your wife is a very lucky lady & I hope she knows how sweet you are.

07 May 2010

One of Each, Please

I just can't decide.

Kevin asked last night which car I would like, if it were possible. It is the age-old car question: Chevy, Ford, or Dodge. We already own a Mustang. We've owned three total and this is my least favorite of them all.

The racecar is a 66 Chevelle that I love. I've always been a Chevy fan & have owned a few.
Kevin had Dodges when he was younger, before he bought the Chevelle so he likes all of the cars.

We are enjoying what the call the resurgence of the muscle car. Right now there are current versions of all my favorite cars. Thus the above question.

Which one?

05 May 2010

In Vain

One of the commandments is "Thou Shalt Not Take Thy Lord's Name in Vain."

I look at the commandments as a set of guidelines not set in stone, excuse the pun. (that was for you, CK!) Regardless of your beliefs, they are just a good set of rules to try to follow.

I've mentioned before that I was raised in an anti-religion family so "God Damn It" was a regular refrain. It wasn't one of my favorite phrases but it did get said from time to time when I was younger.

Kevin's family, on the other hand, does not say it at all. It is kind of like the n-word, you just don't say it.

It makes sense if you think of it, by saying it you are conjuring an entity's power for your own personal use. Just based in a comic book sense it's just not a good idea, let alone when considering your eternal rest.

So, I don't say it. I don't say "Jesus Christ" or anything like that. Everyone once in awhile it will run through my head or I will encounter something that it SO would be Perfect to say but I don't.

Other do though. I don't take offense. It's their own choice and not mine. Thou Shalt Not Judge is also a rule, and a bigger one to me.

A co-worker exclaimed "Jesus Christ" the other day and was immediately apologetic. She is Jewish so the name means nothing to her. I found it funny actually. Like I said, sometimes a situation just calls for that phrase.

To be frank, there are times that I am a little jealous that you can say it & I can't. I get a little glee when I hear it. It usually makes me laugh.

04 May 2010

As You Wish

I am so completely sick of every single thing that I can cook that I could scream.

To add insult to injury, we have eaten out so much in my lifetime that restaurant food no longer holds any allure.

I could have cereal for dinner for the rest of my God given life and I would be FINE. You think I am kidding and I am so not. When I was single, I totally had cereal for dinner.

It's not as if my repertoire of meals is vast. Even with the Food Thing adding more meals that I can "not screw up" (Kevin's seal of approval), the list is still quite minimal.

Mix into the above challenge that Kev gets home no sooner than 6:00 pm then has stuff to do before he can eat dinner & settle down. So I need to not only plan a meal, prepare it but time it to be ready at specific time. Have you met me? I could sooner fly a commercial airplane.

AND THEN, while I'm on a rant here, Kevin has begun the As You Wish technique of choosing his dinner preference.

"Is there something that sounds good?"

"Whatever you'd like to make"

"You want me to pick up dinner or make?"

"Whatever is easier for you."

I have a text that says: "Whatever makes you happy"

Before you get all swoony about what a great guy Kevin is (and he is) consider how frustrating this is to hear when you would rather have Honey Nut Cheerios for dinner.

What's for dinner at your house?

03 May 2010

Cinderella Cinderella

About a month ago, Quinn at QC Report triumphed over her least favorite household chore: cleaning the trash cans. She asked what everyone's most hated chore was.

I couldn't decide.

Dusting just irritates me. I am not sure why. I have the Swiffer so it's not difficult. The house is small. We don't live in a dustbowl. I'm not sure what my damage is when it comes to dusting.

Washing out trash cans isn't a pleasant task but not the worst thing. In fact, this weekend it was raining so hard/much that I just left it outside with some bleach. A few hours later: Clean!

Baseboards? Yeah, that is an unpleasant task as well. But it's kind of a take it or leave it task. No one really notices if you do a half-assed job except you. It is the kind of chore that can be broken into smaller tasks.

Yesterday it finally occurred to me: Stove Drip Pans.

Teh Worst.

Especially if you cook like me, easily distracted.

Sometimes I would just rather move.

Now I pass the question onto you: What is your least favorite household chore?

02 May 2010

Allergies Scmallergies

I have a few food allergies. I had many when I was a baby/toddler but outgrew them. I turned thirty and *wham* they returned. So frustrating.

What is more frustrating is my brain's refusal to acknowledge said allergies. I have actually eaten something because I forgot or simply didn't think about it. I've also been stubborn and ate it anyway, then while suffering the consequences, beat myself up thoroughly.

A few weeks ago I ate something by accident and had a reaction, that was a first. Nothing scary but enough to put me on alert.

During my last physical, I mentioned the apple allergy because it seemed to have worsened. She actually suggested a medical bracelet. I looked at her like she'd lost her mind and she was actually quite funny about "Never mind, I'm sure you'll be fine."

Brother Dear the EMT is also on high alert. "Epi-pen?" he asked. Yes, he was very pleased when I said no. "Benedryl?" No, that's just silly talk. ((this is where I imagine a knock on my door to find Bea on the doorstep with a frown and a "Are you that stupid" speech prepared))

Last night we had Chinese food. And I had a reaction in the middle of the night. NICE. Luckily, it was the gastrointestinal reaction, if that can be qualified as lucky. I laid in bed, pouting at 2:00 AM, thinking "I can't eat nothing!!!" Because that is mature and productive.

The point of this ramble is this: I need to start paying attention. I need the ADD to STFU when I am dishing something up that I really want but know I am going to pay dearly for later.

It's time to be a grown-up and dude, that sucks. Why am I allergic to some of my favorite things?

Are you allergic to anything?

01 May 2010


On days like this, I would just rather lie around on the couch watching television. On days like this, it is important that I don't. If I do, it will set the precedent for the entire weekend: getting nothing done. It sounds wonderful but once Monday rolls around, it really sucks.

I try to keep a routine on weekends. I sleep in a bit, we go get coffee then I usually go run errands. I have figured out that if I do all the chores & errands on Saturday, I can relax a bit more on Sunday and make the weekend seem just a tiny bit longer.

But when I am in the "can't want to" mode, it gets a little tough. I make myself do stuff. Make the bed. Clear all the surfaces: put all the junk accumulated over the work week away, straighten the tables next to our chairs. Start the laundry.

Once I get this stuff finished, it gets a little easier to continue. Clean both bathrooms. Water the plants, dust. (I hate dusting) Until I finally get to the floors: vacuuming and mopping. If I can just persevere, it only takes about two hours, I feel so much better when I'm done. I just have to keep going.

But you can bet that I hate everything while I am doing it.

Oh, hey, I need to buy a vacuum cleaner soon. Anyone have any opinions? I want to buy a Dyson just so I can hear Craig Ferguson saying in my head "The proper amount of suction" but that's just not a valid reason to buy a vacuum.