30 May 2011

Alcohol = S'Mores

This weekend was the big birthday party.  I think we're all exhausted, happy but exhausted.  We had friends from Canada, friends from faraway, friends that were new and friends that were old.  It was the perfect mix of people.

The kids had friends to play with this year so that was a new development as in past years, it's just been adults. They had a great time running around and the adults had a great time watching them.  I actually heard the words "I'll punch that baby, right here in front of all these people.  Oh yeah, I said it, I will punch a baby."  I was laughing so hard I had tears streaming down my face.  Especially as the baby, Peyton, who was facing him at the time smiling at him with the most angelic face ever.  (Context...The Nephew, Stepdad to five, is extremely nervous that babies are contagious)

We sung Happy Birthday three different times then we all surprised Kevin with the Happy Birthday song.  Always his favorite.

We've had barbecue and cake. There is still both leftover.   We're waiting to hear that the s'mores are ready now, which brings me to the title.  Kevin was talking to the Littles about their party and he announced that there would be chicks & alcohol.  Girl Little thought this was hysterical, she seemed to get it.  The boys, however, asked later what alcohol was.  The Nephew, quick as always on his feet, told them that s'mores were alcohol.

Now we're ready to sleep.  A lot.  But first: s'mores.

I hope your weekend was as enjoyable!

28 May 2011

I am a Gleek

I posted "Loser Like Me" the other day.  That song resonates with every version of me, from child to adult.

This is the beauty of GLEE.  It resonates.  It's the show we wished we had when we were in high school.  It features the teachers, parents, friends that we wish we had...or maybe did have. They touch on every subject that a teen experiences in a very real - and funny - way.   Yes, it has it's moments of absurdity but mostly, it's pure joy. 

Every person, personality, orientation or ability is represented in this show.  Not in the After School Specials kind of way but in a very real way.  I bet that you will find someone that you identify with, or perhaps a few of them.  Sometimes it feels as if it provides a do-over of sorts, providing a perspective that one might not gain without going to your high school reunions or reliving it with your own children.

The music is amazing. Crazy talented, the actors all sing in real life.  Lea Michelle (Rachel) is incredible. I often like their version better than the originals.  I own all the CD's.  I told you: I'm a Gleek.

Do me a favor...rent the Glee series and watch them.  Rosie O'Donnell said on her radio show that an episode of GLEE is like taking anti-depressants.   So go, do.  Glee is probably my all time favorite show ever and would I ever steer you wrong?

27 May 2011

Need a Pick Me Up?

This song resonates with me.  Turn it up, learn the words, and sing it out!

Be a Loser Like Me

25 May 2011

It's the Little Things Sometimes

It's been a stressful couple of days at work.  As much as I can tell myself that it's temporary and be proactive, I've still found myself muttering.  A lot.

Sometimes in moments, hours, days, weeks like this it's important to just take a breath and look around.

The neighbor next door to my work that always says hello.  The lady from the church that knows my name and always asks how I am doing.  The client that is excited and grateful for any gesture of kindness that you can give her.  The client who is excited to see you when not at work.  The coworker that emails you solely to make you laugh.

It's the little things.  The little things that are important.  It's the little things that are going to get me through these next few weeks.

What little things do you see when you look around?  Are you missing them in the busyness of life?

23 May 2011

Random Item of the Day

Insomnia is sometimes a good thing.  It occurred to me at two in the morning that I hadn't done a Random Item of The Day post in quite awhile.

Turns out the item I chose is apparently descendant from vampires as it is nearly impossible to photograph.

When the in-laws closed the Moody House, we divvied up everything.  This is a jewelry box that I was given.
Kevin's mom was given it when she was a child in the 1950's.  She said it seemed old when she got it. 

So I'm guessing it's about seventy years old.  I don't know if it was handmade or manufactured.  The wood inlay is just dusty.  (If I planned this better, I would have dusted it)  The picture is inlaid, not laminated.  The inside is very simple with felt. 

It is probably one of the coolest things I own.  It's got some mystery to it and it's beautiful, dust and all.

19 May 2011

Raise Your Glass!

I  am beyond happy to tell you that Kevin *finally* got his one-year clearance for his treatment for Graves Disease.

Since '05-'06, he's been required to have blood tests & appointments first on a weekly basis then on monthly then on an every six month basis. Right after his radiation treatment it was every three months so the six months marker felt like a cakewalk.  And now, NOW, he has the annual check up and is officially in what they call  remission.  (remission doesn't seem like the correct word but I didn't choose it)

To add to the fun, this weekend is our 18th wedding anniversary.  Next weekend is his birthday and Wednesday is The Littles birthday.  So I see two weeks worth of celebration in our future!

18 May 2011

Here's Who I Listen To

I've mentioned that I am a research nerd.  I love looking up random stuff, definitions of words, and reading.

I started being interested in politics during the last horrifying months of George The Idiot Kings reign of stupidity.  I started to look into different websites and publications so I could know about things that were going on in the world.  Being friends with our Canadian friends also made me realize that I wasn't as knowledgeable about our own politics and goings-on as I should be.

It's been long enough that I don't remember where I met my boyfriend Andrew Sullivan.  I think he was on Bill Maher.  I love that he's fiscally conservative, Catholic, gay and married.  I love that he admits when he was wrong or states when he's changed his mind.

I've been a fan of Bill Maher fan for a long time.  I enjoy that he calls a spade a gardening tool, as Kevin says.  I don't agree with his pro-pot opinions or his anti-religion but that's what makes it interesting to listen.
He gathers smart people around him and fact checks.  He's how I "met" Neill Degrasse Tyson and Dr Cornell West.  Two people who talk so far over my head but don't make me feel stupid.

Then there's the dream team of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.  I enjoy that they are using their powers for good to out the far right and FOX News.  In a fun and entertaining way, they teach us.

Strangely, I don't listen to NPR.  I am just not a fan.  I can only imagine the "Schwetty Balls" skit from Saturday Night Live.   I do listen to Howard Stern and Rosie O'Donnell on the radio, both of whom are outspoken and knowledgeable.  Both of whom I don't always agree with.  Therein lies my convoluted point: you have to listen also to the people you don't agree with.  I just don't listen to the people (cough *Glenn Beck* ahem) that make me crazy.  Life is too short to let those people in my head.

I do read, probably more than I should.  Mostly online, which can be tricky but I only go to mainstream, if you will, news sites.  Huffington Post is my favorite although I am not pleased with the AOL merger and that it gets a little tabloidy when it's a slow news day.

To balance the HuffPo, I also read The Daily Beast and Salon.  I think it's important to read all kinds of sites.  That being said, you will never hear me refer to anything from Fox News that isn't mocking.  It's the lack of fact checking that I just can't roll with and then add the tabloid way of delivery and I am out.

I love Rachel Maddow.  I want to be her someday.  She makes being wicked smart and funny cool.  I enjoy that she can switch from discussing world issues to how to make a mixed drink in the blink of an eye.  I see Brian Williams in the same light.

I think gaining knowledge about world events has been nothing but easier with the advent of  the internet.  On the flip side, a person can just as easily get sucked into the dark side.  This is why I stick to the sites I do. As a whole, they're not right or left.  Surely, each of them lean a direction but for the most
 part take a middle road. I think I enjoy the everything but the kitchen sink way of presenting news most of all.  Every story, be it news, entertainment or lifestyle has the ability to teach something.

Who do you read or listen to?  Is there someone I am missing?

17 May 2011

Things Go Bump in the Night

We were awakened last night, well 3:15 AM to be exact, with a strange "ssshhhwump" sound.   

I usually hear things first in our house. Kevin tends to sleep pretty deep so it takes a bit to wake him.  This is good when I'm sick in the night and don't want the added horror of an audience and bad when the dog is Losing Her Mind because she thinks the neighbor dog is outside taunting her at two in the morning.

But Kevin was on his feet before my brain even registered what happened.  What he forgets to do, like every horror movie character, is turn the doggone light on.  Makes me crazy.  He went somewhere in the house to check stuff out while I tried to remember who I was. 

The Dog?  Completely unconcerned.    Laying in her bed like a surly teenager because Kev woke her up.  Because We're having such fun, you crazy damn dog.

Here's the difference between Kevin & I.  I can pinpoint sounds easily.  I think it's because I have bad eyesight that I have developed this skill more then Kevin. (who also works with heavy machinery & racecars but whatever)

I staggered up after turning the light on and walked straight to our walk-in closet.  Sure enough, one of the shelves tapped out and collapsed to the floor.  NICE.  God's way of saying "You have too much sh*t".  I get that, I would just prefer the timing of said news to be a little later in the day.

I closed the door and complained to myself about dealing with it in the morning.  Knowing that being startled awake wasn't going to be conducive to falling right back asleep, I turned the television on.  At 3:30 AM there is f*ck-all on.  I finally put country videos on and eventually fell asleep.  I think Kev fell right back asleep, as he always does.  

This morning I took everything down & piled it on the bed.  When I get home I have to weed through my clothes.  I have two corduroy jumpers that I probably will never wear again but keep "just in case".  In case of what, I am not sure, I didn't even wear a dress to my father's wake.  If I'm not going to wear a dress for that occasion, I am guessing few things more important will arise. 

The weather has finally changed here so I can take this opportunity to switch out the long-sleeved fleeces for t-shirts and such. 

I guess what I'm saying is that this bump in the night was clearly well-intended.  Just not so much appreciated at three in the morning.

15 May 2011

Things I Used to Thunk

Swistle mentioned this the other day on the twitter:
I thought this was a really fun post about things we once thought but no longer DO think:

I've been thinking about it all weekend and here is what I used to think:

1.  I used to be an atheist...I know, right?

2. I used to believe in forever

3. I used to think that there were only two sides of the story.

4.  I used to think that goals weren't worth setting.

5.  I used to think that anger was productive.

6. I used to think that anyone's reaction or emotion was about me.

This  interesting to think about because it makes a person remember what they believed in or where they stood ten, twenty years ago.  It is nice to see how a person's perceptions and opinions change & grow as time passes on, hopefully for the better.

Your turn, poppets.  What did you used to think?

13 May 2011

News & Notes

How was everyone's Friday the 13th?  Mine was uneventful but then I had my Friday the 13th on Tuesday.

This is week number 2 of having a different-ish job.  So far, so good.  I am enjoying being busy and having to use my brain.  I like having a to-do list.  Remind me of this when I'm stressed out in a few months, mkay?

On a similar plane, I've been bumping into people from my old life recently.  It's really odd.  It's been long enough (5 years!) that all that has faded away.  I still miss my old job but this is better.

Remember when I posted the goodbye letter from my friend, Krista, a few weeks ago?  She passed last weekend.  I am sad about her passing but it occurred to me the other day that I don't think of her as dead.  I remember all the times she made me laugh, the way she was with the kids, and how you just felt better after hanging out with her.  It's strange that because she gave us "permission" to not grieve, but celebrate, it makes her passing just a little easier.  That being said, I am going to put this out into the universe: Krista, I am a better person for knowing you.

Somebody please talk to me about taking vitamins.  I am in my forties now and need to begin .  I can't take multi-vitamins because they eat holes in my stomach which I would like to avoid.  Someone suggested chewable vitamins and I will.  My mom suggested having Ensure for breakfast as I don't eat breakfast either.   We're all aware of  my Allergic to Everything status so I'm paranoid about putting anything into my body.

My arm is better though.  It's nearly like it never happened.  I made Kevin laugh the other day when I texted him "My arm itches. I am going to throw myself down on the carpet like Missy does."  It was funny because it's true.

We were supposed to go racing this weekend.  It wasn't a race we weren't excited about, at a track that we're so over, and it was only for one day.  (races are usually two days)  We were relieved that the forecast predicted rain. (I know, right?)   Now Kevin has to work tomorrow and he's playing with his friends so I am having a quiet weekend.  I'm cozy on my couch, watching Grey's Anatomy and am considering ice cream.  I am not an ice cream fan so this is interesting.  I rarely want ice cream.  It exists in this house because I made the mistake of taking Kevin to the grocery store.

Two television things: I am sorely disappointed that James Durbin isn't on American Idol but I remind myself that Chris Daughtry is twice as successful as he would be if he won.  I am interested to watch Ashton Kutcher on Two & A Half Men.  I do enjoy him so.  (again with the smart and funny guys)

Oh and I'm sure you saw this but just in case:

10 May 2011

I Want An Award

Today is one of the first days since Thursday that I haven't wanted to saw my arm off.  Fun with allergies continue because of course I had a reaction to the immunization.  My arm hurt like a mother effer, swelled, was feverish & rashy and made me generally miserable.

But today! Today it simply itched and hurt only a little.  So I was pleased with the progress.

Normally I don't brag about when I do nice things in the paying-it-forward kind of way because I honestly believe that it takes away some of the goodness by drawing attention to it.  But I need to tell you to give you context.

This morning at the coffee stand the owner (our friend) had just dealt with a snarky customer and it upset her.  It didn't make her mad, it truly upset her.  This same  friend had an unpleasant encounter with a soccer mom the evening before. 

So in attempt to put some good karma out there, I paid for the next person's coffee.

My reward today, you ask?

An elderly man scraped his car mirror against my truck, breaking the brakelight and scraping the paint.

My work computer got a virus that made me take it to the computer doctor.

I hit my head on the table because I misjudged when I leaned down and smacked it on the way up.

Yeah.  *Awesome* furious thumbs up.

I bought dinner to avoid the risk of, well, burning the house down on accident because that's how I roll today.

I am taking a shower instead of a wanted bath because why tempt fate?

My hair needs highlighting but I think playing with chemicals is just a bad idea.

Instead, I am going to go lay down on the couch and forget that this day happened.  Other than I am posting it here for eternity and your entertainment.

I hope your day was better than mine.  Tell me something good that happened today!

07 May 2011

Please Saw Off My Arm

I had my yearly physical the other day so that was fun.  I am actually pretty good about going to the doctor when it comes to maintenance, if you will.  A mammogram is next then the dentist and then a colonoscopy.   I am all about the medical fun, really.

And because I wasn't having enough fun, I had to get a tetanus booster which now includes the Pertussis vaccine.   I don't mind shots or having blood taken so the needle part really wasn't a big deal.  However, NOW, I am pretty freaking miserable.  Not only does a tetanus shot hurt like the fires of hell for the next two days, I frequently forget  that I am allergic to everything. 

So when I began to get grouchy mid-day yesterday I was momentarily puzzled.  Then it occurred to me: foreign substance in your body, you big mook.  By the time I got home from dinner (Oh yes, I still went to dinner. Sure as hell not gonna cook)  I was miserable.  We were in bed at 9:15 on a Friday and not in a good way.

I did have a different doctor, who has an unfortunate name....rhymes with Linkus...which was actually kind of nice because she was super thorough as she's never met me.  What was interesting is that the medical requirements/guidelines/recommedations have all changed.  Pap smears: every two-three years, mammograms...not necessarily helpful, pretty much just get your blood work is all you can do but make sure you request a full blood workup.  So that's a little confusing and depressing. 

I have a difficult time believing that all of the above mentioned has proven to be unhelpful.  It just doesn't make sense to me.  So I will continue to go yearly for all that because I just really don't want to risk it.  It just seems like a good idea to have someone check out everything.

The shiny side of all this is that I am healthy.  My blood work is good and I have no concerns.  For that I am grateful.  Now if one of you will come over with something sharp and saw my arm off, I will be eternally grateful.

Your turn, poppets.  Go to the Doctor.  Get checked out.  We enjoy having you around.

04 May 2011

How to Apologize

So yeah, apologies have been a thread running through my life lately.  I haven't had to apologize for anything recently other than the typical "I'm sorry, I wasn't listening. Squirrel" variety.

I was thinking of making an argument/apology game:

You lose if:
You refer to yourself in the third person.
You say "but" in any way shape or form.
Melodramatics of any kind are perpetrated.
References are made to any past transgression, ever.
You raise your voice.  You're not a toddler, don't yell.
Name calling (see above toddler reference)

You win if...
the other person Doesn't cry, yell, etc.
The argument ends in sex. (:-D 

 Then along came this little video from my new obsession Paul Carr (@paulgoestovegas)

This is the best/worst apology ever.  The context isn't necessary but here it is. One probably shouldn't stifle giggles, roll their eyes,or worse be sarcastic.

But I enjoy him so much...

Matt Goss: An Apology from Paul Carr on Vimeo.

03 May 2011

Happy Shiny People

The weather is getting nicer so I've been switching it up music-wise.  With my Sirius, I can listen to any manner of music that I choose.  Country, hair band, Sinatra, hip-hop, anything. 

The 2000's and More channel used to be one of my favorites.  Now it feels like it's mostly emo music.  No wonder everyone is depressed, the music makes you.  On the same note, no wonder Bruno Mars, Cee Lo, and Lady GaGa are all popular.  They actually have happy music!

The rest of it wears on you after awhile.  All this emo, woe-is-me, my life sucks, you broke my heart & make me want to die, music can make a happy man cry.

One of the channels that I listen to is the 80's channel. Of course it's my childhood soundtrack so I would be attracted to it.  It occurred to me this morning that it was mostly positive music.  Upbeat, happy. 

Also, there was such a broad range of music styles which shows also how the music is beginning to all sound the same.  Yes, there are exceptions to every generalization that I've made.  Yes, I feel old writing this entire post.  But it's true. 

Meanwhile if you're feeling low, crank so bitchin 80's tunes.  I bet you'll feel better.

01 May 2011

Perfect Weekend

This weekend was close to perfect.  The weather finally somewhat resembles Spring, automatically improving everyone's mood.

We went out to dinner with the entire fam on Friday in celebration of Kevin's mom's birthday.  The littles were there (the older boys are at their grandmas) so we had lots of giggles and conversations.  This is one of my favorite shots.  We plan for a matted, framed 8x10 to be prominently displayed on her first date.

Missy is enjoying  the return of the sun and has been finding all the sweet spots to lay in.  I found her here yesterday. I am not sure if she was keeping an eye on me or the comings & goings of the neighbors. It's anyone's guess.  I don't pretend to be smarter than her.

Finally today it was warm enough to work outside.  We made a trip to Lowes, but for the racecar more than for the house.  (I know, welcome to my life)  We did get some stuff for the lawn and I bought another real, live plant.  I'm up to five now.  I've decided that I am going to have yellow flowers this year.

I was surprised to see this poking through the fence today.  This is the best blooming this rhody has ever done. 

Kevin barbecued tonight and now it's 6:00 pm and we're already cozy in our pj's watching television.
A perfect weekend indeed.

What did you do this weekend?