13 May 2011

News & Notes

How was everyone's Friday the 13th?  Mine was uneventful but then I had my Friday the 13th on Tuesday.

This is week number 2 of having a different-ish job.  So far, so good.  I am enjoying being busy and having to use my brain.  I like having a to-do list.  Remind me of this when I'm stressed out in a few months, mkay?

On a similar plane, I've been bumping into people from my old life recently.  It's really odd.  It's been long enough (5 years!) that all that has faded away.  I still miss my old job but this is better.

Remember when I posted the goodbye letter from my friend, Krista, a few weeks ago?  She passed last weekend.  I am sad about her passing but it occurred to me the other day that I don't think of her as dead.  I remember all the times she made me laugh, the way she was with the kids, and how you just felt better after hanging out with her.  It's strange that because she gave us "permission" to not grieve, but celebrate, it makes her passing just a little easier.  That being said, I am going to put this out into the universe: Krista, I am a better person for knowing you.

Somebody please talk to me about taking vitamins.  I am in my forties now and need to begin .  I can't take multi-vitamins because they eat holes in my stomach which I would like to avoid.  Someone suggested chewable vitamins and I will.  My mom suggested having Ensure for breakfast as I don't eat breakfast either.   We're all aware of  my Allergic to Everything status so I'm paranoid about putting anything into my body.

My arm is better though.  It's nearly like it never happened.  I made Kevin laugh the other day when I texted him "My arm itches. I am going to throw myself down on the carpet like Missy does."  It was funny because it's true.

We were supposed to go racing this weekend.  It wasn't a race we weren't excited about, at a track that we're so over, and it was only for one day.  (races are usually two days)  We were relieved that the forecast predicted rain. (I know, right?)   Now Kevin has to work tomorrow and he's playing with his friends so I am having a quiet weekend.  I'm cozy on my couch, watching Grey's Anatomy and am considering ice cream.  I am not an ice cream fan so this is interesting.  I rarely want ice cream.  It exists in this house because I made the mistake of taking Kevin to the grocery store.

Two television things: I am sorely disappointed that James Durbin isn't on American Idol but I remind myself that Chris Daughtry is twice as successful as he would be if he won.  I am interested to watch Ashton Kutcher on Two & A Half Men.  I do enjoy him so.  (again with the smart and funny guys)

Oh and I'm sure you saw this but just in case:


Swistle said...

Oooh, the vitamins discussion is fun! If I couldn't take a multivitamin, I think I'd look for vitamin-enriched foods and eat those (unless those bother your tum too). Like, there's a cereal (Total?) that has tons of added vitamins and minerals. Or I think...Ovaltine? has added vitamins/minerals, and Carnation Instant Breakfast.

creative kerfuffle said...

can you take flintstones? seems like those would be ok. sad, but comforting about your friend. it's never easy but it says so much about her that she handled it the way she did.
sending you a big ol fluffy hug!