19 May 2011

Raise Your Glass!

I  am beyond happy to tell you that Kevin *finally* got his one-year clearance for his treatment for Graves Disease.

Since '05-'06, he's been required to have blood tests & appointments first on a weekly basis then on monthly then on an every six month basis. Right after his radiation treatment it was every three months so the six months marker felt like a cakewalk.  And now, NOW, he has the annual check up and is officially in what they call  remission.  (remission doesn't seem like the correct word but I didn't choose it)

To add to the fun, this weekend is our 18th wedding anniversary.  Next weekend is his birthday and Wednesday is The Littles birthday.  So I see two weeks worth of celebration in our future!

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creative kerfuffle said...

yeah! i know you have to be soooooo relieved! and happy anniversary!