17 May 2011

Things Go Bump in the Night

We were awakened last night, well 3:15 AM to be exact, with a strange "ssshhhwump" sound.   

I usually hear things first in our house. Kevin tends to sleep pretty deep so it takes a bit to wake him.  This is good when I'm sick in the night and don't want the added horror of an audience and bad when the dog is Losing Her Mind because she thinks the neighbor dog is outside taunting her at two in the morning.

But Kevin was on his feet before my brain even registered what happened.  What he forgets to do, like every horror movie character, is turn the doggone light on.  Makes me crazy.  He went somewhere in the house to check stuff out while I tried to remember who I was. 

The Dog?  Completely unconcerned.    Laying in her bed like a surly teenager because Kev woke her up.  Because We're having such fun, you crazy damn dog.

Here's the difference between Kevin & I.  I can pinpoint sounds easily.  I think it's because I have bad eyesight that I have developed this skill more then Kevin. (who also works with heavy machinery & racecars but whatever)

I staggered up after turning the light on and walked straight to our walk-in closet.  Sure enough, one of the shelves tapped out and collapsed to the floor.  NICE.  God's way of saying "You have too much sh*t".  I get that, I would just prefer the timing of said news to be a little later in the day.

I closed the door and complained to myself about dealing with it in the morning.  Knowing that being startled awake wasn't going to be conducive to falling right back asleep, I turned the television on.  At 3:30 AM there is f*ck-all on.  I finally put country videos on and eventually fell asleep.  I think Kev fell right back asleep, as he always does.  

This morning I took everything down & piled it on the bed.  When I get home I have to weed through my clothes.  I have two corduroy jumpers that I probably will never wear again but keep "just in case".  In case of what, I am not sure, I didn't even wear a dress to my father's wake.  If I'm not going to wear a dress for that occasion, I am guessing few things more important will arise. 

The weather has finally changed here so I can take this opportunity to switch out the long-sleeved fleeces for t-shirts and such. 

I guess what I'm saying is that this bump in the night was clearly well-intended.  Just not so much appreciated at three in the morning.

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creative kerfuffle said...

i too hear stuff before the hubs (and i never thought about it being because i have sucky eye sight! LOL). and i also save clothing, just in case. i have gotten better about it over the years. just this weekend i finally pulled some stuff out of my closet that i haven't worn in years to send it to goodwill.