04 July 2011

Marry Me

Let's see...the wedding....it's all a blur now.  Bottom line: it was lovely.  Simple and lovely.

My favorite moments:

I saw my nephews new babies who are little mini-me's of them.  Time goes by too quickly.

When the Reverend quote Corinthians "I spake as a child..." and my sister-in-law muttered "That was last week."

The couple walked out to Marry Me by Train.  The song is incredible when you're actually standing in a wedding party.

Brother Dear biting back tears when he handed the niece to her husband.

The Nieces and their friends doing The Time Warp at the reception.

My youngest niece opening champagne bottles with a flip-flop, provided by her Sheriff stepbrother.

 Brother Dear lighting a candle at an empty seat at the family table to represent my dad, on my parent's 55th wedding anniversary.  Yes, we all bawled like babies.


creative kerfuffle said...

i hope they have a happy life. that train song? yeah...i love it. i've already started drilling it into the girl's head that she'll have that at her wedding. the candle for your dad, celebrating the 55th...i would have bawled too.

Swistle said...

"That was last week"--awesome. Marry Me, candle, new babies, flip flop---it's so great that you are putting down these details that could easily be forgotten otherwise.