11 July 2011

News & Notes

If you ever wonder what my dad was like when I was child, watch Christopher Titus.  Specifically, Norman Rockwell is Bleeding but any of his shows will do.  Can I just say that I want to be his friend?  I think that would be great.  It would be like therapy for me.

Kevin did the math of how much the mocha habit is costing us, I'm sad to report.  He Lost His Mind at the amount.  He kept making comparisons of what could be purchased instead of the mochas.  All. Weekend. Long.  "And you know what?  After 10 o'clock I don't even remember that I had one!"

God help me, he wants to go buy a coffee machine.  I have a sneaking suspicion that the money I spend on a machine, coffee, flavoring, and to-go cups will not save us much money.  But I'll try.  Any suggestions?

We took the kids to the buffet on Friday.  Five kids...whew boy...that is a lot of food. They were overjoyed with being able to choose whatever they wished.  To my impression, they each chose good food.  The boy Littles chose what they call "chicken fish" (fish fillets)  C1 chose spaghetti and salad.  C2 ventured the furthest with chinese food. The girl little chose nothing but fruit & vegetables.  Dessert time brought pure joy:

Both flavors!! Joy to the world!!

I had to make a quick stop at a drugstore the other day.  I went to the brand new Walgreens near my hometown.  I have to say that I LOVED IT there.  It was bright, clean, and quiet.  I immediately found what I was looking for and went to the checkout.  The cashier called me "honey" and recommended that I go to the cosmetics counter because "I'm sure she has a coupon" so I did and she did and it was lovely.  I had heard that Walgreens could be a wonderful store and I am happy to report that it is.

I have been craving a jelly doughnut like nobodies business lately.  I have no idea what that's about.  Perhaps if I put it out into the universe, it will go away.

I mentioned on the Twitter that I have been watching Friends for *cough* years and I am happy to say that it's aging well. So many years later and I'm only just realizing that I never liked Rachel.  

With that, may I suggest watching Happy Endings?  It's on ABC and in reruns right now.  Very clever, very quick, and makes me laugh pretty consistently.  Kevin asked me "Why didn't you watch this before?" which is his seal of approval.

Okay, it's late.  Here's wishing all y'all a very good week!

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creative kerfuffle said...

i did try watching happy endings and....sometimes i laughed, but i always compared it to friends and i didnt' think the writing was as good.

so--are you getting a coffee machine or not?