25 July 2011

Weekend Update

The weekend went well.  Not as good as we'd hoped but well.  My brother-in-law brought home the Wally, which was great.  I think I was nearly as pleased that he won it as if Kevin had won it.  When the picture is published in National Dragster, I will post it here for sure.

When you win a Wally, they pull your car onto the track then take pictures of the driver and crew.  It was going to just be Brother, Nephew, and Kevin.  But we know the track photographer and he made all of us stand for the picture as well.  We all piled around the car, even Nephew's fiancee. That was a nice moment, for sure.

As we were waiting for our picture, a girl I went to high school with was leaving. They had been watching all weekend.  She shouted down "Congratulations!" and we all smiled & waved.  Then her husband shouted "Thank you for a great show!"  It was such a nice acknowledgement, especially from a "fan" and not another racer.  It was a very validating moment for us. 

One of our friends also won their first Wally this weekend, during their first race season and I am proud as hell to say She's A Girl.  Allison has stood on the sidelines for years while her husband J has raced and her son raced in the Junior Dragster series.  This year: it was her turn.  She is kicking ass and taking names.  I am so proud of her it's ridiculous.

I didn't get team shirts, Kevin balked.  I didn't have time (effing job) to make faux hero cards but lots of pictures were taken of the cars so that was nice.  I watched my nephew be very sweet to a special needs boy who was very excited about Two Red Racecars!  We met some very nice people and saw all of our friends.

What more could a girl ask for?

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