18 July 2011

I Gots Teh Cranky

At this point in time is probably not the best idea for me to eff with my coffee habit.  I fear for the lives, or very least: feelings, of others.

Doing multiple jobs under one job title is wearing thin.  This weeks challenge?  a city grant that my boss thought was due next week. The problem?  She will only be in one day this week and the bookkeeper is out until Wednesday due a death in the family.  So I get to figure this out tomorrow because I just don't have enough to do.  A broken door, a broken carpet cleaner, and oh you know, my usual job is waiting for me but whatevs.

So that leaves me: the Lone Ranger.  Well, one could say I have a coworker who is the social worker but hers has a cold and was two hours late.  Because. She. Has. A. Cold.  "I know you're doing three jobs at once and one person isn't supposed to be in the building alone but I have the sniffles."

For Eff Sake.

I equated it to The Deadliest Catch greenhorns sitting in below decks while the other crewmen are working in the weather & high seas because "they can't take it."   What. Ever.

It just wouldn't occur to me to call in sick right now.  I couldn't in good conscience leave my coworkers in a lurch like that.  It's just not the right thing to do.

But that's just me.

Kevin had me bring dinner home tonight because I had that tone in my voice and it wasn't even lunchtime.  Kevin gets to live.  (:-D   I came home and pouted on the couch while watching mindless fluff. (Drop Dead Diva) until the urge to snick kittens passed.

Yeah. I gots teh cranky.  Tomorrow's another day Scarlett.

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creative kerfuffle said...

i hate days like that. but good for kevin for recognizing it. i also like deadliest catch. and i am often amazed by lazy people and what they get away w/.