21 November 2008

If I could write a letter to Me

Brad Paisley has a song titled the above. It's about a letter he wrote to his seventeen year old self.

I thought about that a little. If I could write a letter to seventeen year old me, I would say:

Take Spanish, not French.
Listen to your friends: don't get in the car with Mike.
Let some friendships die, pay better attention to others.
Finish Senior Year instead of going to work. (I did Work Release instead of classes)
Go to College in the Fall.
Don't kidnap your sister and make her fail Spanish.
Tell Dennis you're sorry & he was right.
Just take the damn Literature class already.
Date more.
Try out for Show Choir...stop being so shy.
Slow down. Literally and figuratively


Swistle said...

But French is so PRETTY! ...Though yes, pretty useless. And Spanish is pretty useful. Okay, fine.

Melissa said...

i love this song... when i heard it it made me really "go back" and think too. haha and some of yours that you wrote is some things i thought of too. "let some friendships die, pay better attention to others." <--i'm just lucky he stuck around and were married now. hehe and "finish senior year instead of going to work." i went to school half day then worked the other half..and graduated in december... i sorta wish i would have just stayed there the second semester...
there were more...but i know exactly what your talking about...

Bree Wilder said...

I love this post! I hope you don't mind if I copy it! I have a few things I would have told myself!

Firegirl said...

Yes, French is pretty and has come in handy for entertainment purposes, when in Canada!!

We all seem to have common threads, don't we?

Yes, please, be my guest and copy it!