10 March 2011

In Your Pants

"What she said" is one of my favorite things to randomly say when hanging with the guys.  I try to say it quietly and see who notices.  One of our friends gets it most often and I hear "Firegirl, for the win."

Geoffrey Peterson, skeleton robot on Crag Ferguson has been known to blurt out "In your pants".  I've tried to incorporate that sometimes as well but it usually only works on Kevin, because he watches it with me.

The most fun game is "Don't Say..."

It began as "Don't say 'hard'" (instead of difficult) and branched out to nearly everything.  Like a bad sitcom, any word can be made to sound naughty be prefacing it with "Don't say..."

One night Kevin said "Don't say trim" in front of his mother.  It was so random and unexpected, I actually snorted soda up my nose.  I was laughing & coughing so hard (don't say hard) that I was crying.  It was so funny because I couldn't say "Kevin just said something dirty" to His MOM and Kevin knew it.

The other night Kevin was on the phone with one of our friends who is kind of a gentle soul.  He's just the nicest guy in the world.  They were talking about cars, like always, and Kevin said "Yadda, yadda, yadda...camshaft....yadda, yadda.   I was making dinner and just off-handedly said "Don't say shaft" without thinking.

For a beat, there was silence then Kevin started laughing.  He told our friend what I said and he laughed.  Our friend replied something funny but I know he was probably blushing from head to toe.

So there you go, poppets.  A game to play: Don't Say.  Or if that's too off-color, try In Your Pants.

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lcasinger said...

that's what she said is a staple in our house, sadly, even the boy and girl say it, mostly the girl. i like the in your pants thing, might have to try it. i'm not sure i comprehend don't say though.