15 March 2011

News & Notes

With all that has happened in Japan, it seems frivolous to write but as I heard someone on the radio say "At times like this entertainment is a diversion and diversion is necessary."

So here we go.

If you are on the twitter, follow @corybooker.  He's the mayor of Newark and is a rock star.  Look for him on the national stage in the future.  Sundance Channel has a documentary series called Brick City that is remarkable. It shows the behind-the-scenes of Newark government.  I have to admit that it has really clarified how much work and difficult decisions that local government officials have to deal with. I think that we think we know but we really don't.

We got a call from an old friend who spotted a poster with another old friends picture on it.  I could only hear some of the conversation so I was a little worried that someone was missing or wanted.  But no, it's better:
She's psychic.

We didn't know that she was psychic when we knew her so we're not sure if it's a new development or she's been hit by lightning or what.  I looked her up online and found this quote:
I see from my forehead, the third eye. What I see is a spirit that isn’t solid yet, a see through. I do not see spirits when I look straight at them. I do see them when I look from the corner of my eye. Perhaps this will help explain it. If you be looking right at someone, across the room from you, and dressed in a red shirt, and you see someone else standing a few feet away in a blue shirt without actually looking away from the person you first looked at.

I have reached the 1200's in my family's family tree timeline.  I got a little overwhelmed and had to stop for awhile.  I am from British aristocracy on one branch and Ireland on the other.  
This is a picture that one of my cousins posted, I believe that the little boy with the glasses is my grandfather.

 Okay, I'm tired and am going to cut this shortI came home from  work early today with a stomach ache.  Kevin wasn't feeling well either so I was worried I'd poisoned us.  Then his mother wasn't feeling well either so apparently just the well has been poisoned. 

Have a great rest of the week poppets!

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creative kerfuffle said...

wow. psychic huh? nice. i guess at least the friend isn't on a wanted poster.

i can't believe you've been able to trace back to 1200! WHAT. how???? srsly. that pic is very cool though.

i hope the well's not poisoned and that you feel better soon!