14 March 2011

Onions & Warm Beer

My dad has become an anecdote lately.  Actually he always has been, I am just noticing it now.

When Kevin went to meet my dad, I told him a few things

#1 Don't accept a drink from him.  It will be either a warm beer or a drink that will melt your eyeballs.

#2.  Shake his hand and he will make a joke.  He doesn't like being called "sir."  Of course, Kevin called him "sir".

#3. Give it about ten minutes and something inappropriate will be said.

Yeah, all that came true.

The reason he came up today is that he used to eat Walla Walla Sweets onions like they were apples.  Worse yet: he ate tomato, onion and mayonaise sandwiches with white bread & pepper.  I know, I'm sorry.

What's the weirdest habit that your dad has?

1 comment:

creative kerfuffle said...

hmmm....starts drinking around 2pm daily; crashes around 6pm; walks around (still i assume) in his tidy whitie undies when he gets up to drink out of the milk carton a few hours after he's gone to bed. yeah, that's all i've got off the top of my head.