20 March 2011

Spring Time is Here

Today is the first day of Spring.  Lucky for us in the PNW we were given a beautiful sunny day after having seven storms in ten days.  We received our full March amount of rain in the first two weeks of March.  Yikes.

With the sunlight brings...dust, dirt, and oh-my-god-how-long-has-that-been-there.  I spent today dusting, washing doors, and vacuuming corners.  Dust and cobwebs are two things that I have a difficult time seeing.  They're just too ethereal and I can't see it until the lighting is just right.  Like today.  In the old house when my sister-in-law visited, the first thing she would do is grab the broom and sweep  the ceilings of cobwebs.  I loved her for it, I wasn't insulted at all.  I appreciated her help!!

It felt good to have the curtains open, the kitchen window open, and more impressively both doors open. 

Our attitudes were remarkably brighter and happier.  It's funny how simple sunlight can change your outlook.

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creative kerfuffle said...

we had a lovely weekend here too, and though i did notice a few cobwebs, i haven't yet vanquished them. a change in the weather does make a lot of difference in attitude though.