24 March 2011


I'm borrowing the lovely Swistle's idea of doing a linkity post today and will share a few of things that have caught my attention lately:

Cute little story/parable:
A little girl was taught by her mother that if she ever needed help, she could always ask a police officer.  One day she approached an officer and asked "Are you a police officer?"

Looking down, he smiled and answered "Yes."

She thrust out her little foot and announced "I need help, would you tie my shoe?"

Then the quote of the day from Monday was:

My new favorite song, for today at least, is:

I think this should be my new motto:
I feel very adventurous. There are so many doors to be opened, and I'm not afraid 
to look behind them.   Elizabeth Taylor
 And with that thought, how appropriate that this happened this week:

And OMG, one of the best moments on television: (Victoria Jackson can STFU)

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