18 September 2011

Dear Dog

I know that it started raining after nearly a month without it.  However, I don't appreciate being charged like George Costanza in an emergency so that you can get in the door before me.

Yes, I understand that the vacuum is very upsetting and interrupting your nap.  I also acknowledge that I did move your bed to vacuum and that's very traumatic.  You might want to go talk to the other dogs that spend 24/7 outside. I am sure they will be very sympathetic.

It's very helpful that you lay just in range of anything that might, perhaps, maybe, fall from the counter.  I am sure you remember the gabillion times we've discussed you being Not. In. The. Kitchen.

As you pretend to not be watching me eat dinner, I will pretend to not see you pretending.  You are very lucky that Kevin is not home right now. If you continue to be so good at pretending, I just might share my pizza crust with you.

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