20 September 2011

Great Ideas in the Middle of the Night

You know when you think of a great idea as you're falling asleep then can't remember it upon waking?  I hate that. It happens more often than I'm happy to admit.

Articles suggest that a person journals.  I already kind of do that here.  Also, I've never been a Dear Diary kind of girl.

Or another suggestion is to keep a list of ideas, tasks, etc.; another way of journaling I suppose.  I tried that but it was too inconvenient.  Keep a pen & paper near the bed, having to turn the light on and put glasses on whilst trying not to disturb Kevin.  By the time I'm all ready to write down what it was, I'm annoyed and exhausted.

I've tried to repeat a word to remind me like ten times before I fall asleep but often that turns into counting sheep so FAIL.  Although sometimes it works.

Writing first thing in the morning is an option that also doesn't work for me.  I unequivocally hate everyone in the morning.  My motor skills take a bit to wake up as well. Bonus round: what I write first thing in the morning? total crap. 

Usually I just fall asleep with a sarcastic "That would be great, if I remember..."

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creative kerfuffle said...

i've tried them all. i tried keeping a pen and paper by the bed, and i did write stuff down but couldn't read it the next day. i've tried journaling (the blog sort of took over for that) and i have also carried around smaller journals to jot stuff down. lists of books i want/should read; songs to listen to; recipes to look up, etc. it's fun to go back and read those from time to time.