29 September 2011

Happy Mail

I really hope that the US Postal Service doesn't stop mail because then I wouldn't be the recipient of such Happy Mail.  Happy Mail is an unexpected present, card, or note from a loved one.

After a day that was particularly frustrating, I opened the mailbox to a manilla envelope.  Happy, Happy, Happy!

I open it to find one of the most clever presents ever from lifelong BFF C.

Just seeing the handwriting made my day.  I saw this handwriting every day for so many days in my life.  Then the sentiment, oh the sentiment.  I could imagine myself in Levi's and Nikes while heading to English class.

Then there was this:

Peechees!!!!! OMG they still have these!!!

They are the same as back-in-the-day. They have the same characters which make me want to color them in.  They have the same conversion charts, which are wonderful now. I can practice my standard to metric conversions that I need now but not when I was 17.

Kevin looked at the multiplication chart and commented "It looks smaller than I remember."

So, here's to Happy Mail.  I hope this gives you a feeling of nostalgia and makes you want to send your own version of Happy Mail.

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