15 September 2011

I Have to Do the Dishes

I just want to go straight to bed.  But I have to do this dishes. 

I am, sadly sometimes, not one of those people who can leave dishes in the sink.  No judgement to those of you normal folk who can.  In fact, tonight I am jealous of you.

I know that if I were to lose my mind and just go to bed, I would just get up later and do the dishes.  I don't believe I could go to sleep or, at very most, sleep through the night.

I have been known to get back up and finish laundry, finish writing a chapter, or on a bad night: clean the bathroom.  I know, I'm not normal. 

And thank you for all of those invitations to come stay at your house for awhile, it's very sweet of you.  If I knew you in reals, I totally would come visit.

What do you have to do before you can go to bed?


Swistle said...

I SO HATE waking up to dirty dishes. It's one of Paul's tasks to do the evening dishes, and I've had to several times remind him that if for whatever reason he's NOT going to do them that night, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me so I can do them.

creative kerfuffle said...

i also hate it if the kitchen is in shambles. crumbs on the counter drive me nuts!