21 September 2011

Like A Mirror

You know when you read a book and you realize that you identify with the character?  You know how usually it makes you feel normal or makes you more interested in the story?

I've read two books recently where that has happened. One is written by an author I'd never read before and one was written by one of my favorite local authors.

It wasn't necessarily a flattering discovery.  I was reading and thinking "Hmm, the person seems familiar"  then the character reacted to something just like I would - or have - and I realized it was Me that I was being reminded of.

Both protagonists are kind of control freaks.  I've realized that I do have that tendency. (stop laughing, friends in real life)   In many ways, it can be good.  I can channel those powers for good instead of evil.  In my job is an example, it's a good trait to possess.  In my personal life though, it can be challenging.

There are two ways to look at it:

The negative: it can seem like it has to be my way or that things have to be a certain way for my comfort and happiness.  Also, it can mean that people often think of say "Oh she'll take care of it, she always does." which can be crazy-making when I don't want to be there person to take care of it.

The positive: The books gave me perspective: a window into how others might view me, an example of how I can be difficult without meaning to, and a goal to strive toward.

Have you ever done this?  Read a book, or even saw a movie, and found the character very similar to you?

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creative kerfuffle said...

i take scarlett o'hara's "tomorrow is another day line" to heart way too much (although i'm not really like her in any other way). i'll have to think about that. tomorrow.