02 September 2011

Pee Chees - A Guest Post

I received this email today from my nearly lifelong BFF.  I laughed so much I had to read it aloud to Kevin.  She gave me permission to reprint it here for your enjoyment:

So yesterday I am at work and I realize I need to a make a folder up for the captain of the boat.  I look in the supply closet for a folder and come up empty.  So I go over to the 26 year old receptionist and ask if we have some folders.  She asks what kind of folders.  I say pee chee style.  She looks at me blankly and says, "What's a 'pee chee'?  Is it like a fruit or something?" So I look back at her blankly and wonder why/how I could get a fruit flavored folder and if that is an option.  Anyway I digress.  So I go on to describe in vivid detail all about pee chees with their magical charts and multiplication tables.  Nothing.  So then I strike some of the classic poses as an illustration.  Cheer leader!  Track star!  Foot ball player!  Still nothing...well except for amusement because a 42 year old middle age woman is striking cheer leader poses.

So now I am annoyed, feeling old and still folder-less when I slink back to my desk somewhat defeated.  Then brilliance ascends.  Ah!  A wikipedia article about pee chees!


I send it around the office.  Pretty much anyone younger than 35 had no idea what a pee chee was and were way too amused by the old style drawings.  The 44 year old Admin Assistant and I then had a nice long chat about coloring in the sports stars during boring class and writing our proposed married names over and over on the cover.  Mrs. Skip Pawlowitz, Chantelle Pawlowitz (hi Skip!), etc...  Then we digressed into how the rich kids got Trappers and we were stuck with crappy old pee chees.  Then I might have thrown out a few bars of Footloose though I'm not admitting anything. 

Anyway now I am feeling very old and irrelevant so I thought I would pass on this story to my peeps so you can feel old too.  I'm really thoughtful like that.


(Chantelle Hilsinger....lifelong BFF)

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