17 September 2011

Retail Therapy

Kevin wnt to play with his friends at the racetrack this afternoon so I headed to Target for some retail therapy.

Because my life has been all *augh!* this summer, I missed out on most of the Target remodeling into a super Target.  I had the pleasure (not sarcasm) of discovering where everything had moved and to browse the clearance shelves.

I did have a regular shopping list with me but it wasn't a big one.  If the remodeling was complete, I surely would have been able to do the one stop shopping thing.  Next month!!

This is what I came home with...well, the fun things. Not the groceries.

Left to right....makings for chocolate cake because the kids watched Bill Cosby and have been singing "Dad is great! Eating chocolate cake!" for days now.  Cheap picture frames for the bazillion racecar pictures we got this season, Adelle "21",  (OMGAH...SO GOOD!) dark chocolate peanut m-n-m's because Freddys doesn't carry them anymore, yellow pillowcases because the egyptian cotton sheets I brought home are teh best but the pillowcases have shrunk and I hate that, and finally a bath towel for our bathroom that I took a risk with.  I only bought one in case I hated it when I got home. So. Love. It!  Totally getting another one, plus washcloths, etc.

I feel so much better.  All said & done,  I spent $38. Now that is inexpensive therapy!


Swistle said...

I SO LOVE seeing other people's shopping trips!

I love that towel! I think I need to get one so we can be towel twins!

creative kerfuffle said...

that is a very lovely towel! love it. the girl and i went to tarjay this week and scored a ton of stuff for soldier care packages the boy is putting together for the troops. love when stuff is on sale. of course she was all over the on-sale school supplies. 10 cent notebooks, oh my!