24 September 2011

Sweetie Baby Honey

Somewhere someone was talking about terms of endearment for their spouses. 

Ours isn't the normal "honey" or "dear".  I call Kevin "Pal".  I can't quite remember where it originated from but I'm pretty sure it was based around the whole two broken humans, one of which was a giant bucket of bitter, situation.  Something along the lines of "You're not my boyfriend, you're my pal".  Said in total jest, of course.

The only time that I can remember Kevin not wanting to be called a term of endearment was in Blockbuster, of all places.  Without thought, I called out "Kevin-honey" to which he walked over to me, frowning, and said "Hey, I know! When we're in public, how about Not calling me Kevin-honey!"   A total sitcom moment.

So of course I ante'd up with that.  "Sweetie, baby, honey" is what I call him when I'm trying to get rise out of him or if I'm just feeling sassy.  (100% of the time)

What do you call your loved one?

1 comment:

creative kerfuffle said...

ah...depends. honey. sweetie. duke (yeah, i don't know where that one even came from). baby.