08 September 2011

This Will Be the Day

The new boss has begun and my job is officially restructured.  It's going to be a process of trial & error and a bit of "Oh, you're doing that...? um well," and "How you do you the..." etc.

It will be an adjustment for me because I've been wearing a few hats over the last 120 days.  The fact that I can state in days how long it has been tells you that I'm ready to be done now.

We've had three inspections, reports due, grants due, arson, multiple items breaking, (hello Geek Squad & Best Buy dropping a 62" television) and a handful of big events that have dominated my days. 

I keep thinking that "This will be the day" that things revert to normal. This is will be the day that I can go back to doing my own thing.  This will be the day that nothing will break.

And the Gods laugh.

This week included a computer virus that took out our email system.  Our IP has been blacklisted on the world wide web and may take up to three weeks to repair.  Seriously.

Maybe tomorrow will be the day.

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creative kerfuffle said...

here's hoping good things will begin happening at work! and the new boss will be awesome and provide direction and do her/his job, etc.!