29 September 2011


A news report on Good Morning America stated that the average American owns twelve cars in their lifetime.  It made me stop and think "That can' possibly be."  The number seems just high.

So I thought about it. 

My very first car was a truck.  A Chevy LUtV truck. It looked a like a junky one of these:

 (all images from Google Images)

I ran the wheels off this truck.  I think I would still drive it if I could.

Michael's parents actually bought me a car just like this because they were horrified with my junky old truck.
I loved this car beyond all reason.  I put it in a ditch on icy roads & Michael refused to fix it so it's junk now.
If I ever get an opportunity to buy another one, I so would.

I drove one of these for a few months while I was married to Michael too.

This is the very first brand new car that I have ever owned.  It was a great little car that got awesome mileage but no power at all.  Kevin didn't like this car AT ALL.

This car was lovely but just too big for me. I also received a little too much attention from a certain ethnic demographic for my comfort level.

We bought a truck just like this when we bought this property because we needed a four-wheel drive truck. The only reason we sold it is because we needed a tow rig.  

Finally, we land on this truck.  This is similar to the truck that I drive every day.  It's also the truck that I rolled in the snow and we paid to get it fixed because it's such a good truck.  It has 346,000 miles now!!

So not quite twelve but still a few.  I'm sure there are a few that I had for a minute and didn't keep.  Oh yes, a 1965 El Camino that made me carsick to drive.  Or our towrig which is a huge Chevy dually crew cab four wheel drive truck.  

How many cars have you owned? Which were your favorite?

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