13 December 2013

Sugar Pancakes

Again with the "I'm not a cooker" posts...I am also not a baker.

Kevin's favorite Christmas treat is Christmas cookies, or as normal folks call them: sugar cookies.

Our sister-in-law makes hundreds of cookies every Christmas.  No exaggeration: hundreds.  That being said, I have no need to know how to make cookies.  I mean, I know how to, I just don't need to.

Well, I apparently lost my mind because not only did I go to Wally World this morning, I also bought premade cookie dough and two cookie shaper things...sigh, sweet baby jesus...what the hell are they called? Cutters!  Cookie cutters.  Those.  (you may think I'm kidding or that I'm being purposefully comical but hand to God, I couldn't remember what they were called.)

I bought premade cookie dough because in my ignorant arrogance, I dared the universe by thinking "How hard can this be?"

Well, in my meager defense, I did google the topic to make sure that I had everything I needed.  Oven: yes.  Cookie dough: yes.  Cookie shapers: yes (ha!)

I did not have a rolling pin because HELLO, you've met me.   But that was not the difficulty.  Sadly, I still not sure what the difficulty was.

Here is Santa's cookie workshop:
Yes, that is a measuring tape. Shut up. I can't tell how much 1/2 inch is.

So, other than the lack of rolling pin...see that plate?  I improvised...this looks fairly normal.


WTF happened, we don't know.

This is the perfect example of how no good deed shall go unpunished and how God has a sense of humor.   Kevin better appreciate these sugar pancakes.

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