07 February 2014

A New View

I'm working from home today.  It's only the second time I've done it, I think I like it, and I need to do it more often.  It's quiet and the only interruptions I get are the puppy suddenly barking at NOTHING WHATSOEVER that tests the strength of my heart.

The new job is still a little weird.  I haven't fully adjusted to Not being the manager of all things.  There are other people doing that job now. (yes, People not person. *shoulder brush* wink*)

I still don't have an official title.  The executive director wanted it to be executive secretary, which doesn't reflect my job AT ALL. I've just simply put "Communications" on my letterhead and figure that makes more sense than the Carol Burnett title that was suggested. (Click here to see Mrs. Whiggins)

I do spend my day on the interwebs.  I manage all the social media which is fun, mostly but does get a little "Gah, what am I going to post today."  Such a terrible problem to have, really. Did you just tell me to shut up?  Okay, fair enough.

I write press releases, newsletters, thanks you's & acknowledgements. I create invitations, posters, and announcements.  I have some data entry and reports to do and that gives me a little anxiety, not because I can't but because it's all new now.

What I didn't think of was that I don't see my "friends" anymore.  I don't see the donors, clients, vendors, etc. every day.  This has kind of bummed me out but I worked around it by telling my favorites to just come back to my office to visit.

My favorite thing is that I can play whatever music I want to.  I have a rock & roll station playing most days.  If the place is busy, I just put my headphones in and buh bye everyone. This makes me happy on a ridiculous level.  The radio played Eminem yesterday and I was excited that I didn't have to dive for the channel changer.

Another good thing is that five other people came to work with us: Five! Five different personalities and ways of doing things.  It made me realize how small our organization really was.  They have lunch together most days too.  At first I kind of resented having to stop working to eat (I know.) but now I'm a little bummed if it doesn't happen.  Also, we can talk about current events and popular culture, which hasn't happened in years. 

All in all, it's going well.  More positives than negative and that's a really good thing.  Although I think I knew how ready I was for a change, I really didn't know.

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Swistle said...

I'm excited about your new job!